Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge Review

The successor to the Titleist SM7 wedges, the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge is designed to offer consistency in your shots and to help improve shot accuracy. But what has changed? And is the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge really an upgrade? Continue reading our Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge Review and learn all there is to know about the latest in the Vokey line-up.

What’s New?

The Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge is an incredibly versatile wedge with its six grind offerings. The wedge accomplishes the previously stated accuracy and consistency improvement by pushing the center of gravity forward, which produces a higher moment of inertia (MOI), a better feel of the clubface, and allows for better impact on your shots. The forward weight feature also makes the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge incredibly forgiving on full shots.

The wedge isn’t just about consistency; it is capable of providing serious spin too. This spin is provided due to the Spin Milled grooves on the face. The grooves on the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge are meticulously designed and engineered and feature micro-grooves in the ’empty’ space to maximize spin generation. Each and every groove on each club is then tested and inspected at the Titleist facility and then heat treated for maximum durability. This heat treatment is done so the feel of the club isn’t impacted and to make it longer lasting, of course.

Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge Review

Now, let’s talk about the versatility of the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge. Titleist knows every golf player is different, and different conditions require different grind options – this is why the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedges are available in six different grind options for various golfing conditions and different swing styles.

First is the ‘F Grind,’ which is the do-it-all designed for full wedge shots. The second is the’S Grind,’ which is a little narrower and provides a lot of stability and feedback. Next is the ‘M Grind,’ which is the most versatile of all and is geared towards players who like a little rotation on their shots. The ‘D Grind’ is the grind option that provides a high bounce and is for players or conditions that have or require a steeper swing. The penultimate grind option is the ‘K Grind.’ The ‘K Grind’ provides the highest bounce and is also the most forgiving option, designed to be played with in bunkers. The last option is the ‘L Grind.’ This option is for highly skilled golfers as it is narrow and the least forgiving option. But if you are skilled, the ‘L Grind’ provides incredible versatility and complete control.

The only place where you don’t get options is the shaft and grip of the club. The stock shaft is a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft, which a lot of golfers find a little weighty, but is great for golfers who have high swing speeds. The featured grip is Titleist’s Golf Pride Velvet and is very comfortable and durable. You do get four options for the wedge finishes. These options include a tour chrome, a brushed steel, a jet black, and a raw finish.

Performance Review

That’s it for what’s new and what’s featured on the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge. Now, we can get into how these wedges actually play on the golf course.

These wedges are beautiful. If you have played with the previous Titleist SM7, you’ll like the familiarity of the wedge, but it isn’t a complete copy of the SM7. The logo has been slightly moved, and the wedge has more ‘space’ for additions like stamps. The different finish options available are also beautiful – we especially liked the Jet Black finish, which is also great for visibility.

The first thing you’ll love about the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge is the sound and feel of the club. The sound it produces on shots is incredibly satisfying, crisp, and firm. The feedback on shots is nominal but there, especially for off-center shots.

The accuracy is where this wedge really shines. This is due to both the forward center of gravity and the milled grooves. This weight allows for great and precise distance control, and it maximizes the flight and distance you can achieve too. Again, if you’ve played with the previous SM7s, you’ll notice an immediate jump in distance and accuracy, all while still having the incredible feel of the SM7s.

The milled grooves provide amazing spin, which is required in a good wedge. As we mentioned earlier, these grooves are inspected to perfection and conform to USGA rules. The Titleist Sm8 Tour Wedge generates high amounts of spin, but the spin is easily controllable. On lob shots, the spin allows the ball to stop right where it lands, and they also allow shots in and around the greens to be incredibly accurate.

Things to Consider before buying Titleist SM8 Tour Wedges

Price: If you are just an average weekend golf enjoyer, the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedge might be a little too pricey to be worth it. These wedges are tour-grade, premium wedges and come with a price to match. You could buy a not-so-premium complete golf set for the price of three of the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedges.

Skill Level: Again, these wedges are tour-level wedges designed for the highest skilled players in golf. If you are just a beginner, you might be better off playing with a ‘simpler’ golf wedge. However, if you are an experienced and avid golfer, the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedges might just take your golf game to the next level!

Our Final Thoughts

If you are a highly experienced golfer, you’ll instantly fall in love with the Titleist SM8 Tour Wedges. They aren’t very forgiving, but they offer both versatility and consistency in your shots. The appearance and feel are also great and allow for amazing confidence in your shots, especially with a little wedgework customization. The distance and spin control both allow for a variety of accurate shots from anywhere on the course.

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