Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Review

Are you looking for a new set of golf clubs? Do you want a well-known brand? Are you looking to steer clear from a generic brand? Well, the Wilson Ultra Men’s Golf Clubs are the way to go.

One of the first things that you will note about the Wilson Club Set is that it boasts a strong reputation in the industry. Wilson has been a terrific company and produces high-quality products for golf lovers. That’s why golfers have put their trust in Wilson for the last few years and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t too.

Now that you are aware that it is a popular brand among golfers, you might want to find out what makes them stand out. After all, you are not dedicating an insignificant chunk of your salary for this set. For starters, this club set delivers excellent power – something you will not find with other ones. The Wilson set is sure to make golf fun for you.

Our Review of the Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs

So, what does the set include? Let’s take a brief look.


It is a 460cc titanium-based driver with a large head that delivers ample power. The best thing about is this head is that it has an unusually bigger sweet spot. This way, even if you fail to hit the center, you are likely to hit the sweet spot and generate significant distance.

In addition, this driver is forgiving. It reduces your hooks and slices, but don’t think that you will always succeed in hitting it in the fairway. Professional golfer use similar drivers and can only hit half the fairways. However, this driver will enhance your driving skills. All you need is to be patient with it because it takes some time to get familiar with its head size, particularly when you are used to playing with small heads.

After you take a liking to it, you will pound it happily for a long time. And there’s nothing like hitting the sweet spot – it simply sounds wonderful.

Fairway Wood/4-Hybrid

Many people find it tricky to get familiar with these clubs, especially the 3-wood. For instance, it is difficult to hit off the ground with it. Getting the loft is always a struggle, and even if you do, you fail to get the required distance due to slicing it.

On the other hand, you will have a slightly better time with hybrids as they have loft but are also a tough nut to crack.

Wilson has a fairway wood and hybrid that incorporate some loft and make it convenient to get the ball off the ground. The 3-wood helps to reduce your mistakes constantly.

The hybrid is even better. Treat it as a rescue club that bails you in the time of crisis during golfing. It has a nice sweet spot that will almost get you a good contact and hit with the desired success. Hence, the hybrid will generate solid distance and trajectory for your shot.

Irons 5-PW

The irons are steel shaft that are known for their forgiveness and keep it straighter than you are used to. Besides, they have perimeter waiting, making your clubs feel comfortable while utilizing them. Like the hybrid and woods, you can get an appreciable grip with them without struggling with control of the club. A massive sweet spot and higher precision for your shots will make it a breeze to work with these. Even if you miss hit them, they will travel a distance.

You will also get considerable loft on your shots due to its 48-degree pitching wedge. Unfortunately, there is no sand wedge.


The Wilson set provides a heel-toe putter that is light in your hands and steady as you direct the ball to its destination. It lines up nicely and you are unlikely to run into any issues with it. Still, when it comes to putter, every player has varying preferences. Some prefer the light feel while others want a weighted end. If you are struggling with light putters, consider investing in a heavier and bigger head.


The Wilson golf bag is contemporary and one of the best ones in the business. You will be hard pressed to dislike something in it. It includes a user-friendly set up and fold up stand to carry your clubs, whereas walking throughout the course becomes easy with a padded dual strap.

The bag is durable and sturdy, coming with head covers and a rain hood for your wood. Besides, it contains several pockets for you to store your accessories, and personal items – clothing, food, and water.

Our Final Thoughts

This is a terrific set of clubs that will help you enjoy golf and enhance your game, particularly if you were dissatisfied with your previous set of clubs. You will start hitting more distance with every club and the wider sweet spot and big head will offer you accuracy and length that you failed to get before. The loft from fairway wood and hybrid will be pleasing too, allowing you to generate trajectory.

The high precision steel shaft irons keep your balls straight and the wide sweet spot will ensure that chunk, fat shots are kept to a minimum. The putter, with its lightweight heel-toe, will offer a steady stroke, but do give yourself some time to get used to it.

Overall, these clubs provide excellent comfort and results.

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