The 5 Best Driving Irons in Golf

Also known as a utility iron, driving irons have not only replaced traditional long irons but have also proved themselves as a promising alternative to hybrids, and higher lofted fairway woods. As a result, they have become one of the most sought after club options in the golf market.

When it comes to actually choosing a driving iron, many golfers buy driving irons solely to impress their buddies and end up messing up their performance on the golf course. While the aesthetics of club irons are important to an extent, what ultimately matters is your golfing performance. Therefore, while the affordability of a driving iron is important, you should always look for driving irons that are right for your game.

Best Driving Irons in Golf

Here are the 5 best driving irons that you can buy, based on various factors that affect your performance on the course:

Best Driving Irons in Golf

1. TaylorMade GAPR MID Golf Club

Besides an outstanding aesthetic appeal, the TaylorMade GAPR combines the benefits of both the long iron and the hybrid. The club allows you to get good distance on your shots. However, its high launch means that it’s not the best club to use in windy conditions.

There exists a large gap between the 3-wood and a 4-iron. The TaylorMade GAPR is designed to bridge this gap. Moreover, it comes in 3H, 4H, and 5H, offering a better alternative to those pesky long irons.


  • Golfers are able to get a considerably straight ball flight
  • A tremendous amount of trajectory control
  • High aesthetic value


  • Slightly pricey for a single club
  • Golfers might need to get used to the club before they’re able to hit the ball as far as they would like

2. Callaway Apex UT

This driving iron is among the best driving irons for golfers who want to improve their performance on the course. Characterized by a forged hollow-construction, it’s made from forged carbon steel and has a satin finish, giving it a silky, soft look. Owing to the appearance and the loft options, you can easily replace the irons in your club set with this club.

The 18-degree 2-iron Apex UT, one of the longest driver irons available, offers incredible feel and comfort of use. Since it’s capable of adjusting the weight through a port, controlling the launch and the spin is made simple as ever.


  • Ample forgiveness on mishits
  • Switching to this club is easy, owing to its traditional lofts
  • Perfect replacement for traditional long irons
  • Its forged construction provides a spectacular feel


  • Not ideally workable from right to left or vice versa
  • Pretty expensive

3. Srixon Z Utility U85 Iron

Designed for elite golfers, the Srixon Z Utility is among the most workable clubs available, which also makes it one of the best driving irons on the market. It has proven extremely useful for professional golfers contending for club championships all year round. While the brand is more popular for its golf balls, some of its blades, such as this one, have earned it a lasting reputation in the golfing world.

Besides sporting an amazing look, it comes with fantastic spin control and workability.


  • Looks beautiful
  • Outstanding spin control
  • Highly workable
  • Good choice for professional golfers


  • No forgiveness for mishits
  • Not suitable for beginners

4. Cobra King Utility Iron

If you value forgiveness and adjustability in a driving iron, this club is the perfect choice for you.

The Cobra King Utility driving iron not only comes with the flexibility to adjust the club loft by 3 degrees, but it also allows you to tweak it so that it’s more draw friendly. Whether you opt for a 2/3 or a 3/4 iron, you can adjust it by 3 degrees to adequately gap it with long irons and fairway woods. For the 2/3-iron, you can adjust it from 18 to 21 degrees while the 3/4-iron can be adjusted from 21 to 24 degrees. Hence, these are ideal for those who have either fairway woods or extra wedges with them and need to drop a club.

To match the day’s conditions, you can adjust the iron depending on your desired level of elevation on the ball flight.

While the flexibility it offers is unmatched, it certainly lacks the sleekness that many other irons have. Besides, the option compromises a little on the effectiveness of the tee, but the benefits it offers make up for this slight reduction. After all, it’s the only adjustable driving iron out there.


  • Adjustability makes it a two-in-one iron
  • Highly affordable
  • The forged face gives a spectacular feel


  • Lacks workability
  • Lacks the sleekness present in other irons
  • A slight reduction in effectiveness off the tee

5. Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron

Making it into the top 5, this Mizuno driving iron is known for its unprecedented sleekness. You don’t usually experience much forgiveness in other Mizuno irons, but this particular iron is designed differently to support golfers of all abilities.

Mizuno has an ongoing emphasis on creating a low center of gravity to help players get the ball off the ground. What sets this iron apart from others is the number of options it offers. This club option can make for an amazing combo set if you’re looking for a short Mizuno iron.

In addition, this driving iron creates a steady, medium trajectory that favors most golfers.


  • Plenty of forgiveness for mishits
  • Highly affordable iron
  • Better distance from the lower lofts
  • Good replacement for long irons
  • Consistent trajectory


  • Not the best looking iron
  • Difficult to flight down
  • Does not excel in any one aspect

Features to Consider in a Driving Iron

When selecting a driving iron, the following features should be considered:


Distance is undoubtedly the primary consideration when choosing a driving iron. The best driving irons will allow you to achieve the right distance off the tee. Not only should the ball launch low and roll out nicely, but it should also achieve a maximum distance. Hence, the best club combines a penetrating trajectory with good distance, even when used in windy conditions.

Feel and Design

In contrast with traditional long irons, driving irons typically look chunkier. Unless you want game-improvement irons, the top line is thicker, and the offset is slightly more.

To obtain a softer and more buttery feel, you should consider using a driving iron with a forged face insert, or even better, one with a forged construction.

Driving irons with thicker soles and muscle pads at the back of the face result in a higher ball launch and less workability for better golfers. You might want to replace your traditional long iron with such a club, but it might be ineffective if you’re looking for a club that hits low off the tee in windy conditions.

Value for Money

If you’re looking for a more luxurious driving iron that offers a spectacular feel, you should opt for a forged iron. Because it is made from carbon steel, which generally costs more, a forged iron is more expensive than others. The price of driving irons is directly affected by the material used in their production.

Hence, it solely depends on your preferences and priorities. If you think that the feel attained from forged irons is worth the high price, you’ll get the most value for your money when you buy these irons.

Our Final Thoughts

Choosing a driving iron is among the few critical decisions that actually impact your game. That’s the reason we decided to compile this list of the best driving irons. Choosing any of these will help you achieve your desired performance on the golf course.

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