Tour Edge Bazooka 270 Complete Golf Club Set Review

The steep learning curve of golf can be a daunting prospect even for the most avid newcomers. From learning how to improve your swing to getting your short game right, there is so much to learn and never enough time.

To ease the learning curve and start playing competitively, you need to get hold of good golf gear like the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 Complete Golf Club Set. The right choice of gear can facilitate you as you learn the nuances of this beautiful sport.

While learning the finer points of the game, you will become cognizant of various kinds of golf gear available on the market. The choice of the right golf gear is as important as your technique. But with the plethora of choices available on the market settling upon the right golf gear can be perplexing.

Tour Edge Bazooka 270 Complete Golf Club Set Review

Hence, it would be best to go for trusted names in the game that are known for making the best golf gear as these will adequately fulfill your needs.

The Tour Edge brandhas done well to make a nice golf club set that will handle all of your needs when playing golf. From the get-go, you can tee off with confidence and play all stages of the game with finesse since you have great golf gear at the forefront.

Tour Edge Bazooka 270 Complete Golf Club Set


There is much to like about these golf clubs. As they are scrupulously designed and manufactured, they don’t fall short in any respect. They are quite forgiving and purvey and finely optimized sense of balance, lightness, and control as you play with them.

With a fine golf club set like this to hone your gameplay, you can fine-tune your golf skillsand equally importantly, enjoy yourself while doing it. Here are the details on the clubs that this golf set encompasses.


The driver stands out with its generously proportioned 460cc clubhead that will serve newbies and pros alike with equal utility. It sports a high MOI that will minimize flex which is responsible for the misalignment of many swings.

The loft angle of 10.5% is not very high. However, the club provides a good distance so that the ball lands closer to the hole after your first swing.


A 16-degree loft angle is embedded into the 3 wood. Hence, there is plenty of loft to help you get over and past trees as well as other obstacles that stand between you and the next hole. Also, the ball will have a high trajectory due to which it will stop closer to where it landed.

The center of gravity is low for the clubhead. This, coupled with the generous size of the clubhead means that there is plenty of forgiveness in store for golf aspirants.


The 4 hybrid of the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 Complete Golf Set is fairly impressive and it sports exceptional performance. Quite often, you will find that such high-performance hybrids are not available in golf club sets in this price segment.

The center of gravity is lower and towards the back of this clubhead. This allows for good landings on approaches as well as fairways.

The loft angle is set to 24 degrees. The design of this clubhead is fairly low profile. The confluence of these 2 design factors means better gameplay and performance.


Irons rock big club heads due to which they offer plenty of forgiveness. Hence, the ball can travel the distance even if your swing is not perfectly aligned. Although club heads are oversized, they are by no means unwieldy.

Irons 5 to 9 are included in this golf club set. Here are the lofts for the irons.

5 iron – 27 degrees

6 iron – 30 degrees

7 iron – 34 degrees

8 iron – 38 degrees

9 iron – 42 degrees


The Tour Edge Bazooka 270 Complete Golf Set Club also encompasses a sand wedge and a pitching wedge. The sand wedge loft angle is 55 degrees while the pitching wedge loft angle is 46 degrees.

These wedges are finely balanced so that you can find your way out if you manage to get the ball in a tough spot.


The moment of inertia for the putter is quite high. Thanks to this design element, putting will be more precise. This, coupled with other features like offset hosel provide for minimal deviation and flex so that you can play your finest putts. The alignment guide and weighting will further enhance your short game.

Since this set is geared towards a specific kind of player, there aren’t too many options available.

Hence, it is key to note that this set is available in the right-handed configuration in the uniflex form.

You do have steel and graphite options.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there are just 11 clubs in all. Although this may be less than what most beginner golf sets offer, it is nonetheless sufficient for neophytes.

Club lengths are such that they will suit players with heights ranging from 5’6” to 6’1”.


The bag itself has plenty of space to house all your clubs, gear, spares, and supplies. Besides your clubs, it can also hold tees, balls, and goodies. There is an insulated pocket to keep your swing juice ice cold.

Our Final Thoughts

The Tour Edge Bazooka 270 Complete Golf set is a well-rounded assortment of clubs that will suit a beginner as well as intermediate players.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied customers, you know that this is a decent investment. Using this club set, you can fine-tune your golf skills after which you may want to upgrade to another high-end set.

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