Titleist Drivers by Year – Timeline Review

A driver is a golf club with the longest shaft, biggest head, and the highest degree of loft. Mostly, drivers are made from premium material to add sturdiness and flow to your shots. That is why these golf clubs are expensive. Drivers are used for long-distance shots because of their large heads and strong grip.

Wanna Know the Best New Titleist Driver? Here You Go…

A pro golfer can cover up to 300 yards while a small percentage of amateurs achieve 250 yards with a golf driver. Landing a perfect shot with a driver is not easy; however, titlist drivers come with extra forgiveness for a perfect hit.

The Best Titleist Drivers by Year

Titleist is a well-known brand among golfers, and many pros use it in tournaments. Over the years, Titleist has made some of the most iconic drivers, and their older models are still sold at a good price. If you plan to buy one for yourself, keep reading our review of Titleist drivers by year.

2020: Titleist TSi3 Driver

This magnificent Driver made its debut on October 15, 2020, and took the golf club market by a storm. The Tsi3 Driver has been one of the most popular drivers on PGA tours and beyond, and it has shed the brand’s reputation of making “slow and spiny” divers. With its long shafts and a large forehead, the Driver adds more forgiveness and makes a sweet sound when hitting the ball.

The distance coverage for this Driver is simply amazing, and covering 250+ yards is not difficult. But the main focus of this Driver is speed and forgiveness, a combination hard to find in most drivers. For this Titleist driver review, we tested this product in various fields to see if it was worth the money.

Best Titleist driver reviewed

Titleist TSi3 is one of the best drivers for spin and stability. Its engraved texture controls your shots, and the large shaft was never a problem while swinging the club. Moreover, the vibration felt slightly lower than most drivers, and even putters plus the new ATI 425 titanium face added 6% more strength to shots. In summary, the Titleist Tsi3 driver is an amazing product worth the money. Once you get the hang of its face, landing perfect shots won’t be challenging anymore.

Key Features

  • ATI 425 titanium face
  • Extra 6% strength
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Added spin and stability

2019: Titleist TS1 Driver

Titleist TS1 carries the same technology found in all other Titleist TS family drivers. However, what makes this Driver unique is its maximum launch angle. The TS1 Driver is incredibly light, weighing 275 grams, shedding 45 grams from the TS2 Driver. The eight-gram lighter head helps golfers generate more momentum, and the 20-gram weight is shed by replacing the conventional grip of the TS family. The new grip introduced in the 2019 model is called Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite grip, 32 grams lighter with more friction.

The latest speed family of the Titleist drivers are designed to add more speed and stability. The key element that helps achieve this is the ultra-thin titanium crown that repositions weight for an ideal launch. The loft of this Driver is moderate, and thanks to the torque it generates, the ball goes high and far at the same time. The Titleist driver TS1 is an excellent purchase in 2020 because its charm hasn’t left the golf course yet.

Key Features

  • More speed and stability
  • ultra-thin titanium crown
  • More loft
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite grip

2018: Titleist TS3 Driver

Titleist Driver Ts3 is slightly more compact with less forgiveness. However, it makes up for its lack of forgiveness with optimum weight distribution. Its refined crown and face thickness creates a lower center of gravity for a higher launch and lower spin. Its MOI is 12% higher than its predecessor 917 drivers making it all the more appealing than it already is.

The enhanced aerodynamic shape of the Ts3 Driver reduces drag by a whopping 20% meaning your shots will be more tuned. Its sturdy body and strong grip are still in demand. Still, the TS3 Driver is sold for a high price in the market. In short, this club is by far the best Titleist driver reviewed by our team.

Key Features

  • 12% more MOI than 917
  • Has a unique refines crown shape
  • More aerodynamic with 20% less drag

2016: Titleist Driver 917D3

Known for its high forgiveness, adjustability, and distance, the 917D3 is still a game-changer on the field.  The Titleist Driver 917D3 made its debut on October 21, 2016, and it’s still desired by many golfers. Its appealing design and aerodynamic shape make it better than most golf drivers in the market.

This magnificent diver’s key technology is the SureFit CG tube that shifts the center for gravity for a more optimized launch for golfers of varying abilities. It’s an amazing club for amateurs and professionals. Thanks to its high forgiveness and shots, it sounds sweeter than honey on a perfect hit. Once you get the hang of this Driver, it provides more distance than your average Driver in 2020. In summary, the 917D3 still has it to compete with the latest drivers and outmatch them anytime.

Key Features

  • Surefit CG tube to speed control
  • Timeless design
  • More forgiveness

2016: Titleist 917D2 Driver

The Titleist 917D2 driver was the talk of the town when it was released in 2016. This amazing Driver came packed with tons of features. For instance, it was the first Driver with an adjustable center of gravity that helped with greater off-center ball speed. Moreover, the 917D2 Driver has a visually appealing design and a strong body for its time.

The 917D2 had more control over the ball speed than any driver of its time. Thanks to its active recoil channel, shots seemed more accurate, and the ball mostly landed in the center of the clubface. In this review of Titleist drivers by year, we enjoyed testing out the old and gold 917D2. We will go as far as saying this Driver still has what it takes to give a challenge on the green.

Key Features

  • Adjustable center of gravity
  • Active recoil channel
  • Appealing design

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