TaylorMade M6 Driver Review


Do you know, which driver is the most preferred by tour players? Yes, even if you narrow down the choices, the driver in our review will make it to the shortlist. Tour players love the versatility, adaptability, and superiority in the performance offered by the Taylormade M6 driver.

Our TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

taylormade m6 driver review

So in this article, we will try to describe all the features that this amazing driver promises to the players.

Things We Liked

  • Smart and sleek design
  • Carbon sole for extra forgiveness
  • Thinner face design for intense ball speed
  • Covers longer distance
  • Offers more Trajectory

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive price
  • Less adjustable

Key Features of the TaylorMade M6 Driver

Speed Injected Twist Face with Hammerhead Technology

​You will be delighted to know that the driver comes with speed injected twist face system along with hammerhead 2.0 slot on the sole. The company’s pursuit of building the fastest golf driver ended up in success with this model. Their initial outcome exceeded the legal speed limit.

They had to inject some amount of resin into the club face to put the speed behind the legal boundary. It comes with proprietary algorithm that administers how much resin should be injected via the dual ports.

The new face is taller and straighter than its predecessors. It made the face flex more tolerable. Its face angle is around 1 to 1.5⁰ which is sufficient for minimizing side spin.

Inertia Generator

​This feature helps to put plenty of discretionary weight in other places of the club head. The generator sets additional burdens in the lower and deeper portion of the head and assists in keeping the center of gravity low.

It is possible because of the newly designed carbon fiber sole that is 54% lighter than the previous version. It gave the driver an aerodynamic look. The sole contains about 1/4th of the total load of the club head.

Brand Value (5/5)

​Taylormade is making golf clubs, bags and other accessories since 1979. The American brand became popular by introducing metal wood to their drivers. Some critics were probably suspecting that such a bright start can be a fluke.

But the company continued to deliver quality products. This illustrious maker has stunned everyone by continuously incorporating incredible technology into their drivers.

Adidas acquired the company in 1997 and made it a trusted brand for players. By 2005, it became the top dog in the golf industry. Their sales skyrocketed from the very beginning, and in 2006, they become the second company in the industry to make a billion dollar revenue.

Stylish Look (5/5)

​The design is the most striking factor of this driver. It has a stunning matt carbon finish on the top. The blend of silver lining made the black-colored driver more attractive.

It is symmetrical across the border. The sleek shaping will undoubtedly give you a premium feel. Furthermore, It has an adjustable neck and much of the weights are shifted towards the back of the head.

Innovative Engineering (5/5)

​Taylormade comes up with a smart strategy to reduce the weight of their new product. The crown of the driver contains six layers of composite carbon. Moreover, the entire sole is made of carbon.

Carbon is a strong but lightweight material. It allows the driver to put extra weight to the back that elevates the launch, increases the spin and inertia. The reduction in weight also allows the maker to make a larger club face. As a result, the sweet spot has been enlarged.

The M6 was so fast in the testing period that it was over the legal boundary. So, the maker decided to develop a way to keep the coefficient of restitution (COR) within the permissible limit. Two ports are located in the driver that looks merely like dimples. Their function is to slow down the speed.

Forgiveness (5/5)

Weight distribution is crucial in a driver as it helps to maintain a low center of gravity (CG). A low CG provides the player more forgiveness and a larger margin for error. The manufacturer kept the weight low by introducing a new feature which they call the inertia generator.

It lets the user put the extra weight in the rearward portion of the head. Such distribution facilitates high launch and inertia. Carbon is used as the primary material for the crown and sole. Resultantly, the driver is so lightweight that players can swing it faster with ease.

In this driver, you will have a club face that is 20% thinner than M3. The sweet spot is 66% larger than the M3 and 100% larger than the M1. So, you may worry less because even your misplaced shot will get you modest points.

Superior Performance (5/5)

The most difficult task for amateur golfers is to maintain consistency. This driver is so dependable that it should be an ideal choice for them. The legal limit of COR is 0.083. The M6 can knock the benchmark on a consistent basis. No other drivers in the market can provide such consistency.

Players can hit longer, launch higher and yet spin lower with this driver. To be precise, you will get an average of 158 mph ball speed and 110 mph clubhead speed. Its optimized CG and moment of inertia (MOI) will satisfy you even when you play a bad shot.

Our Final Thoughts

Taylormade M6 driver costs less than its contemporary driver, M5. It is less adjustable but sleeker than the former. Maybe that’s why the performance of both drivers is pretty much similar. However, the price range is still very high.

The driver may cost more than others. But, the investment is worthwhile. Because, the driver has reduced the luck factor in game and gave every player with a level playing opportunity. So, if you are ready to spend a few bucks and looking for a dependable performer off the tee, this one should be your ultimate pick.

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