Best Golf Courses in New Hampshire: Your Guide to Top Greens and Fairways

New Hampshire, known for its picturesque landscapes and charming New England vibe, is also a golfer’s paradise. With lush fairways nestled amidst breathtaking mountain ranges, tranquil lakes, and vibrant foliage – you’ll find golf courses that cater to all skill levels. You’re not just playing a round of golf here; you’re embarking on an unforgettable experience.

The Granite State, as it’s fondly called, boasts of some truly spectacular greens. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for your next challenge or a casual player seeking leisurely tee times amid stunning scenery, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful corner of the country.

From championship layouts like Atkinson Resort & Country Club to the historic charm of Portsmouth Country Club, each course in New Hampshire offers its own unique blend of natural beauty and architectural design. So grab your clubs and get ready to explore the best golf courses New Hampshire has to offer!

Understanding New Hampshire’s Golf Scene

When you think of New Hampshire, your mind might immediately jump to fall foliage or scenic mountain hikes. But hey, let’s not forget about the golf scene! The Granite State is home to some spectacular golf courses that are nestled amidst stunning landscapes and offer unique challenges for all level of players.

You’d be amazed by how many options there are. From the seacoast to the Great North Woods, there’s a course for everyone in New Hampshire. Courses like Portsmouth Country Club on the Seacoast offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean while northern courses such as Balsams Panorama in Dixville Notch provide a serene woodland experience.

What makes these courses stand out? Well, they’ve got character. Each has its own distinct personality that comes from its specific blend of design, location and history. For instance, Atkinson Resort & Country Club boasts an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Phil Wogan and offers a premier practice facility including a 10,000 sq.ft. putting green.

Here’s something cool – many New Hampshire golf clubs have been recognized nationally for their excellence! Can you believe it? Courses such as Baker Hill and The Golf Club at Oxford Greens have been ranked among the best in America by Golf Digest magazine.

So folks, whether you’re an experienced golfer looking for your next challenge or just starting out in this sport, New Hampshire’s diverse collection of courses has something to satisfy everyone’s needs.

But remember – no matter which course you choose to play on; respect the game, appreciate nature around you and most importantly enjoy yourself! After all isn’t that what playing golf is all about?

Evaluating Golf Course Quality

So, you’re on the hunt for the best golf courses in New Hampshire, huh? Good news! We’ve got your back. But before we start, let’s chat about how to gauge a course’s quality.

First off, you gotta check out the design and layout of the course itself. Is it challenging enough to keep you engaged? Does it cater to all skill levels? You don’t want to be stuck on a course that’s too easy for an experienced player like you or too difficult if you’re still finding your feet with golfing.

Next up, greens conditions! This could make or break your game. Trust me! The best golf courses are usually well-maintained – we’re talking manicured fairways, trimmed roughs and smooth putting greens.

But hey, it’s not just about what happens on the field. A quality golf course should also have top-notch facilities – clean locker rooms, pro-shops stocked with equipment and merch, good food at the clubhouse…you know what I mean?

Now here’s something folks often overlook – customer service. You’d be surprised how much a friendly staff can enhance your experience. So look out for reviews that speak highly of their service!

And finally… location! The setting of a golf course plays into its appeal too. Imagine teeing off with magnificent views of mountains or lakes around you – sounds pretty amazing right?

In short:

  • Review design and layout
  • Check condition of greens
  • Evaluate facilities
  • Consider customer service
  • Don’t forget about location

Keep these points in mind while evaluating any golf course and you’ll find your perfect match in no time! Let’s crack on with uncovering New Hampshire’s finest offerings then…

Top Public Golf Courses in New Hampshire

You’re a golf enthusiast, right? Then you’ll absolutely love teeing off at some of the best public golf courses nestled in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Trust me, these greens are nothing short of spectacular!

First up is The Oaks Golf Links. This Stratham-based course boasts 18 holes and spans over 6,711 yards with a par of 71. It’s known for its challenging yet fun layout that both beginners and pros can enjoy. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Now let’s swing over to Beaver Meadow Golf Course located in Concord. Established back in 1896, this is one of the oldest golf courses in New England! Its lush fairways and well-kept greens make it an absolute favorite among locals and tourists alike.

And who could forget Breakfast Hill Golf Club? Situated on what was once part of a rich farming estate in Greenland, its picturesque landscapes will have you reaching for your camera as much as your club.

But wait! There’s more! Another gem worth mentioning is the Portsmouth Country Club located along the waterside in Greenland. With views overlooking Great Bay, playing here feels like something out of a dream.

Finally, there’s no way we can leave out Stonebridge Country Club. Nestled amidst rolling hills in Goffstown, this award-winning course offers panoramic views that will leave you speechyless while you work on lowering your handicap.

Each course packs its own unique charm but they all share one thing – they offer top-notch golfing experiences that keep players coming back for more!

Remember folks, these aren’t just any ordinary spots; they’re some of THE BEST public golf courses New Hampshire has to offer. So grab those clubs and get ready to play ’til your heart’s content!

Exceptional Private Golf Clubs in New Hampshire

Stepping into the world of private golf clubs in New Hampshire is like discovering a hidden gem. You’ll be enveloped by unparalleled beauty and diverse landscapes that make each round of golf truly unforgettable. Let’s embark on this journey together to explore some of these exceptional courses.

First stop, no other than The Golf Club at Wentworth by the Sea. It’s a historic club with roots dating back to 1897! Here, you’re not just playing golf; you’re embracing history, tradition, and a sense of belonging that only comes from exclusive membership. Not to mention the stunning ocean views that add an extra dash of grandeur to your game.

Next up is Baker Hill Golf Club in Newbury which boasts an impressive layout designed by Rees Jones. This championship course offers challenging play for golfers at every skill level and blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings. If you’re looking for a place where nature meets sport, this might be your haven.

Let’s not forget about Nashua Country Club either. It’s renowned for its immaculate greens and fairways, making it one of the most sought-after private clubs in the area. Plus, add in their top-notch amenities like tennis courts and swimming pools – who wouldn’t want to become a member?

Lastly but definitely not least is Cochecho Country Club located in Dover. This 18-hole course has been delighting members since 1921 with its beautiful setting alongside the Cochecho River and innovative design from Bradford Booth & Kenneth Raynor.

Here are some key points about each club:

  • The Golf Club at Wentworth by the Sea: Historic club dating back to 1897 with stunning ocean views
  • Baker Hill Golf Club: Offers challenging play designed by Rees Jones
  • Nashua Country Club: Known for immaculate greens and fairways along with top-notch amenities
  • Cochecho Country Club: Beautiful riverside setting since 1921

You see? New Hampshire isn’t just about towering mountains or serene lakes; it also hosts some splendid private golf clubs worth exploring if you’re serious about your game!

Golf Tournaments and Events in New Hampshire

When you’re not practicing your swing or aiming for the perfect putt on one of New Hampshire’s stunning golf courses, odds are you’ll be itching to join in on some friendly competition. And boy, does this state deliver with a host of exciting golf tournaments and events!

First off, there’s the annual New Hampshire Open. It’s an event that attracts talented players from all over the Northeast. The tournament takes place at different venues each year, giving participants and spectators alike a chance to experience various top-notch courses across the state.

Then you’ve got the New Hampshire Women’s Golf Association (NHWGA) Championships. These competitive events showcase some of the most skilled female golfers around, offering both individual and team competitions throughout summer months. If you’re a lady looking to strut your stuff on the green, this is your moment!

And let’s not forget about charity tournaments – they’re pretty big in New Hampshire too! For instance, there’s the Annual Seacoast Board of REALTORS® Charity Golf Tournament held at Pease Golf Course; it combines fun rounds with fundraising for local charities which makes it extra special.

But wait – we can’t leave out junior golfers! The state proudly hosts several youth tournaments such as The Junior Invitational at Portsmouth Country Club and Sugarloaf Junior Championship which promote skill development among youngsters.

So whether you’re seeking out serious competition or just hoping to mix up your regular golf outings with something more social and fun-filled – New Hampshire’s array of tournaments and events has got you covered!

Seasonal Considerations for New Hampshire’s Golf Courses

You’ve got your clubs, you’re ready to swing, but hold on a minute! The time of year can have a major impact on your golfing experience in New Hampshire. Let’s break it down and see what each season brings.

Spring showers aren’t just good for flowers; they also help green up the fairways after winter. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Wet conditions can make play challenging (think slippery greens and water hazards that are more hazardous than usual). Plus, early spring temperatures in New Hampshire can be quite chilly. So if you’re planning a spring golf trip, pack your rain gear and some layers!

Summer is the prime golf season in New Hampshire with warm weather making those long days on the course enjoyable. But keep an eye out for afternoon thunderstorms which are common during this season. And don’t forget about the bugs – mosquitoes love those humid summer nights as much as we do!

Fall might just be the best-kept secret when it comes to golfing in New Hampshire. Imagine teeing off with a backdrop of beautiful fall foliage – it doesn’t get much better than that! Just remember that days get shorter quickly so plan accordingly.

Winter isn’t typically considered “golf season” but there are still opportunities for die-hard enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of a little snow on their fairway! Some courses offer winter golf where players use brightly colored balls to stand out against the white landscape. It may be cold, but at least there won’t be any mosquitoes!

So there you have it – from spring showers to winter snows, every season offers its own unique flavor of golf in New Hampshire. You might need to adjust your game or even your wardrobe depending on when you visit, but one thing’s for sure: No matter what time of year you tee off, gorgeous scenery is always par for the course!

Sustainable Practices in New Hampshire’s Golf Industry

It’s no secret that golf courses can have a significant impact on the environment. But don’t fret! Many of New Hampshire’s top greens are stepping up to the plate and leading the way with sustainable practices. These eco-friendly initiatives range from water conservation to wildlife preservation, making sure your favorite pastime doesn’t harm Mother Nature.

Water management is one of the key aspects here. Courses like Portsmouth Country Club use advanced irrigation systems to minimize water usage. They’ve even gone as far as using collected rainwater for course maintenance! Pretty cool, right?

But it’s not just about water. Several clubs in New Hampshire are also adopting chemical-free lawn care techniques. The famous Hanover Country Club at Dartmouth College leads by example, employing organic fertilizers and pest control methods wherever possible.

Wildlife preservation is another major focus area. You might even spot some endangered species while playing your round at Eastman Golf Links or Nippo Lake Golf Club! That’s because these clubs work hand-in-hand with local environmental groups to create habitats for native animals.

Here’s a snapshot of how some popular courses measure up:

Golf Course Water Conservation Chemical-Free Lawn Care Wildlife Preservation
Portsmouth Country Club Advanced Irrigation System & Rainwater Use
Hanover Country Club at Dartmouth College Organic Fertilizers & Pest Control
Eastman Golf Links Endangered Wildlife Habitats
Nippo Lake Golf Club Native Animal Habitats

So next time you’re teeing off at one of these spots, take a moment to appreciate all they’re doing for our planet’s health! Isn’t it great when you can enjoy your sport guilt-free?

Concluding Thoughts on Best Golf Courses in New Hampshire

Hey there! You’ve stuck with us through this journey exploring the best golf courses in New Hampshire. It’s been a blast, hasn’t it? Now that we’ve covered everything, let’s summarize our findings to help you decide which course is your perfect match.

Firstly, if you’re looking for a championship experience, The Golf Club at Oxford Greens stands tall as an excellent choice. With its challenging layout and stunning views, it’s no wonder so many pros love playing here.

  • Golf Club at Oxford Greens: Championship Experience
    • Challenging Layout
    • Stunning Views

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out or want a fun day with family or friends, Amherst Country Club has got you covered. Its welcoming atmosphere and versatile course make it great for players of all skill levels.

  • Amherst Country Club: Beginner Friendly & Fun
    • Welcoming Atmosphere
    • Versatile Course

Lastly, don’t forget about Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club. This magnificent course offers an unrivaled blend of beauty and challenge nestled in the heart of New Hampshire’s lakes region.

  • Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club: Beauty Meets Challenge
    • Beautiful Scenery
    • Demanding Layout

All these choices are fantastic and offer unique experiences. So take your time deciding what works best for your style and needs! Remember that the perfect golf course isn’t always about difficulty or reputation; sometimes it’s simply where you feel most comfortable swinging your clubs. After all, golf is about having fun!

So go ahead – tee off in one of these beautiful settings and make some unforgettable memories on the greens of New Hampshire!

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