The 5 Best Izzo Golf Bags

Founded in 1990, Izzo golf produces some of the best golf equipment in the industry. While they are mostly known for their SWAMI golf GPS gadgets that can be used to measure shot distances and keep score, they also produce some of the best golf bags available.

Before Izzo golf, golfers were stuck with uncomfortable, single-strap golf bags that were cumbersome and hard to carry – until Izzo golf innovated and released their first ever Izzo dual strap golf bag, changing the golf bag industry forever.

Since being an innovator, Izzo has continued to produce golf equipment for every kind of golfer, whether you like carrying your bag yourself or prefer having your golf bag strapped to a cart.

Best Izzo Golf Bags

So, what are the best Izzo golf bagson the market right now? Well, if you are looking for the answer to that question, we have prepared a list of our favorite Izzo golf bags available today!

Transport Golf Cart Bag – Featuring My-Way Club Divider

Number 1 on our list is the Izzo Transport Golf Cart Bag. It sits on top of our list due to how versatile it is, with the new MY-WAY club divider top. The MY-WAY top can be adjusted from a 14-way top to an 8-way top, depending on how much you want to carry on your golf rounds. This adjustable top is very easy to use and can be adjusted with a simple push-and-pull move.

The storage on this Izzo golf bag is plenty, with 9 different pockets. Three of these pockets feature magnets, and six feature zippers. These pockets include a customizable ball pocket, a cooler pocket for your water needs, and two water-resistant Power Pockets that can hold valuables or electronics. These Power Pockets are compatible with portable chargers or power banks to let you charge your phone or GPS while you golf.

Additional features on this golf bag include 2 glove holders, 2 towel clips, and the top come with easy-lift handles. These handles make it incredibly easy to carry to and from your golf cart, and the cart lock straps make it very easy to strap in and secure.

Izzo Ultra-Lite Stand Bag

The Ultra-Lite Stand Bag is the ultimate bag for those who prefer to carry their own golf bags on the course. The Ultra-Lite Stand Bag is perfect for carrying, weighing just 3.2 lbs, and featuring Izzo’s dual carry strap system and integrated SmartGRIP handle.

The top features a 4-way divider with two full-length dividers that will store your clubs securely and keep them clatter free. It also allows for great storage in terms of a lightweight stand bag, with 4 good-sized pockets, one of which is a customizable ball pocket.

The lightweight bag comes with an umbrella holder and a rain hood. The bag is durable, constructed with high-strength polyester, and also looks great. If you are a golfer that likes to carry their own bags and prefer keeping it light, the Izzo Ultra-Lite Stand Bag is the best golf bag for you.

Izzo Versa Stand Bag

Next on our list of the best Izzo golf bagsis the Izzo Versa Stand Bag. Versa basically stands for versatile as the Versa is one of the best ‘hybrid’ golf bags on the market. The Versa Stand Bag combines the best of both cart bags and stand bags for the perfect golf bag for the walking golfer or the cart riding golfer.

Incredible storage packed into a lightweight package, the Versa Stand Bag features an 11-way top divider to keep all your golf clubs safe and secure on your golf rounds. It also provides a lot of storage with its 9 pockets, including a velour-lined pocket for valuables and an insulated pocket to hold and keep your drinks cool.

Other features on the bag include towel clips, glove holders, and a rain cover. The lightweight golf stand bag is made easy to carry with its single ‘sidewinder’ strap that provides amazing balance while you carry the bag. Its versatility comes in with its protective leg straps and durable leg mechanism to make it easy to set down or strap onto a cart. It also features a non-slip bottom, so it is stable on any surface.

The bag is constructed with heavy-duty nylon, making it durable and long-lasting. All of these features come in a golf bag that weighs just 5.8 lbs.

Izzo Gemini Cart Bag

The Izzo Gemini Cart Bag comes in at number 4 on our list. It is a golf bag that is made for those who like to carry a lot and prefer riding on a cart. The bag features a 14-way top with full-length dividers that keep your golf clubs secure, safe, and clutter-free at all times.

The storage on the Izzo Gemini Cart Bag is ample, with two velour-lined valuables pockets, 3 pockets with easy/close magnetic flaps, an insulated pocket for your drinks, and Power Pockets. The Power Pockets come equipped with a 10,000 mAh power bank that allows you to charge your electronics, like your mobile or your rangefinder, on the course.

Additional features on this bag include two glove holders, 2 umbrella holders, and 2 metal rings with integrated bottle openers. The bag is a premium bag built to last you for years to come with its heavy-duty nylon construction.

The bag, though with a lot of storage and durable, weighs just 6.4 lbs. It also comes with a rain cover and a built-in lock strap system to keep your bag secure on a cart.

Izzo Deluxe Cart Bag

Last on our list of the best Izzo golf bagsis the Izzo Deluxe Cart Bag. The Deluxe Cart Bag features a 14-way top with full-length dividers. These dividers will ensure all your clubs remain secure and scratch-free. The top also features Izzo’s SmartGRIP handles to allow for easy lifting and carrying.

The storage on this bag is, again, ample. It comes with a total of 7 pockets, including a customizable ball pocket and an insulated pocket to keep your drinks cool. The bag also comes with a glove holder, an umbrella holder and a towel clip.

The best thing about the bag is it will allow you to golf even in the worst of weather. The bag is completely rainproof and is made with 4200 polyester fabric that will last you for many years to come.

Our Final Thoughts

All Izzo bags are great for all kinds of golfers. Whether you are a professional, an amateur, or just a beginner, one of the bags on our best Izzo golf bagslist will suit your needs. One thing to keep in mind is that each and every Izzo bag comes with FREE personalization – all you have to do is send that unzipped ball pocket back to Izzo to get it organized.

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