Top Flite Kids Golf Club Set Review

The Top Flite Kids 9 Piece Complete golf club set has the full gamut of clubs that will prove to be adequate for the golfing needs of most kids.

Top Flite Kids 9 Piece Complete Golf Club Set

It comes complete with a putter, sand wedge, 9 iron, 7 iron, hybrid, driver,headcovers,and a stand bag. In short, it has all that aspiring youth players could ask for in a golf club set.

With this kids’ golf gear, your kids will be well set for success on the golf course. It will make for a fine gift that budding young players will appreciate. The golf club set can motivate youngsters to practice diligently, improve their game, and most importantly, enjoy the sport.

Top Flite Kids Golf Club Set

The golf set is designed for aspiring young golfers aged 9 to 12. Club lengths selected for this model will prove to be suitable for most kids of this age group.

The clubs are engineered from titanium alloy for lightness, strength,and durability. They feature a low center of gravity(and towards the back) for maximum distance and forgiveness.

Aspiring young golf stars in the making can benefit from premium golf gear that is designed for kids in the 9 to 12 years age bracket. Kids taller than 53 inches will do well with this golf kit.

The driver rocks a low center of gravity and other design features that will maximize driving distance and trajectory control.

The 9 and 7 irons comprise a stainless steelhead in the wide sole configuration for unmatched performance. This, coupled with the perimeter weighting,allows for unprecedented forgiveness.

The sand wedge is engineered for a low center of gravity and user-friendly design that will facilitate better gameplay from youth golfers.

The mallet putter sports a unique configuration along with alignment cutouts to boost the prospects of improved consistency and accuracy in strokes.

The sand wedge, irons, hybrid, and driver comprise a graphite shaft to facilitate user-friendliness and better swing speeds that youngsters will be more comfortable with.

Headcovers are constructed from highly resilient nylon fabric,so that club heads are well-protected when not in use. Also, these headcovers are easy to take off. Hence, youth players can quickly access the golf club of their choice without ado and hence focus well on their game.

All in all, the Top Flite Kids 9-piececomplete golf club set is the full kit that you can proudly gift youngsters with. When they grow up, you can buy them a more sophisticated golf club set. But before that happens, the kids can do well with this affordable, budget-friendly, and complete golf kit that has all you could ask for. Thanks to its optimal mix of premium features and pricing, it offers great value for money.

Although the set boasts 9 clubs, it is fairly light and hence portable. Young ones can haul it without too much trouble on the golf course. Hence, it doesn’t get in the way and works as advertised.

Alternatives to the Top Flite Kids Golf Set

In case you need more options, here are alternatives for you to consider.

Ping Moxie Junior Kids Complete Golf Set

Designed for cute little girls and boys aged 6 to 7, this highly affordable junior golf set can make for a good start.

It features an Anser putter, 2 irons, and a fairway wood all made from stainless steel. Although there aren’t too many clubs in this kit, you need not worry. For one thing, this is just to get very young kids started. And second, very young kids will soon outgrow the golf set,due to which you will have to provide a new one. So you shouldn’t buy a big golf set.

These golf clubs are designed with youth golfers in mind. Graphite shafts are lightweight and flexible so that junior players can have an easier time playing big swings necessary for launching the ball.

MacGregor Golf DCT Junior Golf Clubs Set

The prestigious MacGregor golf brand crafts golf kits for avid young golfers as young as 3 years old. So starting from a tender young age, toddlers will learn to love the sport and develop their playing skills.

MacGregor golf kits for youngsters have been designed according to different age brackets. They may be different in size to cater to different age groups. But they have one thing in common. They are engineered so that they are light and easy to play with.

Callaway Junior XJ Golf Package Set

You can bank on the eminent Callaway golf brand to create the ideal tools for lovable little golfers.

Since this kit is designed for adorable toddlers new to the sport, there are only4 clubs in the bag. One thingisfor sure,though – the bag and club both boast a high aesthetic appeal.

The kit weighs just 4 pounds which shouldn’t be too hard for budding young golfers to haul.

The club heads and shafts have been engineered for one key purpose – to facilitate youngsters in playing their strokes. As these rods boost the likelihood of clean contact and allow for better control, they are ideal for learning the nuances of various golf strokes.

The oversized head and extra loft allow little ones to make big hits. And their shots will go straighter. All clubs are made from tough and ultra-light material that will enable youngsters to learn the ropes quickly.

With such exceedingly positive ratings and extraordinarily high customer satisfaction, you know that you can’t go wrong with these.

Bottom Line

Top Flite 9 Piece complete golf club set,as well as alternatives listed above,can be good choices for gently introducing kids to the exciting world of golf. They provide a wide range of features that will suit young golfers.

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