Volvik Vivid Golf Balls Review

When you are lookingto shop for the most versatile golf ball, you’ll see several options. Choosing from these optionscan becomechallenging for golfers;they want to ensure their purchasewill serve them the most on the golf course.

The Volvik Vivid golf ball is something you cannot go wrong with since we’re speaking of scoring big. This golf ball by Volvik ensures that golfers get maximum distance when they hit this ball with their iron wedges. Volvik has been creating plenty of buzz in the sports equipment market for being one of the most versatile golf balls ever.

Hence, we’ve come up with a list of features and benefits of the Volvik Vivid golf ball that will hopefully sell you on the idea of purchasing them. So, stay tuned until the end for an extensive review.

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls Review

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls Review

Buying the Volvik Vivid Golf Balls will help you boost your brilliant golf skills, as these balls will make your game much more effortless. These superb golf balls come in vibrant colors, allowing your golf equipment to pop on the course. Another characteristic that sets this golf ball apart is its matte black finish. The company responsible for manufacturing these golf balls claims they’re the first golf balls with a matte black finish.

Volvik is a relatively newer companythathas garnered great buzz regarding its name. These versatile golf balls come with a three-piece construction, helping players who have a swing speed of 70-90 miles/hour. The Volvik Vivid Golf Ball comes with a compression of 80, which is pretty decent. However, the best part about these golf balls is their visibility, given they come vibrantly colored.


Since you’re all caught up with the basics of the Volvik Vivid Golf Ball, let’s zoom in on some of its features to help you understand how it’ll benefit you on the golf course.


You’ll be happy to know that the Volvik Vivid golf balls cover plenty of distance, allowing you to score much better on the course. However, you should also know that these golf balls are designed for players with a swing speed below 90 miles/hour. Since these golf balls by Volvik promote greater distance at high spin rates, many golfers are now choosing to play with them instead of other golf balls.


Any avid golfer would care deeply about their ball spin. The lower the spin is, the more distance a golfer will have on their shot. Luckily, players who prefer hitting low spin shots would love playing with the Volvik Vivid Golf Ball, as they offer mid to low spin rates. The science behind this is when the spin rate is lower, the ball flight is also higher, enhancing distance control on the greens.


The trajectory of a shot determines the quality of your golf game, so it’s essential to ensure the angle of the ball flight is appropriate enough to hit a good shot. Players who hit shots with a mid to high trajectory would enjoy playing with the Volvik Vivid golf balls, as they’re aimed mainly at them. As a frequent golfer, you would know how crucial the trajectory can be to your golf game, so you must consider it significantly.


Run is the extra distance the ball makes after its initial distance. Since Volvik Vivid golf balls allow players to hit a longer distance, it only makes sense that the run would also be long. This is another excellent feature that these golf balls offer. A longer run allows golfers to get better scores on the course. If you’re interested in that, you shouldconsider getting the Volvik Vivid golf balls.


Now that we’ve explored some of these golf balls’ features,let’s look at a few benefits the Volvik Vivid golf balls offer.

Dual Power Core

The dual power core allows these golf balls to speed faster, resulting in more distance. Every golfer would understand how crucial hitting a higher distance is. When you can hit a shot at a higher distance, the spin rate would also be higher. All of this is possible because of Volvik Vivid’s strong power core.


The Volvik Vivid golf balls offer excellent visibility on the golf colors because of the vibrant colors. That’sa rare characteristic in golf balls, as most are white. However, that isn’t the case with Volvik. This company offers its clients a range of colors to choose from, giving them better visibility on the greens. The sharp colors make it easier for players to see how far their shot went.

Matte Coating

Since we’re speaking of rare characteristics, how can we not mention these golf balls’ unique matte finish? The Volvik Vivid golf balls come with a sexy matte black finish that gives these balls an entirely different look. Golfers who play frequently would love this feature, considering these golf balls are the first to carry such a finish. The matte coating also reduces air distance, positively impacting your game.

Three-Piece Construction

Golfers these days prefer to play withthe Volvik Vivid golf ballsbecause of their excellent technical characteristics. One of them is the three-piece construction technology. This technology gives golfers every opportunity to play at an optimum level, boosting their performance on the course.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Volvik has undoubtedly done an excellent job creating golf balls that allow golfers to play at their full potential. Playing with these golf balls will give you benefits you hadn’t gottenbefore. So,we suggest you hurry and buy yourself a set of the Volvik Vivid golf balls.

If visibility and the matte coating are traits you get excited about, you must undoubtedly purchase these golf balls at your earliest to ensure you have the perfect golf game. We assure you; you wouldn’t be disappointed by the quality Volvik offers.

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