Titleist AVX Golf Balls Review

Titleist, the golf company, was founded many decades ago because of a missed stroke due to a faulty ball. Since its founding in 1932, Titleist has been the number 1 golf ball brand globally, producing top-quality golf balls used by the best golfers in the world for over 70 years now.

While the biggest success story in the Titleist lineup is the Pro V1 golf ball, being the favored golf ball for the majority of professional, amateur, and even beginner golf balls worldwide, all Titleist golf products are designed and manufactured to provide ultimate performance, consistency and of course, the highest of quality.

This article is our Titleist AVX Golf Balls Review. Before we get into the details and how these golf balls play, let’s look at the specs and features of the Titleist AVX Golf Balls.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls Review

Titleist AVX Golf Balls – Features

The newest release in the Titleist AVX lineup is a 3-piece constructed golf ball that improves the greenside spin while providing everything the older versions did. The New Core Formulation provides this better greenside spin. The Titleist AVX golf also features a thin and soft Urethane Elastomer cover, a new spherically-tiled 348 Catenary dimple design, and a high flex casing layer. The balls are available in standard white and a high-optic, visible yellow color.

According to Titleist, the new AVX golf balls are designed to help golfers improve, and the improved design provides everything from low spin, soft feel, low flight, and increased control and distance.

The 3-piece construction features an outermost layer, which is stiff and firm, and the innermost layer of the ball features a soft center. These features and the High Flex casing help this ball achieve high speed, low long shot spin, and high distances. The soft cover is made of soft Urethane, which provides a great feel to the golf ball and helps improve the golfer’s short game.

The new and unique Catenary aerodynamic dimple design is Titleist’s newest dimple design. The design features 348 tetrahedral aerodynamic dimples and seven different sizes of dimples too. This new design is meant to provide a ball flight that is consistent and also longer than the previous AVX generation of AVX golf balls.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls Review- Feel

The ball itself looks almost exactly like the Titleist Pro V1, just with a finish that is slightly more ‘whiter.’ The compression rating of the AVX golf balls is at a medium to high 80, which is soft to strike. If you have ever tried the Callaway Chrome Soft, the feel of the Titleist AVX is very similar. Also, the soft Urethane cover is very durable, not experiencing any scratches, marks, or chips.


As the ball is a medium spinning ball, you might be concerned about the AVX struggling in and around the greens. But the AVX, with its lower flight trajectory, provides an amazing, reliable, and consistent lower spin shot. The lower flight trajectory also helps with shots from the fairway, as you’ll be able to make use of shorter irons, as the ball provides great distance, which helps with the accuracy of the ball.

The soft Urethane cover and lower flight provide the golfers with a high spin rate, which can be maintained and controlled easily by golfers. Off the greens, the AVX allows golfers to play with confidence as its high spin reduces the amount of forward roll and skidding, improving your shot accuracy. Unlike other low trajectory golf balls, the AVX, due to its core, also boasts of amazing stopping power when playing shots from within 100 yards.


The distance is where the Titleist AVX golf balls shine. They provide excellent distance both off the tee and from fairway shots. It is one of the longest premium balls available to golfers today due to its large core, thin cover, and new aerodynamic dimple design. The aerodynamic design helps reduce drag and maximizes the distance the ball travels.

The AVX’s compression rating of 80 also makes this ball perfect for beginners and amateurs. A golf ball with a medium compression rating and a low flight trajectory is rare in the market. For players who have a slow to medium swing speed, this ball would allow them to maximize their distance and also allow them to hit more consistently. The medium compression might not be helpful to those golfers who already have a high swing speed, as low compression balls can’t fly the same distances as those golf balls with a high compression rating. If you are a golfer with swing speeds of over 100 mph, the Titleist Pro V1x would be more suited to your game.

Our Final Thoughts

This concludes our Titleist AVX golf balls review. We hope this review helps you understand all the new features and specifications in the newest Titleist AVX golf balls. Remember, don’t just go ahead and buy a golf ball that sounds good to you; there are a few factors you should keep in mind before purchasing a golf ball – the way you play and what areas of the game you need to improve on. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can choose a golf ball that works for you.

The Titleist AVX is an excellent ball that provides everything, from distance to spin and greenside control. If you are a golfer who has a low to medium swing speed, you could benefit from using the Titleist AVX golf ball.

This ball is suited to mid-high handicappers and comes in at a lower price point when compared to the Titleist Pro V1, with almost everything the Pro V1 has to offer – which means any beginner or amateur can play with these golf balls without worrying too much about losing a ball or two.

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