Best Golf Courses in Missouri: Your Guide to Top Links in the Show-Me State

Nothing beats the feeling of a well-hit golf ball sailing through the clear Missouri sky. If you’re a golfer in the Show-Me State, or planning to visit soon, you’re in for some serious tee-time treats. With its rolling hills, lush landscapes, and multitude of world-class courses, Missouri offers an unparalleled golfing experience.

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret – there’s a course out there just waiting for your footprints on its fairways. From Kansas City to St. Louis and spots in between, Missouri is brimming with top-notch golf venues that cater to all skill levels.

So let’s dive right into it! Whether you’re seeking challenging layouts or just want to enjoy stunning scenic views while perfecting your swing, we’ll guide YOU through some of the best golf courses in Missouri. Hold onto your clubs – it’s going to be quite the journey!

Missouri’s Top Rated Golf Courses

Hey there golf aficionado! Let’s take a virtual tour around some of the best golf courses that Missouri has to offer. You’re in for a treat, and here’s why.

You’ve got to start with Bellerive Country Club. It’s one of the oldest in the state and boasts an impressive history. This course has had the honor of hosting PGA Championships not once, but twice, making it quite the icon among avid golfers.

Next up is Branson Hills Golf Club. Don’t let its relative newness fool you; it’s considered one of the best public courses in all Missouri. The design is nothing short of spectacular, offering a challenging yet enjoyable experience for players at any level.

  • Bellerive Country Club
  • Branson Hills Golf Club

Missouri Bluffs Golf Course shouldn’t be overlooked either. It’s nestled right by the picturesque Missouri River Valley, providing not just great play but also incredible views that enhance your round like no other.

And we can’t forget about Dalhousie Golf Club down in Cape Girardeau! With its seamless blend of natural beauty and top-tier course design, it makes every game an experience to remember.

  • Missouri Bluffs Golf Course
  • Dalhousie Golf Club

All these top-rated golf courses have something unique to bring to your game whether it be their lush landscapes or challenging designs – now isn’t that something worth taking a swing at? So grab your clubs and get ready for an unforgettable journey on these prime pieces of green real estate!

Exceptional Golfing Experience in St. Louis

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s set the scene. Imagine you’re standing on a lush green fairway, your club glinting in the warm Missouri sunshine. There’s a gentle breeze rustling through the trees and all around you is peace and quiet, save for the occasional chirp of a bird or whack of a golf ball connecting with a well-placed swing. This isn’t just any golf course – it’s one of St. Louis’ finest.

You’ve got quite a few options when it comes to golfing in St. Louis – each offering its own unique allure and challenges! A standout among them is The Country Club at St. Albans which has two 18-hole courses: Lewis and Clark Course and Tavern Creek Course.

  • Lewis and Clark Course: It’s known for its scenic beauty as it winds through forests, lakes, creeks and bluffs.
  • Tavern Creek Course: Designed by renowned architects Dr. Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry & John Cook, this course offers both challenge and beauty with dramatic elevation changes.

Now let’s talk numbers (because who doesn’t love some solid stats?). Here are some facts about these amazing courses:

Course Total Yards Par
Lewis & Clark 7,320 yards Par 72
Tavern Creek 7,026 yards Par 71

But wait – there’s more! If you’re looking for something closer to downtown St.Louis then consider Gateway National Golf Links – an outstanding links-style course that offers breathtaking skyline views of Downtown while challenging your game.

Whichever course you choose to play on though, be prepared for an exceptional experience that extends beyond just teeing off. From top-tier amenities such as pro shops stocked with high-end gear to elegant clubhouses where one can unwind after an exciting round; St.Louis truly delivers an unmatched golfing experience!

Remember folks – whether you’re new to golf or have been playing for years; whether you prefer traditional parkland style or contemporary links-style courses; whether you want challenge or relaxation—St.Louis has got something that will fit perfectly into your idea of ultimate golf enjoyment!

Must-Visit Golf Courses in Kansas City

Kansas City, often dubbed the ‘Heart of America’, isn’t just known for its world-class barbecue and jazz music. It’s also home to some outstanding golf courses that’ll surely catch your attention! Let’s dive into a few favorites.

First on our list is The National Golf Club of Kansas City. This private course offers 18 holes over 7,021 yards with a par of 72. Designed by Tom Watson, it’s known for its strategic layout and picturesque views that make every round enjoyable.

Next up is the Swope Memorial Golf Course, one of the best public courses in Kansas City. Built back in 1934, this historic course has hosted several prestigious tournaments and continues to draw golfers with its challenging design and lush greenery.

Don’t miss out on Tiffany Greens Golf Club. A semi-private course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, it provides an exciting blend of rolling fairways, undulating greens and water hazards for an unforgettable golfing experience.

And then there’s Shoal Creek Golf Course, which consistently ranks among the top public courses in Missouri. Known for its stunning natural beauty and meticulously maintained grounds, it truly represents a golfer’s paradise!

Finally, we have Staley Farms Golf Club – a private club offering both social and golf memberships. With unique features like zoysia grass fairways and bentgrass greens, coupled with breathtaking lake views – you’re sure to be captivated!

Here’s a snapshot:

Course Name Type Holes Yardage Par
The National Golf Club of Kansas City Private 18 holes over 7,021 yards 7021 yards 72
Swope Memorial Golf Course Public 18 holes over 6,274 yards 6264 yards 70
Tiffany Greens Golf Club Municipal/Semi-private 18 holes over 7,000 yards 7000+ yards (approx.)
Shoal Creek Golf Course Municipal/Public Ranging from Par 3s to Par5s Varies based on hole
Staley Farms Golf Club

Private|Ranging from Par3s to Par5s||Varies based on hole|

Each one offering their own unique slice of golfing heaven right here in Kansas City! So why wait? Grab your clubs and let’s hit these links!

The Charm of Springfield’s Green Fairways

Isn’t it time you experienced the allure of Springfield’s lush golf courses? Picture this: a sunny day, the soft whispering breeze and your best swing in one of Missouri’s top-notch golf facilities. Now, that’s an invitation hard to resist.

Springfield is home to a variety of awe-inspiring golf courses that have been attracting both local and international golf enthusiasts for years. Take Highland Springs Country Club, for instance. It’s not just any course; it has been hosting the Price Cutter Charity Championship since 1989! Talk about history and prestige.

Oh, let’s not forget about Rivercut Golf Course! You’d swear it was nature herself who carved out these fairways with its picturesque views along the Finley River. Plus, its 18-hole championship layout presents a fun challenge to all levels of players.

Here are some cool stats about Rivercut:

Statistic Value
Total Yardage 7,066 yards
Par 72
Rating 74.4

Now imagine Deer Lake Golf Course – yes, there are actual deer here but they’re more likely to watch you play than interfere with your game! This course boasts a mix of wooded areas and open fields making every round interesting.

And then you’ve got Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course which adds a dash of historical significance to your game as it’s named after two local PGA professionals who made their mark on international greens.

In essence, each fairway in Springfield tells its own unique story through undulating greens and meticulously maintained landscapes. So grab those clubs because an unforgettable golfing adventure awaits in Springfield!

Branson: A Golfer’s Paradise in Missouri

Branson, tucked away in the heart of Missouri, is a golfer’s paradise. Known for its stunning landscapes and challenging courses, it’s a must-visit destination for every golf enthusiast.

You’ll find over ten top-notch golf courses here, each with its unique charm. The Ozarks’ natural beauty frames these spectacular courses – rolling hills and sparkling water bodies create a picturesque backdrop as you tee off. If you’re looking to mix your love for golf with breathtaking views, Branson won’t disappoint!

One course that consistently tops the charts is the Top of The Rock Golf Course. Designed by Jack Nicklaus himself, this par-3 course offers an unforgettable experience that blends challenging play with awe-inspiring scenery. It’s one of only two Par-3 courses used in official PGA tour events – now how impressive is that?

Another jewel in Branson’s crown is Buffalo Ridge Springs Golf Course. This award-winning 18-hole course has been hailed as Missouri’s Best Public Course multiple times since its redesign by Tom Fazio and Johnny Morris in 2014.

Here are some other noteworthy mentions:

  • Payne’s Valley: Tiger Woods’ first public-access course.
  • Thousand Hills Golf Resort: Known for its immaculate greens and fairways.
  • The Pointe at Pointe Royale: A challenging layout situated along Lake Taneycomo.

It isn’t just about golf though! In Branson, you can pair your rounds with world-class entertainment options like live shows and concerts or explore nature trails when you need a break from swinging clubs.

In short, if you’re planning your next golf vacation, don’t miss out on what Branson has to offer! With fantastic landscapes offering perfect backdrops to excellent courses designed by golfing legends – it truly is a slice of heaven for any golfer!

Hidden Gem Golf Courses Across Missouri

Did you know that Missouri is a golfer’s paradise? It’s not just about the famous courses like Bellerive or Dalhousie. There are some hidden gems sprinkled across the state, each one offering unique challenges and spectacular views!

One course that deserves your attention is Eagle Knoll. Nestled in Hartsburg, this public course is known for its rolling terrain and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. You’re gonna love how each hole offers something different – it keeps things exciting from start to finish!

But hey, let’s not forget about Creekmoor in Raymore! This semi-private course has been praised by local golfers for its pristine fairways and challenging layouts. Rumor has it even seasoned pros find Creekmoor stimulating.

Next up on our list is the captivating Thousand Hills located right at Branson. What makes this course stand out? Other than its panoramic vistas of Ozarks’ wilderness, Thousand Hills boasts a design that caters to players of all skill levels.

And if you’re looking for something a bit more exclusive, we’ve got you covered! Check out Old Kinderhook, tucked away in Camdenton. This private resort-style course offers meticulously maintained fairways paired with top-notch facilities.

Let’s take a quick look at these hidden gems:

Course Name Location Type
Eagle Knoll Hartsburg Public
Creekmoor Raymore Semi-Private
Thousand Hills Branson Public
Old Kinderhook Camdenton Private

So there you have it folks! A sneak peek into some lesser-known but equally impressive golf courses in Missouri. Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned golfer, these courses promise a memorable round every time!

Navigating the Best Season to Play Golf in Missouri

Packing up your clubs and heading out for a round of golf is always an exciting prospect. But let’s be honest, not all months are created equal when it comes to hitting the links. If you’re looking to tee off in Missouri, you’ll want to know when the conditions are just right. So let’s dive into it.

Missouri’s climate can be fickle with four distinct seasons influencing your play time. Spring is typically mild, but rain showers can pop up unexpectedly, making the greens a touch more challenging than usual. On the other hand, summer brings longer days and ample sunshine – ideal for those who don’t mind breaking a little sweat on the course.

Here’s how things generally pan out:

  • Spring (March-May): Average highs range from 60°F – 80°F with occasional rainfall.
  • Summer (June-August): Temperatures peak between 85°F – 90°F perfect for early morning or late evening rounds.
  • Fall (September-November): Mild weather persists with highs hovering around 70°F – a sweet spot for many golfers.
  • Winter (December-February): It gets chilly with average temps falling below freezing – not recommended unless you enjoy playing in gloves!

Now if we had to pick one season over others, fall would take home the trophy! Why? It offers comfortable temperatures paired with stunning fall foliage that turns golf courses into picturesque landscapes. However, summer remains popular due to extended daylight hours allowing more time on the course.

Remember though – this is just a general guide and weather can vary year-to-year! Always check local forecasts before planning your Missouri golfing adventure. Because at end of day, it’s about enjoying each swing no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

Conclusion: Choosing Your Next Missouri Golf Adventure

So you’ve made it this far. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part – choosing your next golf adventure in beautiful Missouri. With the wealth of top-notch courses outlined, you’re spoiled for choice.

Consider what’s most important to you in a golf course. Is it the challenge of tricky fairways? The beauty of lush green landscapes? Or maybe it’s all about that clubhouse comfort food at the 19th hole? Whatever floats your golfing boat, there’s a course in Missouri ready to welcome you with open fairways.

Remember, these are just some highlights from a state full of great golfing experiences. These are our favorites:

  • Old Kinderhook – For its scenic views and challenging layout.
  • Branson Hills Golf Club – A favorite among locals and tourists alike.
  • Buffalo Ridge Springs Course – Known for its stunning vistas.

But don’t let us limit your exploration! There are plenty more gems out there waiting to be discovered by avid golfers like yourself. Whichever course you choose, we’re sure that your swing will thank you!

Above all else, remember this: Golf is not just about perfecting your game; it’s also about enjoying the journey. So go ahead and chart your own unique course through Missouri’s best greens. Here’s hoping every round brings new challenges, fresh joys and lower handicaps!

Good luck on your next Missouri golf adventure! We can’t wait to hear all about where your love for the game takes you next.

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