Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls Review

The Wilson Staff Zip golf balls are created to offer the softest feel compared to other balls on the market without sacrificing any distance, speed, or performance, making it an excellent alternative to play or practice with.

These golf balls have been met with enthusiasm by many golfers, especially since Golf Digest has featured them on the Hot List, where it was assigned a silver trophy.

Golfers who enjoyed using the original Zip Ball have been eagerly waiting to try this new version and see if there are any significant changes that could improve their game.

It should be pointed out that golfers seek out new golf balls not just to improve their game but also to find one that’s most enjoyable to play with.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls Review

Golf is not just about training and improving your golfing skills; it is also a fun activity with friends and family, which means different golf balls are appealing to all kinds of golfers.

Wilson is a name that’s been established in the golfing scene and has a loyal fan base that eagerly awaits new arrivals.

Let’s get into a review of the Wilson Staff Zip golf balls.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls– A Review

The Wilson Staff Zip golf balls are manufactured for stable flight after being struck by a golf club, which is possible due to the shallow dimples that are part of the ball’s design.

The balls are soft and create a higher spin due to the construction material being a soft ionomer that creates a smooth impact against the golf ball.

This golf ball offers excellent spin and covers a large distance because it is multilayered with a zero compression core that plays its part in improving the speed.

Since the ball is soft with a lower compression core, you don’t need to make a strong swing to cover the same distance since it will fly at stable heights to head towards the hole on the golf course.

Golfers with a medium spin will enjoy using this ball and will notice excellent results by using a wedge or driver.

These golf balls are quite affordable by just about anyone and are sold for 29.99 per double dozen box.

However, you can expect to find many discounts on websites like Amazon that make them more affordable.

Wilson is an established brand that has been around in the golfing scene for a long time, and this ball, in particular, has received a 5-star rating.

The balls are comparable to Titleist and Callaway balls in terms of performance and are more affordable while also boasting a decent forgiveness factor and soft feel.

You will also not have to focus on accuracy as much since the spin will turn your slice into a fade, making it possible to drive the ball into a particular direction with ease.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls– Why You Should Consider Buying

Everyone who’s involved in sports has likely heard of the brand called Wilsonand knows that they sell the best items on the market.

Their sporting goods division offers the best equipment in the world, and many people are constantly on the lookout for innovative products Wilson releases.

The Staff Zip Ball is pretty special and comparable to other elite golf balls while being more affordable, which is exactly what many golfers are looking for.

You can work to improve specific areas of your game by choosing Wilson or just have more fun playing with friends or family.

The Wilson Staff Zip is categorized as a long-distance golf ball, but there are some differences that set it apart from others.

Its 302 dimple design is quite attractive to certain golfers who like a good-looking ball with great functionality, which also contributes to a low ball flight.

Other distance balls have a high ball flight compared to the Zip, making it slightly different and unique in performance.

The compression rating assigned to the Zip golf balls is 50, making them relatively soft and allowing them to generate a lot of speed upon contact with a wedge or driver.

However, due to its compression rating, it will not produce the same effect for different golfers.

Golfers with swings exceeding 100 miles per hour will not cover the same distance as harder balls due to the compression effect of this model.

Those with a medium swing of about 85 miles per hour will get the best effects from this ball in terms of total distance covered, which is likely to make the game more exciting.

Due to the low driver spin this ball offers, you won’t have to worry about your off-center hits swerving off wildly away from your targeted area.

Other comparable golf balls are the Srixon Soft Feel, Titleist TruFeel, and the Pinnacle Soft.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls– Suited For Which Players

As mentioned above, you will likely get the best effects from the Wilson Staff Zip Golf balls if you have a medium swing of about 75-85 miles per hour.

This is the ideal range for seniors and women who fall into this category.

It is an ideal choice if you prefer your golf balls to have a soft feel, allowing you to control the direction much better than a harder ball, which will fly long distances without fail if you hit them with the right swing.

The ball is also quite durable, making it a preferred choice for golfers who like to reuse their balls until they get too damaged.

Since the ball offers a lower ball flight, it appeals to golfers who like to control their flight and keep it closer to the ground.

Our Final Thoughts

The Wilson Staff Zip golf balls are an excellent choice for beginner golfers and even professionals due to the zero compression core and soft feel.

Since all golf balls have unique features, it depends mainly on your playing style and which ball you ought to choose, making it a personal decision.

By keeping the unique features of the golf ball in mind, you can determine if it is the right choice for you.

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