The 5 Best Driver Shafts for Distance

A drive shaft uses technology to improve the things you do well and correct the things you don’t do well. Driver shafts address golfers swing and shot tendencies or preferences. A shaft transfers the power from your swing to the driver head.

What is the main thing you need to consider when choosing a driver shaft? You need to consider the swing speed. If you have a fast swing, use stiffer driver shafts to give you increased control over the clubhead throughout your swing.

If you have a slow swing, use a driver shaft that delivers more flex and adds power to the clubhead on impact, but decreases control. The next thing you need to consider is the swing tempo. If you have a fast takeaway, it’ll torque the driver shaft more than golfers with a smooth swing, regardless of their swing speed.

Best Driver Shafts for Distance

A slow takeaway may eliminate a fast downswing and require a softer flex. A fast backswing may require a stiffer driver shaft for the same purpose. When you’re looking for a driver shaft, look at both swing tempo and swing speed to determine which one you should buy.

Apart from these two characteristics, consider the release point, which is the point in your swing where you have stopped accelerating the golf club. If you can’t hit the golf ball very far, you release too early. If that’s the case with you, you’ll benefit from a driver shaft featuring more shaft flex and softer tips.

The 5 Best Driver Shafts for Distance Off the Tee

If you hold the lag through impact, delofting the golf club and squashing the golf ball, opt for driver shafts with stiffer tips and flexes. Now that you know what to look for in a driver shaft, you’ll have a better idea of the type you need. Look at the list of the best driver shaft for distance to find yours.

1. Fujikura Ventus 6 Driver Shaft

The Fujikura Ventus 6 Driver Shaft features the VeloCore technology, which uses a multi-material design to increase the clubhead’s stability and maximize its MOI. The multi-material design uses an ultra-high modulus Pitch 70 Ton Carbon Fiber with 40 Ton bias layers.

The carbon fiber makes the driver shaft 150% more durable and stable than T110g. Since it offers the ultra-stiff tip, it’s designed for experienced and tour golfers. The driver shaft offers tighter shot dispersion to increase the speed of the golf ball, especially when making off-center shots.

Its transfers a lot of energy from the tip part to the driver shaft’s head, resulting in increased smash factor and velocity. It tightens dispersion, promotes consistent impacts, and increases control. In return, this maximizes the MOI as the speed of the golf ball increases by decreasing the twist at impact.


  • Tour-inspired design with tight shot dispersion
  • Reduced torque and ultra-stiff tip design
  • Made using Pitch 70 Ton Carbon Fiber and 40 Ton bias layers
  • Offers increased control, long distance, stability, and low spin
  • VeloCore technology encourages center-face impacts


  • Expensive than other driver shafts on the market

2. Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft

The Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 driver shaft is for you if you struggle with high launches on the golf course. If it’s difficult for you to get the golf ball flying in the air with increased speed and distance, this driver shaft will work for you.

The driver shaft improves stability without compromising smooth feel. This driver shaft’s purpose is to create a high launch with low to moderate spin. If you have a smoother tempo and need a little higher launch without a lot of spin, you’ll benefit from this driver shaft.


  • Increased accuracy and smooth feel
  • Moderate spin and high launch
  • Comes with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip
  • Can select from the type of driver and flex
  • Can be customized


  • Not for golfers with low spinning launches

3. Graphite Design Tour AD BB 7 Driver Shaft

The Graphite Design Tour AD BB 7driver shaft features a premium quality and design to deliver impressive performance. Nicknamed the “Blue Bullet,” this driver shaft delivers a low to mid launch angle to low golf ball.

The golf ball is made from superior quality 50t carbon fiber using DI technology in the driver shaft’s tip section. It features gradual stiffness, starting from the tip to the mid area, which increases the kick point. In return, it gives you lower launch angles.

This allows golfers to increase the golf ball’s speed and see tighter dispersion. The company uses Composites Material Technology to increase stability and offer unsurpassed fell. They have designed the graphite using the Material Stiffness Integration technology, which makes it durable and stout. It also delivers several flexes for different flex types.


  • Excellent accuracy, velocity, and distance
  • Patented technologies offer it gradual stiffness
  • Material Stiffness Technology increases performance and feel
  • Validated by PGA and European Tour


  • Very expensive

4. Aldila NVS Driver Shaft

The Aldila NVS driver shaft is made using MLT technology, which ensures higher flight due to its softer tip area. The driver shaft is made using thin layers of a premium quality aerospace-grade material. This improves feel and eliminates inconsistency. The driver shaft is available in different weight, ranging from 46 grams to 76 grams.

The torque point of the driver shaft is only 4.4 degrees and has a mid-kick point. Both things work together to create a long and piercing flight. Its patented NexGen Micro Laminate Technology increases the driver shaft’s responsiveness while the materials create solid and stable laminate without the dead zones.

You can install the TaylorMade adapter with drivers ranging from M1 to M6 and R15 for golfers who are right-handed. You also receive a standard grip.


  • Enhanced feel and consistent shots
  • Softer tip section for a higher flight
  • Mid-kick point and 4.4-degree torque
  • Get in weights ranging from 47 to 76 grams


  • Will not the requirements of tour golfers

5. Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 65 Driver Shaft

The Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 65 driver shaft uses its patented Speed Coat technology, which makes it more lightweight in comparison to the other driver shafts by them. The coating technology increases the clubhead’s speed by adding a coating and eliminating weight to decrease resistance and drag.

The driver shaft comes in both the blue and red series. The weight of the blue series driver shafts ranges from 57 grams to 76 grams. The 65-gram driver shaft offers a combination of both increased flight and control for golfers with mid swing speed.

The torque of the driver shaft is only 3.2 degrees whereas the low kick points cause a high launch angle. The red series is for golfers with a stronger swing who also need a driver shaft for penetrating flight and low speed. This driver shaft is more consistent and reliable because it offers more speed, which increases the distance.


  • Appeals mid-handicappers
  • Improved control and feel
  • Combination of high launch and mid-torque
  • Great value for money


  • Won’t meet the requirements of golfers who have a high swing speed

Our Final Thoughts

These are the best driver shafts for distance available in the market right now. If you’re looking for a driver option that you can depend on to give your distance when you hit the golf ball, select one of the driver shafts from this list.

You can also narrow down your choices to a few driver shafts and research further on each of them before you make your mind. Consider your budget as well before you get a driver shaft for distance.

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