Best Golf Courses in Tennessee: Your Ultimate Guide to the Greenways

Tennessee, known for its bluesy tunes and finger-lickin’ good barbecue, is also a paradise for golf enthusiasts. The Volunteer State boasts some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the country. Rolling hills, lush landscapes, and stunning views? You’ve got it all right here!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to swing, there’s something for everyone in Tennessee’s diverse golf scene. From scenic public greens to exclusive private clubs, each course offers its own unique take on this classic sport. Imagine teeing off with the Great Smoky Mountains as your backdrop – that’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Now let’s dive into some of our favorite spots where you can play a round (or two). Grab your clubs and get ready to explore the best golf courses in Tennessee!

Exploring the Best Golf Courses in Tennessee

So, you’ve got your clubs ready and your swing perfected, but where should you tee off? Let’s dive into some of the best golf courses in Tennessee. They’re known for their challenging layouts, stunning landscapes, and southern charm.

First up on our list is The Honors Course located just outside Chattanooga. It has been consistently ranked among America’s top 100 greatest golf courses by Golf Digest. Here’s why:

  • Course Design: Pete Dye, a renowned golf course architect designed this gem.
  • Terrain: The course has a unique layout that blends with the natural terrain making each hole distinct.
  • Exclusivity: It’s not open to public play every day which adds an element of exclusivity.

Next stop is The Golf Club of Bristol. Founded way back in 1894, it’s one of the oldest golf courses in the country! What makes it special?

  • History: It carries a rich history which you can feel as soon as you step foot on its grounds.
  • Conditioning: Despite its age, the course conditioning is top-notch thanks to excellent maintenance practices.

Let’s also talk about Black Creek Club situated at Chattanooga. Inspired by Seth Raynor’s classic design principles:

  • Design Inspiration: This course brings early American golf heritage to life with its square greens and rectangular teeing grounds.
  • Scenic Views: Nestled among mountains and creeks, it offers breathtaking scenic views.

Lastly, let me mention Spring Creek Ranch nestled in Collierville. Jack Nicklaus himself designed this beautiful piece!

  • Nicklaus Design: Having been touched by “The Golden Bear” himself ensures an amazing play experience.
  • Natural Beauty: Being set amidst natural wetlands adds to its beauty and challenge.

Each course provides something unique – whether it’s history that intrigues you or exclusive design that challenges your game – Tennessee has got it all! So go ahead and plan your next golf trip around these fantastic courses!

Top Rated Golf Courses in Nashville, Tennessee

You’re a golf enthusiast looking for the best experience in Nashville? Let’s dive right into the top-rated courses you simply can’t miss.

First off, we’ve got the Gaylord Springs Golf Links. It’s not just your average course; it’s an award-winning, Scottish links-style, 18-hole course that has been consistently rated among the top public courses in Tennessee. The layout offers challenges for seasoned players while still being approachable for beginners. Picture rolling green hills and limestone bluffs – it’s like a little slice of Scotland right here in Nashville!

Next up is Hermitage Golf Course, voted one of the “Top 10 Best Public Courses” by Golf Digest. This place isn’t playing around! Offering two separate 18-hole courses – “The General’s Retreat” and “The President’s Reserve,” Hermitage caters to all levels of play. Their commitment to environmental preservation is pretty impressive too with wildlife habitats dotted throughout.

Another gem is the Nashville Golf & Athletic Club. You need to get yourself on this private club’s guest list! A favorite amongst local and touring professionals alike, its challenging design coupled with impeccable maintenance makes it a must-play.

But let’s not forget about McCabe Golf Course nestled in Sylvan Park neighborhood! It may be smaller than others mentioned (a 27-hole golf facility), but what McCabe lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its friendly atmosphere and well-kept fairways.

Lastly, there’s Shelby Golf Course, known as Nashville’s first municipal golf course when it opened way back in 1924! Its scenic views over Cumberland River and downtown skyline are worth every swing.

So whether you’re an avid golfer or just starting out on this journey, these top-notch courses should definitely make your list next time you find yourself swinging clubs around Music City!

Remember folks: no pressure – just enjoy the game! After all, isn’t that what golfing should always be about?

Memphis’ Premier Golf Experiences

You’re in for a treat if you’ve set your sights on golfing in Memphis. The city is home to some of the best golf courses in Tennessee, offering an exciting mix of challenges and beautiful landscapes that are sure to delight any golfer. Let’s take a swing at what Memphis has to offer!

First off, there’s Mirimichi Golf Course, known for its eco-friendly approach to course design. This isn’t just about teeing off; it’s about enjoying nature at its finest while playing a round or two. Mirimichi features native plants throughout the course and has even been certified as an Audubon International Classic Sanctuary.

Next up, you’ll want to check out TPC Southwind. It’s ranked among the top private golf clubs in the state, so if you can snag an invite from a member or book during their guest play times, don’t miss it! TPC Southwind is renowned for its challenging layout and meticulous fairways—the 18th hole especially will test your skills with water hazards galore.

And then there’s Colonial Country Club, another private venue but well worth exploring for its rich history and superb playability. Established over a century ago, this club boasts two 18-hole courses named ‘South’ and ‘North’. Each offers unique challenges including strategic bunkering and wide-ranging elevations.

Lastly, you should also consider visiting Galloway Golf Course—an affordable municipal course with lush greens and tree-lined fairways that golfers of all levels can enjoy.

Here are these remarkable courses at a glance:

Golf Course Type Highlight
Mirimichi Golf Course Public Eco-friendly Design
TPC Southwind Private Challenging Layout
Colonial Country Club Private Rich History
Galloway Golf Course Municipal Accessibility

Remember folks: while golf is indeed about precision and skill, it’s also about enjoying yourself—so don’t forget to soak up those picturesque views as well!

Scenic Chattanooga: A Golfer’s Paradise

Let’s shine a light on Chattanooga, Tennessee. Nestled snugly along the banks of the Tennessee River, it’s no wonder this city has been dubbed a golfer’s paradise. Your eyes will feast on stunning mountain backdrops while your golfing skills are put to test on world-class courses.

Take Sweetens Cove Golf Club for instance. It’s an unpretentious 9-hole course that offers players a unique challenge each time they step up to tee. Expect unexpected twists and turns at every corner as you navigate through these lush green fields.

No list is complete without mentioning Lookout Mountain Club. This gem is perched above the clouds with panoramic views that’ll leave you breathless – figuratively and literally! The club’s course, designed by renowned golf architect Seth Raynor, consistently ranks among the top in the country.

Now if you’re looking for variety, Chattanooga won’t disappoint either! From Black Creek Club boasting its Rees Jones-designed course to The Honors Course providing challenging terrains for seasoned golfers – options are aplenty!

In case numbers speak louder to you than words, let me break it down:

Golf Course Architect Holes
Sweetens Cove Golf Club Rob Collins & Tad King 9
Lookout Mountain Club Seth Raynor 18
Black Creek Club Rees Jones 18
The Honors Course Pete Dye & Jack Nicklaus (redesign) 18

So what’re you waiting for? Grab those clubs and head out to scenic Chattanooga – where every swing comes with a view!

The Hidden Gems: Underrated Tennessee Golf Courses

Let’s take a detour off the beaten path and discover some of Tennessee’s most underrated golf courses. These hidden gems might not have the same big-name recognition as some of their counterparts, but they deliver on quality, charm, and unforgettable experiences.

First up is Rarity Bay in Vonore. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, it’s a spectacular course that often flies under the radar. With stunning lake views and challenging terrain, you’ll find yourself immersed in natural beauty while testing your golfing skills.

Now let’s head over to Stonehenge Golf Club in Fairfield Glade. It may not be as well-known as other courses, but it packs a punch! Its unique layout and top-notch conditions make it a must-visit for any serious golfer.

Need a bit more variety? Check out Millstone Golf Club in Morristown. Known for its diverse array of holes – each one offering its own set of challenges – Millstone guarantees an exciting round every time!

And finally, there’s Harbor Town Golf Links, situated on an island just outside Memphis. While it may not be typically associated with Tennessee golf, this seaside course provides an experience that rivals any coastal location!

Here are these gems at a glance:

Course Name Location
1 Rarity Bay Vonore
2 Stonehenge GC Fairfield Glade
3 Millstone GC Morristown
4 Harbor Town GL Memphis

So next time you’re planning your golf outing in Tennessee, don’t forget to consider these lesser-known treasures! You never know where you might find your new favorite fairway.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tennessee Golf Course

When you’re on the prowl for the ultimate golf experience in Volunteer State, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s not just about picking any old course off the list – it’s about finding your perfect match. You’ve got to consider everything from course layout and difficulty level to location and amenities.

First up, let’s talk about COURSE LAYOUT. This ain’t no one-size-fits-all deal; golf courses come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re into traditional parkland courses sprinkled with mature trees and water hazards? Or perhaps a links-style course that showcases Tennessee’s rugged landscape is more your speed? Whatever your preference, make sure the course layout aligns with what makes your golfing heart tick.

Next up: DIFFICULTY LEVEL. Do you like a challenge or prefer to keep things nice ‘n’ easy? While some might get their kicks from conquering tricky holes and mastering difficult shots, others might want a relaxing day out on the greens without breaking too much of a sweat. Aim for a course that matches your skill level – remember, it’s all about having fun!

Location-wise, think about where you’ll be based during your stay in Tennessee and how far you’re willing to travel for an unforgettable round of golf. If being close to city amenities is crucial for you – restaurants, shops, nightlife – opt for urban-based golf clubs like The Honors Course near Chattanooga or The Country Club of Bristol nestled in Northeast Tennessee.

And last but certainly not least: AMENITIES! Let’s face it; we all enjoy some extra perks now and then. From well-stocked pro shops to top-notch dining facilities right down to practice areas complete with driving ranges – these can add an extra layer of enjoyment (and convenience) to your golfing experience.

So there ya have it! Your guide on what factors should be considered when choosing among best golf courses in Tennessee:

  • Course Layout
  • Difficulty Level
  • Location
  • Amenities

Remember folks: when choosing where to tee off in this southern gem state… pick wisely!

Golf Tournaments and Events in Tennessee

When you’re not perfecting your swing on the fairways of Tennessee, you’ll find a bundle of golf tournaments and events to enjoy. These events are not just for professional golfers; amateur players, spectators, and even families can join in the fun.

One major event that’s worth checking out is the FedEx St. Jude Classic held annually at TPC Southwind in Memphis. It’s a key stop on the PGA Tour calendar where top-notch golfers go head to head for glory (and hefty prize money!). The tournament also does its bit for charity by raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – so it’s all about great golf supporting a fantastic cause.

There’s also something special brewing in Nashville every year. The Music City Championship brings together some talented amateur golfers from across the state. This two-day stroke play tournament sees competitors battling it out at McCabe Golf Course – a real test of skill and nerve!

If you’re looking for more family-friendly affairs, don’t miss out on the Junior Golf Clinics hosted throughout the summer at various courses around Tennessee. Kids get to learn from pros, improve their game and maybe even ignite a lifelong passion for this wonderful sport.

In addition to these high-profile events, there are numerous local club competitions which offer plenty of opportunities to tee off with fellow enthusiasts or catch some thrilling action as a spectator:

  • Senior Amateur Championships
  • Women’s Southern Amateur Championship
  • Tennessee Parent-Child Tournament

So whether you’re an avid golfer or just love soaking up that exciting tournament atmosphere, there’s always plenty going on when it comes to golf events in Tennessee!

Conclusion: The Ultimate Tennessee Golf Experience

So, you’ve embarked with us on this journey through the beautiful greens and fairways of Tennessee, exploring some of the best golf courses that the Volunteer State has to offer. Let’s take a moment to reflect.

First off, we’ve discovered that Tennessee is not just about country music and barbecue—it’s a golfer’s paradise! From Nashville to Knoxville, from public courses to private clubs, there’s something for every kind of golfer in this diverse state.

  • The Honors Course in Ooltewah stole our hearts with its stunning layout and challenging holes.
  • We were captivated by Hideaway at Arrington, nestled among the rolling hills south of Nashville.
  • In Chattanooga, Black Creek Club provided an exciting test for our golfing skills.
  • And let’s not forget about The Course at Sewanee, which offered a blend of history and scenic beauty.

But remember folks, it’s not just about finding the most prestigious or expensive course. It’s about finding one that suits your style. Do you prefer fast greens? Are you looking for wide fairways? Or maybe you’re craving a breathtaking view as you tee off? Whatever your preferences may be, there’s no doubt that Tennessee has got it all!

Lastly, don’t rush it. Take your time exploring these wonderful golf havens. Maybe turn your golf trip into a little vacation—there are plenty of great sights to see and things to do when you’re done playing 18 holes.

Tennessee definitely offers an ultimate golfing experience like no other; fulfilling both your love for the game while quenching your thirst for nature’s beauty. So get out there – put those clubs in the trunk and hit the road because incredible adventures await on these top-notch Tennessee greens!

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