Titleist Pro V1x vs. Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

This head-to-head comparison between two of the most favorite golf balls is for all those golfers serious enough to take their game to the next level. Yes, we are talking about the Titleist Pro V1x and Chrome Soft x Golf balls.

Both these golf balls are tour-grade golf balls and the top choice among pro golfers. While it isn’t easy to compare tour-grade golf balls due to their excellent quality and brand recognition, it is still essential to add to a player’s optimum performance. In order to progress as a player, you need a golf ball that best suits your demands and playing style.

There aren’t many distinctions between both Callaway Chrome Soft x and Titleist Pro V1x; nonetheless, to choose the ball that best suits your style, it’s always better that you go out and test them for yourself. But if you are unable to do it yourself, don’t worry; we have gone through the trouble (and pleasure) of testing them both out for you, and the following is our review of the Titleist Pro V1x VS Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls.

Titleist Pro V1x vs. Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x VS Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x – features

Cover Urethane

Construction 4-piece

Dimples 348 spherically tiled

Compression Rating 108.4

Pattern Tetrahedral

colors standard white and yellow

For years, Titleist golf balls have set a standard of superior quality and excellent golf equipment, not only golf balls; everything that comes under the name Titleist is bound to be good, if not better than the rest.

The legacy is carried forward by the Pro V1x golf ball, which is manufactured with the latest technology and revamped from the inside to the outside. All the advancements have made a ball that is consistent and suitable for both pros and amateurs.

When you use this ball, you will notice significant improvements in the speed, precision, and length the ball covers.

Their new design matrix with a softer core makes it cover longer distances and generate greater velocity with a lower spin rate. Moreover, the unique design and alterations to the depressions of the ball maximize the distance while providing a better and smooth flight. These enhancements, when combined, result in soaring trajectory and faster delivery with reduced spin – the ideal mix for long-range shots off the course and with lengthier clubs.

To counterbalance the Pro V1x’s low long-distance spins, each golf ball is precisely molded with the softest polyurethane compound. On swings with clubs and high angle wedges, the softer cast produces greater spin, delivering more shot-stopping ability and greenside control.

Additionally, the softer feel is just better; and it certainly helps in the short game.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball Features

Construction 4-Piece

Material Urethane

Dimples 322

Compression Rating 95

Colors available in yellow and standard white

We all know how the quality of Callaway golf balls two years ago was, well, next to ZERO. The good news is that they realized their mistakes, worked on them and worked on them really well!

After a complete revamp, redesign, reevaluation of their procedures, and several months of hard work and investments, Callaway released the chrome soft golf balls, followed by the Chrome Soft X Golf ball, which has slightly higher compression than the original chrome soft balls.

This ball is designed to offer a similar performance to that of the Titleist Pro V1x. These balls were designed by Callaway specifically for golfers who swing their clubs faster than the standard Chrome Soft kind. The Chrome Soft X has now become Callaway’s most popular golf ball on the course, which is preferred by players like Sam Burns and Jon Rahm.

The Callaway Chrome Soft X hasfour components, just like other tour-grade golf balls. This 4-piece structure includes Callaway’s revolutionary Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core, which is designed to boost ball distance and speed. The new Chrome Soft X golf balls use Callaway’s groundbreaking Precision Technology, culminating in a ball that is accurate, reliable, and delivers optimum performance.

The way this ball feels on the course is a big part of why it’s so successful. While some may disagree that the feel is insignificant, it does have an impact on total green speed regulation. The softness or hardness of the ball influences your swing speed. The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a good choice; it’s firm on the outside but soft on the inside when you putter it. It distinguishes itself from other golf balls by not being too soft or too firm. You’ll have some of the best placement and range control on the course with the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball.

The Chrome Soft X is a high-spinning ball with superior precision on the course. The spin control is outstanding, especially from close range, despite the stiffness off the front. The Chrome Soft X’s Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core and lightweight cover provide these features.

Our Final Thoughts

When we talk about length, both Titleist Pro V1x and Callaway Chrome Soft X can cover vast distances while maintaining precision on the course.

The Titleist Pro V1x generates superior control around the greens with greater spinning. However, if you are a swinger, the Callaway soft X would provide you with better control and precision while maximizing the distance.

The ball you pick to play with is totally up to you, as there isn’t much of a difference in quality and performance between the two. What distinguishes them apart the most is the price range; the Callaway Chrome Soft X is a bit more affordable and available at a price of $40. On the other hand, Titleist Pro V1x is a little high-end and sells at over $50.

If you seek our opinion on which ball to choose, Titleist Pro V1x wins fair and square. It is a class apart and has set a standard for all other brands to follow. It’s out-class engineering technology and quality maintenance; Titleist doesn’t disappoint and will surely help you improve your game.

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