Best Golf Clubs for Short Men

For many people, the game of golf is not intimidating. They don’t have to face a much-taller and much-stronger opponent out in the field. In the game, it is just them and the golf course. Even though golf is not concerned with the height of an individual, you still have to make sure that you use the right equipment that complements your height when you are either practicing or playing a game of golf.

For people with a short height, it is difficult to play with golf clubs of standard length. If, as a player, you are unable to address the ball correctly, your game will likely suffer. This is why it is important to have a clear understanding of the length of the club that complements your height.

Custom Fitting is Important

Before we have a look at the different companies that are offering golf clubs for short men, it is essential to address a common misconception that many people have. A majority of people with short heights believe that they ought to use junior golf sets because of their height. This is a big misconception that needs to be effectively countered.

Best Golf Clubs for Short Men

If you are serious about improving your game, it is best to stay away from juniors club. Instead, what you should be doing is to go with a static fitting. Static club fitting refers to the procedure of getting custom fit for your clubs where the measurements are based on your height and the difference between your hands and the ground.

Proper Club Length for Irons

When you are using a club of proper length, you are in a better position to play a shot. Proper club lengths are important for both short and very tall golfers. Like a short player who will stand too upright to hold the club, a very tall player will have to stoop too much if they are using a standard-length club.

This inconvenience will have a direct and a negative impact on the consistency, distance, and direction of a golf shot. With correct golf length, on the other hand, the player will be in an address position that can be maintained easily throughout the golf swing. Here is a chart that shows the recommended golf length for very tall and very short players. So, if you are looking for golf clubs for short men, you should refer to this chart to get the club of proper length. Note, that you can always have your golf clubs shortened. Any golf shop and some sporting goods stores will cut your shafts shorter for a minimal charge.

Height Wrist to Floor Measurement Recommended Club Length
> 6’8″ > 42″ +2″
6’6″-6’8″ 41″-42″ +1.5″
6’4″-6’6″ 40″-41″ +1″
6’2″-6’4″ 38.5″-40″ +.5″
6’1″-6’2″ 37″-38.5″ +.25″
5’7″-6’1″ 34″-37″ Standard
5’4″-5’7″ 32″-34″ -.25″
5’2″-5’4″ 29″-32″ -.5″
5″-5’2″ 27″-29″ -1″
4’10”-5′ 25″-27″ -1.5″
<4’10” < 25″ -2″

The above chart will help you choose the club of the proper length based on your height. There are many shops that will customize your clubs at an affordable fee. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on junior club sets, it is best to go with customized sets to get a club of proper length that helps you improve your game.

Also, have you noticed how we have mentioned your wrist-to-floor measurement in the chart? This is because your height alone doesn’t play any part in determining what should be the proper club for you. And this is exactly why companies don’t make standard-size golf clubs for short men. These clubs should be made according to custom fitting because even people with the same heights don’t have the same wrist to floor measurement.

Understanding Lie Angles

Besides the length of the club, the lie angle of your equipment also plays an important role in influencing your shot. The lie angle of the club is the angle formed by the shaft and the sole of the club. This angle influences the position of the clubhead at impact and address. With a proper lie angle, the center – instead of the heel or toe – of your club will easily strike the ground.

The clubs that are too upright end up hitting the ground with the heel of the club. As a result, the clubface closes and the shot results in a pull or hook. On the other hand, a flat club will hit the ground with the toe. This will cause the clubface to open up and result in a push or slice.

Golf experts suggest that tall players generally need a more upright lie angle and shorter players will perform well with a club that has a flatter lie angle. However, other factors like the position of the players’ hands and their address posture also have an impact on a lie angle. In the chart below, you will get a general idea of the recommended measurement for short people who are looking for customized clubs. The chart below is for the people with the height between 4’10” and 5’6″.

Measure From Your Waist to Floor Lie Angle Degree
39″ 3 degrees up
38.5″ 3 degrees up
38″ 2 degrees up
37.5″ 2 degrees up
37″ 2 degrees up
36.5″ 1 degree up
36″ 1 degree up
35.5″ 1 degree up
35″ Standard lie
34.5″ Standard lie
34″ Standard lie
33.5″ Standard lie
33″ Standard lie
32.5″ Standard lie
32″ 1 degree flat
31.5″ 1 degree flat
31″ 1 degree flat
30.5″ 2 degrees flat
30″ 2 degrees flat
29.5″ 2 degrees flat
29″ 3 degrees flat
28.5″ 3 degrees flat

Our Favorite Golf Clubs for Short Men

While most golf clubs for men don’t come with the option of different lengths, usually regular clubs are the best option for short men as well. If you’re short, you may just need to get your clubs shortened after purchasing them. They’ll do this at any golf shop or even places like Dicks. I’ve heard they’ll shorten clubs for $4 per club, which isn’t bad at all.

Let’s cut to the chase, here are our favorite golf clubs for short men.

Are Women’s Golf Clubs OK for Short Men?

If you’re a short male, can you use women’s golf clubs? This question has been in the mind of almost every short golfer, but it is seldom discussed. This is because people are hesitant to use equipment that is gender-specific. The reason why there is a separate set for women’s golf gear is the difference in the body type of both men and women. Women have shorter arms because of which women’s golf clubs are available in short sizes. This is because the manufacturers try to keep the length of the club consistent with the arm length of the player.

One issue for men using women’s golf clubs is the shaft flex. Men typically need a stiffer shaft because their swing speeds are faster. For instance, as a young teenager, I used a women’s driver because my swing speed was slower. It worked out quite well, although I grew out of it quickly.

This doesn’t mean that there are no brands for women who are taller. There are plenty of brands that make golf clubs for women who are as tall as six feet. Since most women are shorter in height, short men may consider buying a golf set for women. These golf sets are also lighter in weight and have more flexible shafts. Since men have more muscle mass and typically faster swing speeds, the golf sets tailored for them are heavier and stiffer. Keeping everything in consideration, there is nothing wrong with a man buying a golf club set for women as long as it fits his body and swing.

Our Final Thoughts

A good golf game depends on the equipment that you are using. If your equipment doesn’t compliment you, you will not be able to make impressive shots. Many people, when looking for golf clubs for short man, often search for specific brands that manufacture clubs for people with different heights. As discussed above, there is no one parameter that can decide whether a club of a particular length will be suitable for a person with a specific height. For a company to custom-made your golf club, it will ask for your other measurements as well to get a club that suits your needs.

In addition to the length of the club, the lie angle of the club also holds significant importance. The reason for sharing the specific chart of the lie angle was to give you a clear picture of exactly what you should be asking for if your height deviates from the standard heights companies refer to, to manufacture golf gears.

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