Where Are Titleist Golf Clubs Made? All About Titleist

If you are new to golf and have not come across the name Titleist, allow us to enlighten you with a few facts about the most famous golf equipment manufacturing company in the world. Titleist is globally renowned for its highly sought after golf balls, which are quite possibly the highest quality golf balls in the world, as well as its golf clubs. Now, if you are wondering where Titleist golf clubs are made, what is so special about them, what golf clubs do they make, or what makes Titleist golf clubs so famous, fret not! For we have detailed all the essentials in this article, below.

What Is Titleist?

Let’s start with the basics – what is Titleist? Golfers all around the world seek its highest quality golf balls, customers flock to their stores for their finest golf clubs, and as if that wasn’t enough, Titleist also has its own customized golf equipment.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, White, Standard Play Numbers (1-4), One DozenThe company Titleist was founded in 1930 by an amateur golfer named Phil Young. Being a golfer himself, when Young missed a clear strike, he suspected the ball to be faulty. On inspection, it emerged that the ball’s core was off-center, and thus began Young’s journey of making the highest quality, perfect golf balls.

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Where Are Titleist Golf Clubs Made?

Since Titleist is an American brand, all its equipment and apparel is manufactured in the U.S. The company’s main headquarters is in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and ever since its foundations were laid, the company has been producing its world-famous golf clubs in the New Bedford, Massachusetts area.

How Does the Company Consistently Manufacture the Highest Quality Golf Equipment?

Titleist is known for its exceptionally high quality, precision, and deliverance. Many often wonder and question how the company has continually managed to produce these highly sought after clubs. Well, the answer is simple – dedication! Titleist is dedicated to providing only the finest equipment for golfers. Their manufacturing procedure is categorized into several steps, which are:

Titleist 718 AP1 Iron Set 4-PW GW True Temper AMT Red R300 Steel Regular Right Handed 38 inDesigning

The Titleist golf clubs are first designed using a complicated computer program. After the design is finalized using CAD software, the mold for the club is produced.

Club Mixing

The next step is where the metal material for the club’s driver head is mixed and poured into the mold.

Club Molding

After being molded and baked, the club is then taken out of the mold and examined in what is known is as the first product testing.

Casing Layer

The next step is where the rest of the parts of the club are manufactured, i.e., the grip, shaft, and hosel.

Titleist 917 D2 Driver 9.5 Diamana S+ 60 Limited Edition Graphite Stiff Right Handed 45 inAssembly

Here, the driver’s head and the grip, shaft, and hosel are all assembled and put together, and the club starts to come together.


The club is buffed for a smoother surface so that the strike is more powerful.


This is the last stage of the manufacturing process. Here, the golf club is polished and shined and prepared for the final product testing and validation, after which it hits the stores for retailing.

Each Titleist golf club is made after going through these long, complicated manufacturing processes. The company has stringent quality assurance standards because of which, each club is hand-checked and tested before being approved for marketing and trading. It is only after the strict product testing and validating process that the clubs are finally distributed to their retailers, thus assuring that only the finest clubs are produced and sold to customers.

The Most Popular Golf Clubs the Company Has Produced Over the Years

Here is a list of all the Titleist golf clubs that have been made by the company, including the most recently launched T series:

1. Scotty Cameron Newport Putter

Perhaps the most popular Titleist golf club is the Scotty Cameron Newport Putter. It has been in their clubs’ range since 1994 and is a personal favorite of a number of renowned golf players. A golfer who has time and time again used and lauded this golf club by Titleist is Tiger Woods. He played and won 13 out of 14 of his major golf tournaments with the Newport putter golf club. Although numerous design changes have been made to this club, including the very noticeable ones made to its shaft and hosel, it still remains a professional favorite for many.

2. Titleist Vokey SM Wedge

Titleist’s Vokey SM wedge is a must-have golf club. It was first released back in 2009 and almost immediately found a spot in the limelight for itself.  The spin milled versions of the Vokey SM Wedge have been used by multiple golfers around the globe. It is well received because of its grip, precision, spins, and versatility. These features make the Vokey essential for both mature as well as new golfers.

3. Titleist T-MB Irons

Initially, this golf club was launched as just a utility iron, but it got so popular that Titleist started manufacturing it as a full club set. They can be identified by their hollow-back structure, which features a slender, unsupported L-Faced insert. This enables the driver’s face to flex more and at better angles at the time of impact, thus increasing both the launch force and speed of the strike. This club also covers larger distances.

4. Titleist AP2 Irons

First launched in 2008, the AP2 irons were an immediate success among golfers, both professional and amateur. The iron’s characteristic features include a compact, classic appearance. It is particularly famous for its high accuracy, precision, and lightweight. Most of the AP2 irons have been redesigned and relaunched since its first release. However, it still rules the hearts of those who have played golf with it.

5. 906F Fairway Wood

The 906F features an ultrathin crown, which is almost 27% thinner than the 917. This reduced thickness allows the player to deliver maximum speed with maximum spins, cover larger distances, and have a more powerful impact.

6. TS Drivers

The TS drivers are the most widely used and successful golf clubs in Titleist’s range. They are known for their speed and precision. Moreover, they feature the thinnest titanium crown. This allows the weight to move lower and deeper, increasing their speed as well as the distance they cover.

7. DCI Irons

DCI Irons were first released back in 1990. Ever since their release, they have been a standard in every golfer’s club set. These direct central impact irons are famous for their perimeter weighting, which significantly reduces the effects of off-center strikes.

8. 905 Driver

Design-wise, the 905 drivers are quite similar to the 983k drivers of Titleist’s club range. However, performance-wise the 905 drivers have a much stronger strike, accurate precision, and cover a larger distance.

9. 690 MB Irons

The 690 MB irons are popular because of their blades, which give a soft feel at the time of impact. The blades give it a classic look, while its driver head delivers a strong strike with high precision. And to top it all off, it is lightweight too.

Our Final Thoughts

So, whether you are new to golf or a professional golfer looking for a new Titleist golf club, this article should help you determine which golf club would be the best option for you. From precision to accuracy, distance to speed, performance to spins, we have discussed it all. Now, you also know a bit about the history of Titleist, how it got started, its manufacturing process, as well as some of the greatest clubs it has produced over the years. Impress your competitors on the course with not only your game but your knowledge, too.

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