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All golfers are particular about the equipment they use because they know how extensively it can impact the game’s quality. Golf balls are on the list of the top 5 pieces of golf equipment, which play an important role in deciding how well or how badly a game goes.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Balls

Therefore, it makes sense to be more particular about your selection process when buying a golf ball. Before moving on to the recommendations for the best golf balls, let’s briefly look at the factors you should consider when buying a golf ball.

How to Select the Best Golf Ball for You

Every player has a different set of preferences for the kind of feel, speed, and response they want to get out of the golf ball. However, a base understanding of the matter can equip them with the knowledge they need to select the best golf ball which fits their preferences.

1. Construction

To select the right golf ball, it is important to know about its main components how different materials for each of these affects the gameplay and experience.


Sometimes called the engine, the core of a golf ball sits at the very center and is the main driver of performance. A good core will ensure the ball can retain most of the energy received at the point of impact and fly on with the right speed and spin.

Guide and Recommendations for Best Golf Balls

The core is made of rubber. The compression potential of the rubber determines whether the golf ball is a hard ball (higher compression) or a soft ball (lower compression). Keeping all other things constant, a hard ball gets a better speed and spin when used by a golfer with a fast swing.


The mantle acts as both a seal and an adjuster. It seals the ball to prevent any moisture from entering, and its thickness and layers help adjust the spin of the golf ball.

Mantle layers are made of ionomer materials of varying thickness and density, which help determine spin and assist in energy retention.


The cover, the outermost layer of the ball, encloses the mantle and the core and takes the direct impact from the hit. The material and design of the ball determine the spin and distance covered and allow for a smooth transfer of energy to the core.

The cover is made from either urethane or surlyn. Urethane is softer compared to surlyn and gives golfers more control over the spin, which is why it is generally the preferred choice between the two.

2. Price

Aside from the construction, the price of the golf ball is also an important purchase consideration. Golf balls are used extensively and experience extensive wear and tear. This means they have to be bought relatively often as well, especially for practicing.

Therefore, you need to consider your affordability when choosing the golf ball you are most comfortable using and opt for one which closely matches your preferences and is affordable.

The 4 Best Golf Balls

Keeping in mind the main criteria for selection, we shortlisted some of the best golf balls, which offer amazing and consistent performance and are the preferred picks for many golfers.

1. Bridgestone Tour B X

Bridgestone Tour B X is the best all-rounder among options for the best golf balls. Its Seamless Cover technology provides consistency in performance, while the new Dual Dimple technology offers a more efficient trajectory with its enhanced aerodynamic design.

Its overall design is optimal for achieving high speed, smooth flight, and the right spin, all of which help achieve the best distances.

The amount of control it offers makes it a popular choice for not only skilled golfers but also mid or high handicappers.

2. Callaway Chrome Soft/X

Callaway is a leading name in golf, so it‘s not surprising for its golf balls to make it to this list. The Chrome Soft are premium quality golf balls that utilize the Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core technology to achieve the best possible distances.

This technology allows for a more efficient energy transfer and makes the ball more durable, and offers consistent performance. It has been designed to reduce drag to achieve better speed and has lower spin for full shots, which gives it a better trajectory.

If you are looking for premium golf balls, you should consider Chrome Soft.

3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

This golf ball is durable and suitable for tours. It is the perfect choice for people who prefer the soft feel and are looking to achieve maximum distance and optimized spin.

The genius of this ball lies in the design. Despite being durable, the cover is 17% thinner to allow for maximum energy transfer upon impact. The layer has been made to offer speed enhancement and spin optimization to golfers to achieve the best possible distances.

4. Mizuno RB 566V

The Mizuno RB has taken cover design optimization to a whole new level by introducing micro dimples, optimizing the ball spin, and reducing drag.

This, combined with a lower compression core, makes it an optimal choice to achieve the greatest possible distances and offer improved accuracy to the golfer.

The Mizuno RB 566 is durable, affordable, and the right choice for people who are looking for golf balls that offer mild trajectories.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum up, the best golf balls are usually a combination of several factors instead of one outstanding feature. Since golfers tend to have unique preferences for the feel and experience they want in their game, it is best to test out those preferences before buying.

Some of the best golf balls use technologically advanced design to achieve optimized spin, greater distances, and smoother trajectories. It is best to check out which feature you prioritize in your gameplay and buy the best golf ball for it, keeping your price range in mind.

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