Titleist TS2 Fairway Wood Review

Many people feel that Golf is a tough and dull game. They claim that one can’t learn anything by inserting a ball in a hole that is yards away.

No doubt, golfers will surely object such a statement. To them, golf is a skilful game that demands patience, endurance and tactful strategy.

Nevertheless, millions of people spend billions of dollar every year to make the game more exciting and beautiful. Herein, many companies are manufacturing some top quality clubs to satisfy the increasing demand.

Titleist TS2 Fairway Wood

Titleist, a successful brand, is working harder to provide different types of clubs for different types of players. After two years of study and development, Titleist presents their quickest fairway ever.

Our Review of the Titleist TS2 Fairway Wood

Their TS series fairways now inherit the all-new speed chassis that will increase the ball speed further. The TS2 fairway has some unique attributes that will amaze the players.

I am going to review all the ins and outs of this product in this article.

New Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology

The face of the fairway wood is built with the new variable face thickness technology. This amazing technology ensures a perfect blow from the club. The thin face helps to achieve increased ball speed by leaving space for small errors.

Ultra-thin Titanium Crown

Titleist engineers are claiming that they have brought the thinnest titanium crown in the market. The thickness of the new crown has been reduced by 27 percent compared to the previous model.

Surprisingly, the mass savings and the rearrangement of weight get you an 11% boost in the moment of inertia (MOI). Hence, the lightweight crown pushes the weight to be transferred deeper and lower.

As a result, you will be able to achieve superior and aerodynamic performance.

Active Recoil Channel 3.0

The Active Recoil Channel feature has been excluded from the TS2 and TS3 driver by the designers. However, they have kept this technology in the fairways. Obviously, this attachment improves the performance of TS2 fairway.

You can find ARC 3 on the surface of the TS2 head while extending taller into the head. This impressive technology increases the speed of the ball.

Optimized Weight Distribution

An optimized weight distribution system is a crucial inclusion in the TS2 Fairways. This system ensures a low center of gravity for a precise hit. Additionally, this weight distribution system is given to higher launch speed and lower spin rate.

Four Shaft Options

You have different shaft option available. Each has its benefits. The sport’s apex shaft designers fashion these options after going through several trial and error processes.

Furthermore, Titleist offers KUROKAGE black dual core 50, TENSEI AV Series blue 55, HZRDUS Smoke black 60 and EVEN FLOW T1100 white 65 shaft options.

Things I Liked

  • Active Recoil Channel for more ball speed
  • Multiple shaft options
  • Super launch with perfect shaft
  • Top-quality design with an ideal finish
  • Low center of gravity

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Head doesn’t contain the classic look
  • Less adjustability

User-Friendly (5/5)

Titleist TS2 is more user-friendly than the earlier version of Titleist drivers. It’s light and the thin surface will assist you to drive effortlessly. Most importantly; you will have a solid feel. Also, the fairway creates a sweet sound on every strike.

Moreover, the uncomplicated adjustability of the hosel and fixed swing weight provides even more comfort. Likewise, the optimized weight distribution system makes this wood more lightweight and convenient.

Titleist designers are claiming that TS2 fairway is the easiest to control in comparison to their previous clubs. That’s why inconsistent players will discover consistent results with this beautiful wood.

Shifting the low center of gravity not only makes the fairway more forgiving for occasional players but also generates a lower spin rate.

Greater Performance (5/5)

The inclusion of new speed chassis has improved the overall workability of TS2 fairways. This fairway has been introduced to produce higher launch angles and less spin. The designers have improved the speed and power of this fairway by making the crown thinner.

Additionally, the Active Recoil Channel 3.0 is taller. It enhances the fairway’s ability to increase the ball speed, mostly on the low face hits. ARC helps to generate speed and distance on an irregular surface or turf.  

Talking about speed and distance, this enthralling fairway has shown a first-class speed and distance in different situations.

The TS wood has demonstrated astounding performance in a variety of test cases. You can attain an average ball speed of 157 mph with a total distance of around 294 yards. Conversely, it shows a spin rate of 2300 rpm.

Straightforward Adjustability (4/5)

The TS2 inherits the SureFit Hosel. This hosel system allows for independent loft angle settings. Surprisingly, TS2 fairway wood has 16 distinctive lofts and lie angle combinations. Just make sure you’re fit for the right arrangement to suit your requirements on tour.

On top of that, the weights are interchangeable. However, the TS2 has a permanent location for Center of gravity. It allows the fairway to maintain spin. Titleist gives a 41.5 to 43 inches shaft with this extraordinary wood. On the whole, you will have some exceptional options to get a precise blast.

Robust Build Quality (5/5)

In order to provide a unique, new look; the makers redesigned the crown of this fairway. The thin structure of the crown permits the weight to be located lower and deeper in the head.

The attractive crown is made of ultra-thin titanium alloy which ensures aerodynamic performance. The variable face thickness delivers faster ball speed and extra forgiveness. The thin crown and VFT technology combined together provide extra Moment of Inertia (MOI).

Although the TS2 wood comes with a completely fresh arrangement, the size of the club head is still similar. Like the 917, TS2 has the same 175cc head that provides coolness and consistency you wish in a wood.

Our Final Thoughts

​The TS2 is more functional than the Titleist 917. It is easier to launch and most importantly, it will provide the player with more forgiveness on miss-hits. Overall, you are getting a powerhouse product for a healthy amount of price.

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