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No golfer becomes an expert as soon as they get into the game. This takes time, patience and great golfing equipment. Although lessons and practice will get you far, the right golf clubs can completely transform your scores. These clubs are called game improvement clubs and help golfers maximize forgiveness and distance, and thus, better their scores.

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The 5 Best Game Improvement Drivers in Golf

In this article, we will go over the best game improvement drivers to make sure that you start your game on a good note.

1. Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver

The Epic Flash Star brags distance and does not disappoint. This driver may be lightweight, but it packs a punch. In addition to its lightweight graphite shaft, it also sports a lighter crown and a fixed hosel to eliminate excess weight. The crown is made of carbon and is both lightweight and extremely durable. This tight weaving of the carbon reduces weight, but this weight is cleverly directed within the club head and serves to lower the center of gravity and increase launch.

Additionally, Callaway’s Flash Face technology uses A.I. to create a special face design that increases speed, and thus, increases distance. This is further emphasized with the use of jailbreak technology, which serves to stabilize both, the sole and the crown, to increase impact. This, in turn, increases speed and distance.

Various golf equipment.


  • Options for loft, hand orientation and flex
  • Suitable for women (ladies flex available)
  • Maximizes distance and speed
  • Extremely lightweight and accurate



2. Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

This driver features an oversized 460cc club face, which is one of the most forgiving on the market. The Launch Pad head ensures that no matter the angle, speed and launch will be high.

Wilson’s Launch Pad driver also increases speed by decreasing weight, making it one of the most lightweight clubs we have come across. The head, grip and shaft are all lightweight, and result in an easy-to-swing club that is suitable for almost every golfer. The increased speed as a result of this is made evident in the higher launch and the distance covered.

Golfers who are familiar with slicing know just how embarrassing it can be. This driver eliminates slicing with its offset hosel and weighted heel. This is one of the best game improvement drivers for those with slow swings, as this allows them to swing faster without exerting more energy.


  • Options for hand orientation, flexand loft
  • Suitable for seniors (senior flex available)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Increased speed, forgivenessand distance
  • Eliminates slicing


  • The hosel cannot be adjusted

3. Cobra Golf King Speedzone Xtreme Driver

This premium driver from Cobra Golf claims to provide extreme speed and forgiveness. It boasts a milled infinity face which expands the area of maximum speed while maintaining precision. Its design involves perimeter leading edges, which increase power, and low weighting to maximize the transfer of energy to the golf ball.

A carbon wrapped crown makes it both, lightweight and durable, and provides perimeter weighting which makes it more forgiving. The driver is also extremely stable and can withstand off-center hits, immediately correcting them so that they are straighter and cover more distance.

The tungsten weighting at the back also increases moment of inertia, which, in turn, reduces twisting and increases forgiveness. Therefore, this driver is ideal for game improvement.


  • Options for hand orientation, shaft material, flexand loft
  • Suitable for seniors (senior flex available)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Increased speed and distance
  • Increased precision and forgiveness


  • Premium price tag

Game Improving Factors

When looking for the best game-improving drivers, there are certain features that users should keep in mind. These can help you become the best golfer you can be!

Club Head

When it comes to the clubhead, the major factors to consider are size, weight, and material. Larger club heads provide a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness. They are easier to hit because of the larger surface area, and any mishits are straightened. The largest clubhead one can opt for is 460cc, which will provide the player with the most forgiveness and distance.

Weight and material are closely related. When considering titanium or steel, it is important to remember that titanium is much lighter than steel. However, steel is more affordable, so titanium heads can come at a more premium price.


When looking for the best game improvement drivers, shaft material is an important consideration. Steel shafts are more affordable than graphite shafts and provide more control. However, graphite shafts are lightweight and more durable than steel shafts. Graphite shafts also have better feel, while steel shafts result in more vibration upon impact. However, depending on the technology used, this can be minimized.

Another important aspect to note is that graphite is more flexible than steel. While the flexibility of graphite increases forgiveness, it reduces control. Steel, on the other hand, is less flexible but provides greater control. Usually, beginners and intermediate golfers opt for forgiveness, while more advanced players prefer control since they focus on precision rather than distance.


Loft is essential when determining trajectory, and thus, distance. As a rule of thumb, higher loft results in more forgiveness. However, this mostly applies to beginners with relatively slow swings. This differs when it comes to advanced players who have faster swings.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for the distance of the Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver, or the speed of the Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver, this list of the best game improvement drivers caters to every audience. Make sure to look through this list and our buyer’s guide to pick the best driver for your unique needs.

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