The 4 Best Adams Wedges

Golf wedges are more important than you think as they contribute significantly to winning your golf game. If you look into a golfer’s bag, you might find three to five (sometimes more) wedges as golfers have begun to realize how significant golf wedges can be.

You can acquire great control of the ball if you use a golf wedge. As a golf enthusiast, it’ll be beneficial for you if you start to acknowledge thesignificant role golf wedges play. Even if you’re new to golf, you’ll quickly get to know that a good golf wedge is what’s needed to get the ball up and down.

A brand that’s been around for decades and is known to make the best sporting goods is Adams. Adams has successfully produced some of the best golf wedges that golfers make full use of. Let’s explore what a good wedge needs to have and review some of Adams’ best wedges.

Best Adams Wedges

Best Adams Wedges

Adams is a brand that is no stranger to any sports enthusiast. Anyone remotely interested in golf would know how reliable Adams is regarding golfing equipment. Adams has a decades-long reputation in the market for producing the most robust and substantial sporting equipment, including drivers, putters, hybrids, irons, and woods. Adams doesn’t stop there as wedges are also a part of this list.

Let’s review a few of the best wedgesmanufactured by Adams and see how practical they are on the golf course.

Adams Tom Watson Performance Wedge

If you’re into golf, you’ll be pretty excited about this one as the eight-time major winner Tom Watson joined hands with Adams to develop the Tom Watson Performance Wedge. Golfers who know the game’s analytics know how significant the center of gravity and forgiveness are. That’s primarily the reason behind their choice of iron.

Golfers look for wedges that provide them maximum forgiveness while reducing the center of gravity. Luckily for them, the Tom Watson Performance Wedge offers excellent playability, allowing amateur and professional golfers to make the most of their game while enhancing their skillset. This wedge is also firmer than most wedges, making it suitable for every golfer.

Adams Golf Puglielli Wedge

This wedge was developed by golf veteran Max Puglielli, who wanted to create a golf wedge that would suit amateur players on the golf course. This M.Puglielli wedgeis designed with a signature teardrop shape, proving its ability on numerous golf tours. If you want to get a wedge that complements you like no other on the course, this wedge is your go-to.

Most golfers would agree that consistency and spin control are two things they want. Luckily for them, this wedge allows golfers to have both. Playing with this wedge boosts your performance instantly on the golf course, helping you take your skillset to the next level. The carbon-steel finish this wedge comes with gives it an even greater feel. We’d give this wedge a thumb up as the grooves on this wedge are also milled.

Adams Idea Super

The Idea Super wedge by Adams acts as the perfect companion on the golf course, given its high playability. The Idea Super comes in a graphite coating primarily made from steel. This wedge makes for ideal equipment to have in your golf bag because of the high forgiveness it provides on off-center strikes. Say goodbye to any concern you have regarding your impact, as it responds significantly well to it.

We recommend this golf wedge because of the high level of trajectory it offers on the course. If you’re a low to a mid-handicapper, this wedge will suit you exceptionally well given its extraordinary trajectory control and low to mid-flight. Please do consider purchasing this wedge if the traits mentioned above interest you. The Idea Super has a pretty wide profile given the steel insert.

Adams Idea a12 Pro

This wedge by Adams is specifically made to cater to players with a low handicap. The Idea a12 Pro works great for more advanced players: those who wouldn’t find it challenging to hit shots on this wedge’s small sweet spot. Skilled players mostly use this wedge while playing as it helps them boost their performance substantially.

Since this wedge has a small head, new oramateur players might find this wedge to be rather tricky to handle. So, if you’re new to golf, the Idea a12 Pro might not suit that well. However, if you think you can play with a wedge that has a small sweet spot, surely give this wedge a chance. Please remember, the sweet spot makes plenty of difference on your shots, so it’s best to keep that in mind when shopping for a wedge.

Different Types of Wedges

You might think you need a driver or a putter to have a great game of golf. You’re not wrong, but add wedge clubs to the list, and you’re more than adequate to dominate your golf course. A wedge club is any iron with a loft of more than 45-degrees. There are four different wedge clubs in the wedge family, each made to hit various shots. Let’s explore them one by one.

Pitching Wedge

Pitching wedges (PW) carry the least loft from other wedges. The pitching wedge is for you if hitting full swings towards the green is your aim. Pitching wedges have a loft of around 45 to48 degrees, backingupthat they’re the least lofted in the entire wedge family.

Gap Wedge

Gap wedges are essential to have and are also called the approach wedge. As the name suggests, a gap wedge closes the loft gaps between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge (explained next). If you’re one of those golfers who prefer having an in-between wedge, the gap wedge is undoubtedly for you. Using this wedge during your golf game can help you hit full swings and expect your ball to travel anywhere between 90 to 110 yards.

Sand Wedge

Sand wedges are best when needed to take the ball out of a sand trap or a rough. You can hit your shots more aggressively when using the sand wedge. Golfers can pop the ball up while spinning it limitedly since the sand wedge has a somewhat high loft angle. The sand wedge has a loft angle between 54 and58 degrees. Going with the sand wedge will be a reasonable choice if you’re playing on rough greens.

Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is the best wedge to have if you’re looking to hit shots that don’t travel much distance. Lob wedges also happen to be the highest lofted wedges and can be used to get the ball up in the air without much effort. Lob wedges are a piece of effective golf equipment to have if you aim to hit certain kinds of shots. Each wedge has its features; whichever you decide to go with will depend on what type of golfer you are.

Things to Look for in a Wedge

Plenty of factors needto be considered before you settle for a wedge. The wedge you go for significantly determines how your golf game will turn out to be. Hence, you need to be careful while selecting the best wedge. If you’re new to golf, we’ll suggest you take someone who has experience with golf with you as they can guide you on how to decide the wedge you should go for. Here are some of the factorsthat need to be zoomed in on while purchasing.


The loft is the angle at which the face of the golf club is structured. The face angle follows its shaft, which increases the ball’s trajectory. The higher the loft of a wedge is, the more the trajectory. Many golfers would agree that this is the only factor they pay heed to.

However, some golfers also don’t realize that the gaps are more substantial than the loft, as the gaps determine the kind of shot you hit.

Whenever you’re at the store buying your wedge, please ensure to have it checked. This is essential as some wedges may seem perfectly all right, but their loft is pretty messed up when you yank it out on the golf course.

Another thing you should be mindful of is building your golf club set, keeping variety in mind. As mentioned earlier, each wedge helps you hit different types of shots, so the more variety you have in your iron set, the more versatile golfer you can be.


Another significant factor that should be magnified is the bounce of your wedge. As a pro golfer, you’d know what we’re talking about. However, those new to golf might not fully understand how significant bounce is. Bounce is the speed and intensity of the wedge and the level of resistance it creates between the playing surface when it comes into contact with it. If the bounce is high, the resistance level is also high.

Now, that’s beneficial to the golfer, especially if the sand is fluffy. The fluffy sand will prevent the wedge from diving too deep into it, not slowing the club down. However, if you’re playing on the ground with tight sand, hitting shots with a high-bounce wedge can reduce the chances of having a great game as the wedge will repel off the ground, with the ball ending up on the other side of the green. So, you have to choose your wedge carefully, keeping the amount of bounce you want.


The grind of a wedge means how it’s shaped around the heel or the toe. Many existing wedges have an additional sole grind, made primarily to cater to the golfer. Some wedges’ grinds are cautiously structured to suit a specific turf.

However, you should also know that the different grinds can also affect the bounce of your wedge. Hence, you must consult a true golfing professional who can guide you on getting the best wedge. A wedge with great bounce plus a specific sole grind – both aspects should complement each other so that it caters to you on the golf course.


Many golfers may ignore this aspect, but grooves play a considerable role in the functioning of your wedge. Groovers are the thin lines drawn on the face of the club. About fifteen grooves (rough estimation) on a wedge club create a trajectory for an ideal shot. Grooves also produce more ball spin.

However, the United States Golf Association (USGA) recently eliminated the addition of extra deep grooves on wedges. The changebenefits golfers significantly as eliminating deep grooves producesan even greater backspin. Another recently implemented rule restricted the wedge’s groove volume and edge radius, having a higher launch angler and much lesser backspin.

All you need to know about grooves is there are now two types of grooves on wedges:vintage finishing and laser-etching. The former results in the grooves rustlingaway to compliment the ball’s sound, while the latter optimizes the ball so that it creates maximum spin. The type of groove you want on your wedge depends on the kind of shots you want to hit.


Finally, the finish of the wedge also matters plenty. You might say the finishing of the wedge determines how sturdy it is in quality. Numerous wedges have different finishing, each built differently. Most wedges back in the day were coated with steel; however, this finish wasupgraded later.

The finishing on wedges comes in numerous coatings, including copper, beryllium, rusty, black nickel, nickel-coated, etc. You can also have a custom-made layer done on your wedge. The finishings on wedges are mostly cosmetic, helping you decide the kind of finish you want.

Also, the finishing has little impact on ball spin too. If thecoating rusts sooner, itcan impart more spin on the ball. Hence, it’s best if you’re a bit strategic when deciding which coating you want to go for, as the finishing will also be the final look of your wedge.

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