TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Hybrid Review

We are all well aware thatlearning the game of golf is not as simple as it looks. Thus, it is important for women who are just starting out to have the best sets of golf clubs available, clubs that will help them learn and enjoy the game. It takes a strong will and determination not to be discouraged by repeated shanking, dead ends, and trips into the dirt. Many newcomers give up because the learning curve is so difficult when they first begin.

But manufacturers of golf clubs are aware of the issue. Today, there are hundreds of beginners and improver golf clubs to select from, all of which have been specifically created to assist newcomers in overcoming the most difficult aspects of playing the game. As a result, a significant number of golf clubs are designed to appeal to beginners.

Today, we’ll examine one set of women’s golf clubs for beginners and advanced players. This review gives a full overview of this women’s TaylorMade Hybrid GolfClub.

TaylorMade Women's Kalea Hybrid Review

One of the most well-known brands in golf is TaylorMade, and for a valid reason. When aiming to play your best every round, you can rest assured all of their clubs are crafted with high-quality materials. TaylorMade has been a leader in golf manufacturing innovation for the past 40 years. The business has advanced equipment technology since introducing a steel-headed driver at the 1979 PGA retail show. The TaylorMade Kalea series, which includes a driver, wedge, and putter, is the company’s first entirely female club line. TaylorMade’s Women’s Kalea hybrids and irons are designed to help you get the most from every stroke, thanks to their lightweight design.

Our Review of TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Hybrid

The Kalea line of clubs was created from the ground up with the needs of the typical female golfer in mind.

Hybrid irons come in 4H and 5H versions and are light, aerodynamic irons that allow for greater clubhead speeds on the golf course. The clubs have an attractive white cap and green/yellow pattern on the sole.

The Kalea driver boasts a white pearl head, a beautiful, brushed chrome face, and a hitting area that highlights the sweet spot. This design helps women who struggle with striking the ball and getting the ball up in the air quickly with a driver gain confidence.

This club was quite easy to swing, and it was pretty easy to get height instantly. However, the feel and sound have a lot of room for improvement, and we wouldn’t say there was a bouncing effect off the face or excessive stability in the hitting zone.

The TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Hybrid is an excellent choice for females looking for a golf club that combines power and control. The head of this club is constructed of forged carbon steel and is of very good quality. This club’s shaft is composed of graphite and has a lightweight design. It also has a deep face angle, which allows you to get a greater distance out of your shots. This club’s grip is made of leather, so it will feel comfortable in your hands while still providing a solid grip when playing golf.

Pros of TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Hybrid

Slotted Sole Technology

The slot mechanism flexes the face, increasing ball velocity and forgiving on off-center strikes. Theslotted sole increases the flexibility of the clubhead. As a result, you will achieve good speed.

Very Forgiving

Compared to other clubs, these are a lot more user-friendly.


Lightweight golf clubs mean more distance on your shots. You can hit it farther if the club head is lightweight because you’ll be able to swing faster without feeling bogged down by the weight of your club. This can be especially helpful on long par 4s or holes where you have farther than usual to go. Lightweight golf clubs also mean better accuracy because they’re easier to handle. These clubs are not heavy.

Great Distance

The sole slotted technology in the hybrid makes the head of the club more flexible on contact. Because of the flexibility, you may get more impact on the ball and gain great distance and speed even as a newbie.

Speed Pocket Cavities

The bottom end of the heads of thesehybrid golf clubs includes several air pockets. The air pocket allows the clubhead to be more flexible, increasing your ball’s speed. It is more beneficial to a new player.

Cons of TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Hybrid


These are a little costly whether you buy them from the TaylorMade website or Amazonpage.

Lightweight Clubs

These clubs are very lightweight, which may not be good for players of intermediate or powerful skill levels.

Our Final Thoughts

The TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Hybrid is worth a shot if you’re looking for a solid hybrid. It’s lightweight, playable from all different lies, and provides plenty of forgiveness to make your strokes more consistent. If you want a new go-to club for those driving holes, the TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Hybrid certainly makes for a solid choice. As far as hybrids go, this one checks off all of the key features and for an excellent value as well.

All the Kalea clubs have slot technology that allows the face to bend, resulting in higher ball speeds and distance, even on off-center strokes.

The Kalea range tries to minimize distance gaps between clubs so that you have a club that you believe is appropriate for any stroke on the course. The only thing we can’t guarantee is that you’ll be walking away without any extra strokes, but hopefully, we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

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