The 5 Best Cobra Drivers

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you must know the importance of the drivers in your club bag. Every golfer aims to hit the driver far that reach the maximum distance with precision, landing the ball right in the middle of the fairway. Although it is not as easy as it seems, using the right club with the right loft and hitting the ball with the right technique is a win-win.

When it comes to drivers, choosing the right one is a challenging task due to numerous manufacturers claiming to offer the best drivers, among which the Cobra stands out. Cobra is a renowned manufacturer of golf clubs, balls and other equipment. This article shares with you an exhaustive list of the best Cobra drivers to help you choose the right one.

Before we explore the best drivers by the Cobra, let’s discuss some of the determining factors you must consider when buying a driver!

Best Cobra Drivers

Best Cobra Drivers

Cobra is one of the most prominent brands on the market, and every year it is innovating to bring out more and better products. Many tour players choose Cobra as their preferred brand of golf clubs and balls. Below are some of their best drivers:

1. Cobra King RADSPEED Driver

All Cobra drivers in the Radpseed range have been designed to maximize performance that relies on several exclusive advances. The concept used, called “radius of gyration,” is the distance between the center of gravity of the club and the distribution of mass or where the technological characteristics are located.

Cobra engineers discovered that increasing the radius of turn and the distance between the front and rear weights would create a perfect compromise between ball speed, low spin rate and forgiveness. So for each of the three new driver models, they created three distinct launch angles. This standard RADSPEED driver is suitable for the fastest swings seeking distance. High ball speed, low spin and control of the trajectory are the keywords. It emphasizes consistency and forgiveness with a design offering more stability.

2. Cobra Golf Radspeed XB Driver

This RADSPEED driver model is suitable for players who tend to slice the ball with a design favoring a draw effect. It has a traditional 460cc shape with forwarding distribution designed to satisfy top players looking for a low ball spin rate, a lower launch angle and plenty of maneuverability.

The head features 28g positioned at the front and an additional 10g at the rear (8g fixed; 2g adjustable) to create the perfect balance between front and rear weight. By reducing head weight with lighter materials, COBRA drivers give you the flexibility to distribute the weight front and back as desired.

Another essential feature of the new RADSPEED driver is the CNC infinity milled face, which requires approximately 25 minutes of milling. This process is five times more precise than the traditional hand polishing method and guarantees consistent performance on a thinned, more forgiving face.

3. Cobra Speedzone Extreme Driver

Cobra Speedzone is the standard version. It features moving weights and focuses on small details for a big performance.

Thanks to computer milling of the face, extended to its perimeter, every curve and thickness is more tightly controlled to generate optimal flexion, a higher launch angle and straighter off-center hits.

The carbon fiber crown wraps the top of the driver in two zones. Half of the head area is composite to save weight. It gives optimal cushioning on impact. It gives the impression that the ball hasn’t been hit very hard, but the launch monitor numbers say the exact opposite. You will have more controlled shots with a solid trajectory.

4. Cobra King RADSPEED XB Driver

This driver model is designed for golfers who want even more forgiveness and a club that favors straighter hits. It features a wider profile at the address that gives you confidence in the course when hitting shots. The 460cc clubhead focuses mass rearward for a faster, straighter takeoff angle. For the rest, the characteristics of the Radspeed base model are, of course, present. The MyFly kit enables you to adjust this 12 ° model to lofts between 13.5° and 9°. On the 10.5° model, the adjustment varies between 12° and 9°, and finally, the 9° model can be set between 7° and 10.5°.

5. Cobra Ladies King RADSPEED XD Driver

The RADSPEED XD The longest and fastest driver in the Cobra line is designed to provide maximum distance and counter slice. It has the XB’s slightly oversized 460cc profile, but part of the mass (10g) is found in the heel, helping to close the face on impact. 14g of the weight have been placed at the rear for forgiveness. The 8g weight positioned at the front increases speed. The 12° oscillates depending on the settings between 13.5° and 9°. Like in the previous model, you can adjust between 12° and 9° in the 10.5° model.

RADSPEED models for ladies are also available in the XB and XD range in gloss black/purplish color tones. They come with a Project X Even Flow Riptide shaft and a Lamkin Crossline 58R COBRA CONNECT grip.

How to Improve Your Swing with the Driver?

The driver in golf is the club that is usually used from the tee, the longest one, with the biggest head and which ideally allows you to shoot the farthest. Even in the first shot made at the start of a hole, the club’s face must be straight on impact with the ball, as much as in subsequent shots.

Sometimes golfers lose accuracy and precision in their shot, focusing solely on shooting the ball the far, affecting your game.

Many golfers claim that miracles can happen thanks to their innovative design with the drivers, while others believe in constant practice only to refine the technique.

As far as technique is concerned, you need to perform a perfect swing to cover the greatest possible distance with the driver. In particular, it is essential to hit the ball by increasing the speed of the clubhead on impact.

You can improve your swing with the following tips:

  • keep a slightly wider stance to start from a more stable base
  • keep the shoulder and right arm lower than the left
  • position the ball further forward and keep the tee a little higher.

In the backswing, the maximum is achieved when the left shoulder can overcome the right patella and then the body’s weight is transferred as quickly as possible towards the goal, always being careful not to lose balance. On the other hand, if the arms exceed the body in the back, reaching the apex before the body has finished rotating, the power of the shot is limited.

As for the equipment, there are now more and more performing drivers on the market. First, you have to choose based on some characteristics: distance, feel, precision and playability.

Generally speaking, high handicap players are better off targeting broad-headed drivers, graphite shafts, and regular flexibility; as the handicap decreases, you can move towards adjustable drivers.

The adjustable sticks allow you to vary both the loft – by about 4 degrees, increasing or decreasing it – and the angle of the face. It only takes a few seconds: unscrew the shaft using a special key and make the most appropriate adjustments based on momentary obstacles (for example, the wind) or individual defects (tendency to open or close the strokes).

It is also possible to vary the weight of the clubhead by adding or removing small weights.

Despite having an adjustable driver, many players do not take advantage of it, which is a shame as doing so could greatly improve their scores.

In conclusion, although the training, practice and refinement of the technique are essential prerequisites to do well with the drivers, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the benefits of high-performance equipment and improve your handicap.

Which Elements to Consider When Buying a Driver?

The golf driver is designed to make long-distance shots on the course. The loft, the weight, the flexibility of the shaft, and the head’s size are the most important elements in choosing your driver. However, the choice of a driver is made according to two criteria: its adaptability and the flexibility of the shaft.

Adjustable Specs

Experienced and intermediate players tend to focus on an adjustable driver. By adjusting the loft and/or the clubhead’s position, an adjustable club allows you to change the trajectory of the ball according to your habits and tastes.

Shaft Flexibility

With the right flexibility, the shaft will allow the golfer to obtain the best possible performance according to the speed of their swing.

  • A soft shaft helps get the ball off the ground, opening the clubface on impact.
  • A rigid shaft helps to stretch the ball, closing the clubface on impact.

The best ratio between distance traveled in flight, and the distance traveled once on the ground is achieved with a shaft suitable for the golfer’s swing.

There are tons of combinations of shafts, weights, and flex. The more flexible the barrel is with high torsion, the greater the launch angle and the ball flight height. On the contrary, a too stiff shaft with a little twist will make the ball fly more firm. However, everything must always be related to the speed generated by your swing. You should generally choose a shaft that gives you precision and a loft that helps you get distance from the ball. Unfortunately, many golfers mistakenly look for the combination of a little loft and a soft shaft, which makes pulling short and imprecise shots. You should instead look for a combination of more loft type and a rigid stick. In any case, club fitting enables a golfer to remove all doubts.

Other important elements to consider include the clubhead size and the loft. Let’s discuss them!

Clubhead Volume

Nowadays, all houses have aligned to the 460cc standard for the vast majority of their models. Except for a few models suitable for excellent players, in which the volume drops to 445cc. Having a very bulky head is important as it allows golfers to play with the distribution of weights inside the clubhead. This will enable them to obtain various effects such as a higher MOI (moment of inertia), an ability of the clubhead to stay straighter even with off-center impacts, improving the accuracy of your shots.


The loft is the angle of inclination of the clubface. It affects the flight height of your ball. You should select a certain loft for your driver based on your swing speed. If your swing speed is low, you need more loft and vice versa to achieve maximum distance optimal flight. Amateur players often make the mistake of choosing drivers with too little loft for their swing, perhaps convinced of getting more roll, unfortunately at the expense of flight distance.

Now that you know what factors are important to consider when buying a driver, let’s explore the list we’ve prepared of the best Cobra drivers!

Our Final Thoughts

We hope the information above on the best Cobra drivers will help you find the right one according to your swing speed and level of play. Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends, and let us know how it worked for you!

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