Best Golf Iron Covers

Most golfers pay little attention to iron covers, but they shouldn’t be overlooked in all fairness. They serve an important purpose, as they not only protect your irons from the elements but ensure they suffer minimal damage. You need to get iron covers to protect your golf irons when you store them away for extended periods, so they don’t accumulate dust or get scratches on the clubface.

Apart from the protective element of iron covers, they also serve as a factor when displaying a golfer’s personality. They are available in numerous designs and colors, which can distinguish them from other iron covers. Finding the best golf iron covers can be tricky, as there are so many different options in the market. This guide will look into what iron covers are and review the best golf iron covers currently on the market.

Why Should You Use Golf Iron Covers?

The primary purpose of golf iron covers is to provide a protective layer for the clubface and the golf club’s shaft. Most players don’t realize the extent of the damage done to their irons and golf clubs when left uncovered. Club heads can often bounce off one another and get scratches by coming into contact with other surfaces or sharp edges, like the trunk of a car or the edge of a wall.

Best Golf Iron Covers

Apart from that, another good reason to invest in golf iron covers is to ensure that the clubs don’t rattle against one another and make loud noises when you are carrying them from one place to another in your golf bag. It is extremely useful if you prefer walking on the golf course with your clubs.

Things to Consider When Buying Golf Iron Covers

There are several things you must take into consideration when buying golf iron covers. Some of the main things you should watch out for include the following:

Zippered or Slip-on Cover

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a zippered golf iron cover or a fast slip-on golf cover. It comes down to your preference as both covers do the same job, which is to protect your iron clubheads from getting nicks and scratches.

Large Print Numbers

Ideally, you would want to get your hand on golf iron covers that have large print numbers. That allows you to quickly identify your clubs and pick the right one for your stroke without fumbling around your clubs. That helps save you time on the golf course.

Colors and Material

Golf iron covers come in numerous colors and materials that set them apart from others. You can choose a golf iron cover in the same color as your clubs so that you can match them. Your choice will come down to preference, but it is best to choose golf iron colors that match with the rest of your clubs.

Reviews of the Best Golf Iron Covers

Now that we have discussed why you should use golf iron covers and the things you must consider when buying them let’s share our reviews for the best golf iron covers. Here are some of them:

1. Face Saver Plus 3-SW, Black Iron Cover (9-Piece)

One of the best golf iron covers we came across in our reviews was the Face Saver Plus 3-SW. It is black in color and features a hosel lock that prevents any damage to your clubs. It is a favorite of many golf pros and comes with a lanyard for every two covers to ensure that there isn’t any tangling. It is a 9-piece set and will fit oversized and regular irons from the sand wedge to the 3-iron.


  • Hosel lock to prevent loss
  • It fits regular and oversized irons
  • 9-piece set
  • Lanyard for every two covers

2. Callaway Golf Premium Iron Headcovers

Another contender for the best golf iron covers is the Callaway Golf Premium Iron Headcovers. They are the perfect choice for any golfer who wants to protect their clubs from unnecessary damage on the road or the golf course. It is a 9-piece set that comes with covers for a gap wedge through to a 4-iron.

It features a bright red and black color combination and is manufactured from high-quality synthetic leather. These golf iron covers come with a slip-on design, making it easy to remove them before every shot. That is why they are one of the best golf iron covers today.


  • 9-piece cover set
  • Constructed of high-quality synthetic leather
  • Protects clubs during travel and on the course
  • Bright red and black color combination
  • Slip-on design

3. HugeLoong Knit Golf 10-Piece Iron Headcovers

Rounding off our list for the best golf iron covers is the HugeLoong Knit Golf 10-Piece Iron Headcovers. These aren’t your standard iron covers, as they are constructed from breathable knitted style. It is a 10-piece iron cover set and can easily soak up moisture, so you don’t have to worry about your clubs getting wet. These are washable iron covers and will keep your clubs from rattling and getting damage. They are meant to fit both right-hand and left-hand golf clubs but aren’t suited for hybrid golf clubs.


  • Breathable knitted style
  • 10-piece iron covers set
  • It easily soaks up moisture
  • Washable iron covers

Our Final Thoughts

Even though some golfers find golf iron covers to be a waste of time and tacky, it doesn’t mean they don’t serve an important purpose. The best golf iron covers will protect your clubs from incidental and weather damage. They allow you to maintain the condition of your clubs and irons so that you can enjoy your round of golf.

We hope that our buyer’s guide and our reviews for the best golf iron covers have made it easier for you to purchase one today. As always, ensure that you buy one that meets all your criteria and preferences while being affordable.

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