Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review

Producing outstanding golf clubs isn’t something new for Wilson, though surprisingly enough, it wasn’t much into golf club production at first.

It’s like; guys from the brand, after manufacturing a model or two of mind-blowing golf clubs said to their selves, “we are pretty good at this. We should be ruling over the golf market”. And that’s when the journey began; the journey of glory.  

Now, Wilson was quite right to decide to take over. If you get to know their products, especially the one we are about to talk about in detail (Wilson Staff D7 Driver), you won’t disagree with me either.

In this article, we will go through some extraordinary features that this product offers you. And if there’s anything not cool about it, you are going to know, too.  

Wilson Staff D7 Driver

Our Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review

This new D7 lineup seems to have many remarkable features to offer in years to come, hopefully. But, the one element that makes the product unique is its extreme lightweight. That’s why they have named the design’ superlight’. With this design, you will get ridiculous ball speed and sheer distance.

If you want to know the secret behind this feathery weight, you’ve got to check out the head of this driver. It weighs only 192 grams! Not only that, you have composite material that makes the crown of this golf club. If such a construction doesn’t make a lightweight model, then what will?

Now, within the carbon fiber, it comes with, there’s a Dupont Kevlar layer. Thus, you can enjoy reduced vibration. Also, it creates a sound that golfers love to hear. Yes, we are talking about nothing but the crisp sound that any golfer craves for.

When it comes to the feel, you will notice that the responsiveness it provides you with during impact is a bit on the firmer side.

Folks from Wilson say that they wanted to make the head as perfect as they could. Once they succeeded in doing so, they turned their attention toward the weighting of the club.

Now, once you hold the club on your hand, you appreciate the effort made by the manufacturers in stripping out those 25 grams of weight that they did. And that reduced amount of weight is the reason behind such outstanding sound that the driver generates.

As for the flight, you’ve got to give it to the manufacturers for introducing the very efficient Dynamic Launch Control. With such technology in place, it won’t be a big deal to optimize the ball flight.

Dynamic Launch Control

This remarkable feature has taken excellence to a whole different level. By distributing the weight correctly, it makes the head give rise to the perfect ball flight, you will see with this driver. And the weight positioning depends on the loft.

If you are into excessive swing speeds, then you will find the 9-degree head to be more suitable for your style of playing. They have positioned the weight a bit more toward the front. Thus, you get the lower spin and launch you see with this golf club.

If you aren’t okay with low spin and launch, there’s a 10.5 degree head in a place that you might like. With this, weight positioning will feel a bit neutral. As a result, you will get mid-spin and higher launch.

Some golfers are into extremely high launches. If they sound like you, why don’t you check out the 13-degree head that will give you as great a start as you can imagine? This is because of the weight being pushed backward. When it gets closer to the heel, you get those incredibly high launches.

UST Mamiya shaft: A Serious Performer

You shouldn’t think that for being lightweight, the driver will compromise a bit on performance. On the contrary, they have chosen to go for a shaft that is known to deliver outstanding performance. Yes, it’s the UST Mamiya shaft we are talking about.

Wilson is likely to be seen using Helium shafts in their products from now on. Now, as for the Helium, it reduces the weight significantly, nevertheless provides you with fantastic stability.

Cast Air Pockets

For better launch control, we’ve seen a shape change in this new driver. Previously, it was more about distance. But, this time it’s the ‘superlight’ thing that seems to be the center of attraction.

Moreover, there are cast air pockets on the crown, which I found to be quite practical. These guys are behind the reduction of the weight that we see in this driver. Now, 5 grams might not seem that much, but when it comes to clubs, this can make a lot of difference. 

Want to know the secret behind such remarkable performance? Well, designers didn’t change the club’s structure for anything, did they? There’s wisdom behind this. They wanted to make their clubs perform as they did never before.

We have to say that they have been quite successful in that case. Reduction of the weight along with the structural changes resulted in such success for them. They have also been able to provide you with faster swings. Therefore, if you want to strike the ball a reasonable distance, you should go for this driver.

Carpenter 455 Stainless Steel

They have introduced this steel construction on the club’s face. Thus, you will get your desired distance as well as a comfortable feel. What’s more, there’s a Lamkin Crossline grip in place to make things more amazing. You’ve got to hold the club if you want to know what this comfortable grip has to offer.

Adjustment: A Drawback?

Now, there’s a drawback that this driver comes with. Some golfers didn’t seem that excited about the adjustment it offers. They thought that the change should have come with more options. Now, upon looking into the matter, I found something that will go in favor of the driver.

You see, once you’ve found the appropriate setting, you won’t need to adjust your club ever again. And this has been the case for most of the golfers who bought this club. So, all you have to do is find that perfect setting. Once you do so, you can say goodbye to the wrench.  

However, forgiveness could’ve been better with this club. At least, that’s what I expected from a club that seems to have it all. Nevertheless, I can overlook that considering the value it offers for the money.


  • Extremely Powerful
  • Super lightweight
  • Remarkable ball speed
  • Desired distance consistently
  • Great value


  • Forgiveness isn’t up to the mark

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shaft in this club?

It’s the UST Mamiya shaft that they have used in this golf club.

What is the grip in this wedge?

It comes with Lamkin Crossline grip.

Is there sufficient volume of the head in ccs?

Yes, it comes with a high volume. That’s why you get the enhanced distance.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s time we wrapped things up. If you want to go for this driver, I will encourage you in doing so. For, there’s nothing awful about it. Only, it’s the insufficiency of forgiveness.

If you manage to get past that, then this driver is an excellent option for any golfer. It will beat any other clubs on a given day in terms of ball speed and distance.

So, there you are, all learned and informed about a driver that is sadly underrated. You are welcome to share your thoughts with us.

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