Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls Review

The zero friction spectra golf balls are a recent creation that have graced the golfing scene and received all kinds of feedback from golf experts and amateurs alike.

Since beginners don’t really know what to look out for when it comes to the feel of golf balls, it is crucial to do a review so they can relate the words to the actual experience of using these golf balls.

There are many reasons people choose to buy a particular brand of golf ball, which may be because it suits their particular golfing style or because they are trying to improve an aspect of their game that’s lacking.

Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls Review

The zero friction spectra golf balls offer extra roll, which means they cover more distance than other balls and are very hard to lose due to the matte finish on the exterior.

However, it may not appeal to everyone, and the matte finish is likely to put off many golfers who want a regular-looking golf ball to play or practice with.

The golf ball also has spectra lettering, which is pretty useful when putting and provides a visual aid that helps you set up properly.

Let’s review the zero friction spectra golf balls in more detail.

Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls- Review

Zero Frictionis responsible for creating all kinds of golfing equipment like golf tees, which are specifically designed to cover a greater distance and offer less resistance than many counterparts.

Their specialty is the 3-prong and 4-prong designs, which have been patented and offer a significant reduction in the contact area between your golf ball and tee by up to 67%.

This is a special quality of Zero Friction, which likes to create innovative products to suit a particular golfing style and offer an excellent chance to improve your game.

If you choose to buy a dozen of their Spectra golf balls, you can get a tee for free, which is a fairly good deal.

These golfing balls are well suited for covering a lot of distance and are available in various colors in a box of 12.

The company has employed the use of a super-fast core, whose main purpose is to ensure the ball flies explosively into the horizon, covering the greatest distance possible towards the hole.

It also offers a higher launch compared to other golf balls, which is a big bonus that many golfers would appreciate.

Overall, the reviews are somewhat mixed, where some people feel like the ball is excellent, and the lime green color makes them anticipate each swing, making their game more interesting.

However, others have complained that they didn’t travel as much distance as they are advertised to and fell short of the regular E-6s.

Although the balls aren’t that expensive, there are cheaper variations out there, but we would recommend that you try the Spectra golf balls out for yourself before reaching a final decision.

Another advantage of these golf balls is the fact that you cannot lose them on the course due to the graphic stamped on the side.

If you’re a golfer who frequently loses your golf balls, this may be an excellent alternative since it gives you good action off the wedge and is easy to find on the course.

Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls– Old Vs. New

Golf balls undergo a lot of testing before they are released for sale, and one of the tests is carried out in the lab.

The results are typically consistent, and there aren’t any significant differences in the distance traveled by the ball.

An important test researchers carry out to determine the consistency of golf balls is to submerge them underwater for three months or less to determine if there are any changes in performance.

Research determined that new balls and golf balls that spent a month in water were found to be almost identical in terms of average carry, total distance, spin rate, and average ball speed.

Comparing new golf balls against balls that had spent up to 5 months underwater proved that there were no significant differences in performance.

Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls– Soft Balls And Compression

Golf ball technology has been evolving with time as new balls continue to appear on the market, each boasting a new feature that sets it apart from others.

It is true that golf balls have been getting softer, and there are more soft balls on the market now than there were before.

This is because many golfers appreciate this attribute as it allows them to get a better hit off the put and potentially travel greater distances than a harder ball.

Golf ball manufacturers like to market their golf balls in a way that’s appealing to all golfers, which is why they’ll focus on many factors like price, color, performance, and feel.

The golf balls are softer because their cores are created from new materials that don’t lose a lot of energy and speed, making them superior or different from older models.

A golf ball’s compression is related to how much it deforms under a load or upon contact with a club or wedge.

Manufacturers use a number of methods to determine the compression of a golf ball and use a scale to assign a compression value to the ball.

Some results indicate that softer compression balls will likely drop in speed if hit with fast swings, which is something all golfers need to keep in mind.

Opinions are somewhat divided since many golfers use their personal judgment to judge a golf ball’s efficiency and performance.

Our Final Thoughts

The Zero Friction Spectra golf balls are certainly unique and deliver new features that appeal to many golfers.

Although there have been mixed opinions and reviews about the balls, it is clear that the vast majority of insights are positive.

However, since these golf balls are quite affordable, you should try them out for yourself to determine if they live up to the hype.

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