Best Golf Balls for Slower Swing Speeds

If you’re a slow swing golfer, are you using the right golf ball? To answer that question, you need to know the characteristics of the best golf ball for slow swing speed. The best golf ball offers longer and straighter shots, more control on the golf course, and a good feel while playing golf.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Golf balls differ in material design, compression factors, and spin rates. If you have a slow swing speed, looking at these differences will help you to select a golf ball that is most suited to your playing style. Each golf ball reacts differently to different swing speeds.

If you’re playing with a golf ball that isn’t suitable for golfers with slow swing speeds, you’ll have difficulty scoring. If you have a slow swing speed, you require a golf ball that can give you increased distance and a softer feel. We have compiled a list of the best golf balls for slower swing speeds.

1. Callaway Superhot

The Callaway Superhot has a compression designed for golfers with slow swing speeds. Golfers who consistently hit below 90 will benefit greatly from its solid inner core. The company has created an aerodynamic design to ensure it flies far and straight on impact.

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The golf ball’s cover keeps the spin low on longer golf clubs and ensures a straighter shot, whereas, with short golf clubs, it increases the spin. The only downside to playing with these golf balls is that you may find it hard to get them in the air. However, once you get the hang of playing with these golf balls, doing that may come easier to you.


  • Increased distance
  • Made from premium quality and durable material
  • Versatile design


  • Not as soft as other golf balls
  • May find it difficult to get them in the air

2. Srixon Soft Feel

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is highly recommended for slower swing speeds. The golf ball has a low compression rating that allows it to go further and has several dimples for speed on it. The dimples allow the golf ball to move faster when it’s in the air.

The golf ball has a soft ionomer cover but it could have been softer. It’s more affordable than other golf balls on the market designed for slower swing speeds. The company has designed this golf ball for golfers who have swing speeds between 70 miles per hour and 90 miles per hour.


  • Low compression rates mean increased distance
  • Affordable


  • Not as soft as other golf balls

3. Volvik Vivid

The Volvik Vivid golf ball has a large core inside. Its large core ensures the golf ball travels far on the golf course when hit by a golfer with slow swing speed. The golf ball has a matte finish, which reduces glare and makes it easier for golfers to hit it accurately and track while in flight.

The company has opted to go with a low compression design for slow swingers because it allows them to get more loft and speed when they hit the golf ball. The golf ball has a medium to soft-like feel, which makes it perfect for golfers with swing speeds between 70 miles per hour and 90 miles per hour.

The golf ball is slightly on the expensive side than other golf balls. With this golf ball, you’ll receive more control around the golf course, especially when you’re hitting distance shots.


  • Performs well
  • Designed for golfers with slow swing speeds
  • Low compression rating


  • A little expensive than most golf balls designed for slower swing speeds

4. Bridgestone E6 Speed

The Bridgestone E6 Speed golf ball is designed to give golfers distance and speed. You can select white or yellow golf balls. The company has designed the golf balls to travel straight over a long distance. These golf balls perform well and minimize the spin during long games. They don’t offer a lot of air resistance to make sure they go fast and far. If you’re playing a short game, you’ll not want to play with these golf balls because they offer very little spin.


  • Affordable
  • Increased distance
  • Maintains a low spin for long games


  • Gives little spin for short games

5. Titleist Tour Soft

The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is made from premium quality material with a soft outer shell. The golf ball is the ideal choice for making longer shots while getting a low spin to maintain increased speed and control. You can still use the golf ball to play short distance golfs because it gives an adequate spin for making complex shots. They have a durable design that offers consistent performance.


  • Made from durable and long-lasting material
  • Consistent performance
  • Can use it to play both short and long games


  • May not perform as well other golf balls that cost the same

6. Callaway Strata Boom

The Callaway Strata Boom is a state-of-the-art golf ball with a core made from Strata technology. These multi-layered golf balls are an ideal choice for golfers with slow swing speeds. They have a Teflon cover, which makes the surface sleek and offers an excellent spin on the golf course.

Since they aren’t very soft, you can play short games using them because they offer good control. Made from premium quality material, you can play several rounds of golf using them throughout the year. They offer an ideal balance between approaching shots on the golf course and great core strength. When you hit driver and long irons, they decrease the side spin, which beginners usually create, thus, making this a good beginner golf ball.

They also keep the flight trajectory of the golf ball straight. You’ll also be able to achieve more distance from them. In comparison to other golf balls on the market, they are more affordable.


  • High-energy core for increased distance
  • Available in several colors
  • Designed to decrease side spin and ensure the golf ball maintains a straight flight
  • Affordable


  • Golfers may experience visibility issues

7. Pinnacle Rush

The Pinnacle Rush golf ball has a high energy core, which helps golfers with slow swing speeds achieve speed and distance. The golf ball has an ionomer cover, which offers a good feel and consistency. The golf ball has 332 dimples, which helps it fly in the air while reducing drag. You can play with this golf ball in various weather conditions. It is available in yellow and white.

The company has designed the golf ball for distance and improved performance. You will receive 15 golf balls in one pack. Even though they are more affordable than other golf balls, they will still last you for one year. If you tend to lose golf balls easily, these are perfect for you due to their affordable price.


  • Icosahedral design features 332 dimples
  • High energy core improves the performance of the golf ball
  • Ionomer cover is scratch-resistant
  • Offers increased speed and distance
  • Affordable
  • Color options


  • Not for golfers with a fast swing speed

Our Final Thoughts

Have you made your choice? Which one do you think are the best golf balls for golfers with slower swing speeds? You can choose a golf ball to match your slow swing speed, based on the features and your budget. If you’re struggling to make those shots, you’re probably using the wrong type of golf ball.

Take advantage of this list that we have created to select a golf ball that will help you improve your skills and make playing golf an even more enjoyable sport than before.

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