Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Review

Golfers who are passionate know that the Titleist brand is among the top brands in everything: golf irons and drivers, as well as clubs, and the company is involved with everything.

The products that contribute in the greatest way to its popularity are the golf balls. Therefore, today we’ll be focusing on providing you with a Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review.

Knowing the details will help you reach a decision easily, what with plenty of golf balls on the market to pick from. This Titleist Tour Ball is impressive due to its title’s word “soft.” Therefore, it is categorized as a low compression ball, which is a favorite for many.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Review

But, is the Titleist Tour Soft ball the right kind for your needs? Find out more here!

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball: Overview

The NXT Tour and NXT Tour S were two Titleist balls that were replaced by the Tour Soft. The Tour Soft golf ball blends the NXT Tour’s performanceand NXT Tour S’ low compression.

It comprises a two-piece design, like the Titleist NXT Tour S, with additional rigidity that comes from NXT Tour. Additionally, just like its predecessor NXT Tour and Tour S, it strives to deliver premium quality balls at an affordable price range.

The Tour Soft golf balls are designed to combine speed and controllability. Titleist infuses the Tour Soft ball with a large core so that it can offer as much speed as possible. It also includes a soft material within this core. This significantly enhances the feeling that the ball has.

Tour Soft Tour Soft comes equipped with a super-thin cover, adding to the overall feel of the ball and increasing the ball’s responsiveness.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball: Features

This golf ball is indeed a reinterpretation of different balls, like Titleist Pro V1. But that doesn’t mean the ball has no distinctive attributes.

Here, we will examine what it is about this golf ball that makes it different from others.

The Biggest Core Design

A golf ball’s core functions similarly to an automobile’s engine. A bigger core allows for greater speed for you to add into it. This golf ball features Titleist’s largest-ever core for a golf ball.

Naturally, this huge size helps the ball move faster than its previous versions.

More interior area for softer materials necessitates a larger core. This has the effect of making the ball feel softer. The majority of balls that are designed for softness appear hollow.

Although when it comes to the Tour Soft ball, the impact sound is less prominent. Therefore, this is an important thing to keep in mind for players who prefer the softness of a particular type when playing.

Another benefit of having a bigger core is the more room the golf club can play with the golfer when he hits it. Overall, it improves the carrying capacity of the golf ball. If you think about the massive-sized golf courses in use today, this feature is quite useful.

4CE Grafted Ultra-Thin Cover

Yet another feature unique to this ball is that it has an extremely thin cover. It is so small that it was forced to create a completely new method and technique to make it. It’sTCU Technology offers a perfectly uniform coating all over the core.

There are two benefits of having this super-thin cover. For one thing, it adds to the ball’s overall feel. It also provides excellent control of feel on the green. This is even when playing with wedges. Although the Titleist Tour Soft grabs less, it spins more consistently.

The Tour Soft, as opposed to other balls with low compression, does not sacrifice control.

Cuboctahedron Dimple Pattern

In addition to its benefits to enhance its performance, Titleist Tour Soft uses a completely innovative aerodynamics system. To increase trajectory, the ball sports a 342 spherical tiled cuboctahedron dimple pattern. As a result, the Tour Soft provides a much more piercing flight.

It also aids in the smoother flight of the ball. Even in windy conditions, the Titleist Tour Soft hang time is remarkable. The Tour Soft’s path makes achieving the distance you want significantly easier than normal.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball: Additional Details

The Tour Soft golf ball is an excellent, top-of-the-line golf ball for playing long games. The ball has more than enough range thanks to its penetrating flight and bigger core.

In addition, it is among the longest-running spins that can be used with drivers and irons as well. These are the characteristics that are difficult to come across with golf balls at this value.

The determination of the manufacturer to create cutting-edge technologies and aerodynamic construction has a big influence.

Because of this, the ball is extremely effective for short-range games. Unfortunately, it’s not at the urethane level yet. This is an important consideration because golf balls without a urethanecovering frequently fail in this area.

The Tour Soft is available in 2 colors, one of which is a bright yellow. Balls with high visibility are considered to offer players an extra confidence boost. They also stand out, making them a wonderful choice for people that prefer playing with a flair.

This Tour Soft is an ideal option for looking for quality and durability. But, golfers whose primary goal is top-quality performance in short games might not be very pleased.


The bigger core extends the distance that the ball carries.

The latest aerodynamic design allows modern flight.

The T-shape of the side stamp helps in aligning.


The ball’s increased spinning capability can be a problem for those with more powerful swings.

This Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is easily the finest at its cost. It has a few flaws, including a higher spin or covering without urethane that might not be suitable for everyone. However, it compensates for the minor shortcomings by offering a lot of positive features and is among the best options for beginners.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball: Our Final Thoughts

The Titleist Tour Soft promises golfers three things: super speed, increased spin,and controllability. Take some time to look at the ball for yourself.

It is then possible to determine if the Titleist Tour Soft is the ideal ball to meet your putting requirements. Additionally, you can read what other golfers have to say about it and make an informed purchase decision!

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