Wilson Profile XD Golf Club Set Review

Wilson has always been one of the few leading names in golf club sets. The company’s clubs are geared towards maximum forgiveness and are therefore perfect for those new to the game. If you’re a beginner, Wilson golf clubs can help you to improve your golfing skills and become a better golfer.

With that said, the company has come up with a decent golf club known as Wilson Profile XD. This particular set offers new golfers all the help they need without having to compromise on a steep price.

In this Wilson Profile XD Golf Clubs Review, we will explain different aspects of the golf club set in detail.

Wilson Profile XD Golf Clubs Overview

Wilson Profile XD stands out from many golf sets due to its top-of-the-line forged Titanium composite 460cc driver. Titanium is the same component used in aircraft because of its strength and durability. Therefore, it’s rare to find a driver of this quality at a similar price range.

Besides that, the set contains many other excellent clubs. These include a hybrid club that offers a greater degree of loft and, thus, maximum distance, as well as fairway wood whose low-placed weight also enables greater loft and carry.

At the same time, it offers six stainless steel irons, including a pitching wedge and 6-sand wedge combined with a heel-toe weighted putter. Additionally, the club set provides you with a durable and lightweight carry bag to take these clubs to the course, along with three additional head covers to protect the clubs from external elements.

The entire golf set is built to help beginners overcome all the obstacles they may face on the course. From the sturdy, strong driver, extra-forgiving irons to high launching fairway wood and hybrids, you have everything you need to master the basics of golf.


  • Offers numerous club options at a low price
  • You can custom-fit the golf clubs according to your height
  • Stainless steel irons are equipped with extreme perimeter weighting to increase forgiveness
  • 460cc head constructed with titanium
  • Large sweet spot on the driver
  • All irons have a solid offset
  • The set includes a sand wedge, which is rare for most sets
  • Attractive and durable clubs
  • Gives you the ability to strike the ball at greater distances
  • Both wood and hybrid offer high-loft, which is ideal for beginners
  • Less pricey


  • The gap between 6-iron and hybrid is noticeable
  • A total of 10 clubs only

Key Features

Wilson Profile XD Golf Clubs offers beginners several golf clubs and has plenty of attractive features:


The titanium driver is the crown jewel of the entire golf club set. The most astounding qualities of this driver include its extreme forgiveness and the ability to launch the ball at greater distances than most other drivers.

Because of its high degree of forgiveness, beginners can get away with mishits and start to score regularly on the course. The beefed-up 460-cc titanium club head is the secret to the driver’s high level of forgiveness.

Besides that, the power-weighting technology of the 460-cc titanium driver and the clubhead’s aerodynamic design supplement the lack of power in a beginner’s strike. Both of these attributes add to the golfer’s swing speed and helps them generate greater power behind their hits.

Fairway Wood and Hybrid

It’s common for beginners to struggle using fairway woods. However, the fairway in this golf club set offers exceptional playability to new golfers. This is largely due to the low-placed weight in the golf club’s head. Not only do these enable beginners to attain high lofts, but at the same time minimizes the effect of mishits.

On the other hand, the hybrid offers nothing less and is equally impressive. Like the wood, the club has been designed to provide a high loft. Nevertheless, the measure of the loft is balanced and helps golfers strike the ball with the optimal level of high-launch trajectory. As a result, the ball doesn’t go straight up in the air, as it does with most other hybrids.


Without a doubt, the irons used in Wilson Profile XD are excellent for beginners. These irons have been built with cavity-back design, market-leading stainless steel, and optimized for maximum forgiveness with the help of perimeter weighting. Each of the irons in the set also has a massive sweet spot that can help you hit the ball accurately.

In total, the set contains six irons, four of which are 6, 7, 8, and 9-irons. These four irons are a standard inclusion in most golf club sets. With that said, the set also contains a sand wedge, along with a standard pitching wedge. This is a special inclusion as most golf clubs sets don’t offer it in their packages, so you have to buy it separately.

The pitching wedge has an advanced spin technology, which allows golfers extra control with approach shots. At the same time, the sand wedge has a super-low weight and a perfectly wide sole. As a result, you can use the perfect amount of loft to escape annoying sand bunkers over the course.


The heel-toe weighted putter is a light-weighted golf club that gives you all the support you need to deposit the ball to the hole. It has an excellent balance, which you can make the most of on the golf course.

Alternative Product: Callaway Ultimate Strata Golf Club Set

Callaway Ultimate Strata is another excellent golf club set for beginners. Like the product above, Callaway Ultimate Strata contains almost every item a beginner would need on a golf course.

The differentiating factors between Wilson Profile XD and this set are that it has 12 clubs in total instead of the former’s 10. These include 3 and 5 wood, two hybrids, a driver, irons from 6 to 9, a pitching wedge, and a putter. Besides that, the set also contains a sand wedge.

Nevertheless, Strata’s two additional clubs come at a higher cost. Furthermore, the club set does not offer 3 headcovers, instead only offers two of them.

With that said, Callaway Ultimate Strata has accumulated a string of positive reviews over the years, and people hardly ever complain about the set because of its excellent quality. Considering that the set has such an extensive range of clubs, its price is reasonable.

The design, build quality, and forgiveness of these clubs cannot be understated. With proper maintenance, you can continue using these clubs until you become a pro.


  • Offers the best value for a beginner
  • Woods have excellent quality
  • 460cc head constructed with titanium
  • Huge sweet spot on clubs
  • The two hybrids in the set are the best golf clubs a beginner can use
  • All irons have a solid offset
  • The set includes a sand wedge, which is rare for most sets
  • Well-balanced clubs with the perfect weight
  • Attractive and durable clubs
  • Has 12 clubs in total


  • The bag included in the set is slightly flimsy
  • The bag only comes in one design
  • Pricier option
  • The shaft on the pitching wedge is not as durable as the rest of the clubs

Our Final Thoughts

While both Callaway Ultimate Strata and Wilson Profile XD have a lot in common, the Wilson Profile XD Golf Club Set is a better package at a lower price than the former.

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