Tour Precision Golf Club Set Review

Many people view golf as a simple and easy sport. In reality, golf is a lot harder than it appears. It is a game of precision, calculation, immense focus, and control. No one can know this better than people who are new to the game.

New golfers often find it difficult to adjust to the complexities of golf. In most cases, they have no idea which unit is the most ideal for them. As a result, they end up paying for expensive golf kits they would never need. Beginners should understand that unless they are playing golf in a competitive environment, they don’t need customized golf sets to start their journey.

Moreover, when it comes to finding the right golf set, there are many factors at play. For instance, factors like your height, swing speed, and the type of swing you have are crucial considerations before buying a golf set.

Tour Precision Golf Club Set Review

In this article, we are going to discuss a golf set made for people who are tall, known as the Tour Precision Golf Club Set. Find out all of the pros and cons of the product in this Tour Precision Golf Club Set review.

Our Review of the Tour Precision Golf Club Set

Tour Precision is an ideal choice for a tall person. It is one of few golf club sets that actually fit them. All clubs in the Tour Precision Golf Club Set are one inch longer than the standard length for golf clubs.

The golf set allows tall people to play to their strengths. Off-the-rack golf sets usually don’t support longer handles. This is a problem for tall people as they have to hunch over as they strike the ball. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it also affects the player’s swing and ultimately results in a poor striking technique.

Furthermore, it provides you greater ease as it allows you to manage mishits with its advanced ‘forgiveness.’ Forgiveness in golf refers to the construction and design elements in clubs that reduce the effects of poor contact with the ball and bad swings. This characteristic is a vital feature for any product designed for players starting out in golf.

Pros of the Tour Precision Golf Clubs

The Tour Precision Golf Club Set offers many features, such as Oversized Clubheads to maximize forgiveness on misguided shots. These features include a 15-Degree 3 Wood, 460cc 10.5 Degree Driver, and a 24-Degree Hybrid.

Besides that, you get a collection of Oversized Irons, including 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 PW. All of the clubs have Regular Flex Graphite shafts that provide added distance along with a Blackout Easy Alignment Insert Face Putter. Following are some of the key advantages of this golf club set:

  • A full set of clubs (Woods, Irons, Driver, Putter).
  • A stand bag that includes headcovers.
  • It offers extra swing speed due to its ultra-lightweight shafts.
  • Overall, the Tour Precision Golf Club Set is affordable for most golfers who have a limited
  • All clubs have a stylish design, while the look and finish are high-quality.
  • The oversize club heads in this golf club set offer user-friendly attributes.

Cons of the Tour Precision Golf Clubs

While the Tour Precision Golf Club Set is decent for players looking for a golf set that fits them, it’s not the complete package. First, it is made mostly for beginners and intermediate players, not for anyone competing in a tournament. Moreover, the Tour Precision Golf Club Set misses some important components.

  • It needs a sand wedge.
  • It only has one hybrid included in the set.

A Set That’s Customized for Tall People

The Tour Precision Golf Club Set is unique in the sense that it provides customized golf sets, designed for tall people.

Good Value for the Money

People always regard golf as a sport only for the privileged. It is no surprise that the equipment for the game is sold at exceedingly high prices. It’s difficult to find a decent golf set without denting your pocket.

However, the Tour Precision Golf Club Set is one of the few golf sets that offer great value for money. Considering that, it has all the necessary equipment for both beginners and intermediate players; it’s a pretty neat deal in the end.

Golf Club Composition

The Tour Precision Golf Club Set has almost every club you would expect. You can choose any of these clubs to start golfing and enjoy your time to the fullest. Another great thing about the set is that it has a titanium driver of 460cc, fairway wood, and a hybrid club.

The diversity in these clubs is good news for any beginner as it allows them to hit a range of different strikes. For instance, a hybrid club, which is a mixture of wood and iron, is favorable for beginners who find it difficult to hit the ball at long distances.

Besides that, the set includes a putter along with 5-PW irons. The putter is the only club that’s appropriate for a green surface. Therefore, you will be able to play all around the field.

On the other hand, the irons are ideal when you are approaching the greens. These clubs give you higher lofts than woods. There are around nine types of iron clubs, and they range from 1 to 9. A larger number represents a greater club face angle, along with a higher arching shot without exceeding the distance.

However, there are some things missing in the Tour Precision Golf Club Set. The set only contains one hybrid club and five PWs, which many fervent players would consider inefficient. Furthermore, it lacks a sand wedge so you would have to borrow a piece of the ball lands in a sandpit.


Another decent thing about the Tour Precision Golf Club Set is that its clubs have larger clubheads. This makes the set suitable for people who are not experts in golf. The larger area on the clubhead allows you a wider area to hit the sweet spot of the ball. Therefore, you will be able to hit the golf ball farther than you expected.

Offset Face

Offset was once just a feature in user-friendly golf clubs, but now it’s common among many woods and hybrids and most irons. This means that the leading edge of the clubface is set back from the neck or hosel. The offset design in the Tour Precision Golf Club Set allows beginners to launch the ball in the air more efficiently.


Shafts have great quality and the woods have graphite shafts, whereas irons have steel shafts. Therefore, users get to enjoy lightweight and durable features in a single set.

Our Final Thoughts

For people who are looking for cost-effective golf sets, Tour Precision is an ideal choice, especially if you are taller than your peers are. Although it doesn’t have a range of different hybrids, the set certainly gives you value for money and fulfills all your basic needs comprehensively.

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