Titleist TS3 Fairway Wood Review

Golf is a fascinating game, no doubt at all. Nowadays a huge number of people have started playing this international sport all over the world. The manufacturers of golf wood are also bringing variations to their products to satisfy the distinct customer needs.

Titleist, a renowned name in the golf industry introduced the powerful Titleist TS3 Fairway. You can achieve pure enjoyment and satisfaction with this fantastic tool. This essential piece of equipment is master at producing super ball speed combined with an excellent trajectory.

The good news for Titleist fan is that the mighty brand is now producing some high performing fairways. It has been designed to provide higher ball speed, lower spin and more forgiveness. This fairway wood is playable for all types of golfers.

Our Review of the Titleist TS3 Fairway Wood

So now, we are going to review the TS3 fairway wood that can help you build an exciting golfing career.

Things We Liked

  • The ARC slot in the sole ensures improved speed and launch
  • Low center of gravity
  • High MOI
  • SureFit moveable weight
  • Multiple shaft options
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable swing weight options

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Irritating sound

Thin Titanium Crown

The shape and size of a club’s crown are essential for attaining a perfect launch. The TS3 fairway has a titanium crown. Engineers have reduced the thickness of the crown. It is 27 percent thinner than the earlier edition.

The weight savings mechanism and the reallocation of mass provide you with a considerable boost in MOI.

Active Recoil Channel 3.0

In short, we can call this feature, ARC 3. It is a crucial inclusion in TS fairways. ARC 3 exists horizontally on the surface of the head while extending taller into the head. This splendid technology preserves the speed of the ball on low face hits.

Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology

As we all know, variable face thickness technology had been an impactful characteristic of TS3 drivers. You will find it on TS3 fairways as well. It gives the exact contact for a perfect drive.

Most importantly, this technology provides a healthy distance on an off tee drive. Moreover, this exotic face assists to maximize ball velocity across the whole surface of the face, even on miss hits.

SureFit CG moveable weight Port and Hosel Technology

SureFit CG weighting feature permits for a horizontal center of gravity adjustment. Additionally, the TS philosophy is to apply the SureFit hosel to maintain lie angle and accuracy. The CG weight is used to relocate mass near the usual impact position.

Furthermore, it’s a delicate fitting, especially when you find that a large number of fairways on the market are a little heel weighted. Being able to adjust the Center of gravity in conjunction with other options, can improve distance and unlock more ball speed.

Profound Functional Design (5/5)

A thin titanium crown has enhanced the overall beauty of the Titleist fairways. Apart from classical design, this lightweight material helps to guide the ball further. 

Additionally, TS3 has a variable face thickness technology. This modern technology decreases spin and ensures superior performance. As a result, you can achieve maximum distance on every drive.

SureFit CG moveable weight port maintains the weight of the club head. You can easily adjust your drive with this dynamic adjustment. Moreover, TS3 fairway has an incredibly low center of gravity.

This low CG ensures higher launch with minimum spin.

Furthermore, The Active Recoil Channel 3.0(ARC 3.0) technology provides superb aerodynamic performance. With the help of this recoil channel, TS3 fairways can effortlessly execute a breath-taking drive from the turf.

Brand Value (5/5)

​Titleist is an American brand that has been producing golf equipment since 1932. You can easily imagine how experienced Titleist is in making the golfing tool as they are serving for around ninety years. And guess what? The company has still managed to hold their reputation with most modern releases.

The name Titleist is taken from the word “titlist,” which stands for “title holder.” They are producing golf balls, drivers, fairway woods and so. However, they are best recognized for manufacturing golf balls.

Remarkable Adjustability (5/5)

Surprisingly, the manufacturer has improved the CG and lie angle by relocating and adjusting the mass.

The TS3 fairways are adjustable in two ways. They are; the SureFit hosel and the SureFit CG moveable weight. The weight adjustment system uses a magnet that assists neutral, heel, and toe bias weighting. There is no need for separate weights for flexibility.

On the other hand, SureFit adjustable hosel is available in lofts of 10.5°, 9.5°, and 8.5°.

Better-quality Performance (5/5)

Titleist speed 3 is intended to be the fairway wood for the champions. You will feel confident while hitting the ball off the turf with this fascinating tool. Apparently, the performance depends on your skills of using fairways. However, you may spoil your bright career if you dont have a dependable tool.

Fortunately, the developers have made a large ARC 3.0. As a result, you can hit a precise drive shot from tough surface.

Golfers can strike longer, launch higher and spin less with this driver. To be accurate, you will get an average of 150 mph ball speed and 108 mph clubhead pace. Its optimized CG and MOI will convince you even when you cannot connect the ball well.

Our Final Thoughts

The appearance of Titleist TS3 Fairway is gorgeous. Its performance is exceptional as it can easily generate superior ball speed.

So, the veteran fairway wood players will love the Titleist TS3. Though the adjustability is the standout feature, its classic look and feel will place a big smile on your face every time you play with it.

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