TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls Review

So, if you happen to be someone who prefers to spend their Sunday mornings out in the golf course, then you will need the right equipment to be able to do your best. The golf ball is a crucial element of the game. 

And the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball is an option that you can give a try. But is it worth your money? That’s the topic we are going to explore in this article.

And from now onwards this review will try to make your choice more accessible by providing you all the details.

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball Review

It is a matter of great importance to know more about the thing you are going to buy if you want to win. That’s why here we are going to go over the aspects of the golf ball briefly.

The TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball is not one of the golf balls you use for a fun game of golf; instead, this is most commonly used in tour-level games. That’s some serious stuff right there. So, this, by professionals, and thus it must act like it is a part of a cool game.

At first, when you see the ball, it looks just like a normal one, the same as any other tour golf ball or the ones produced by TaylorMade. All the aspects and the visual features of the ball is very regular and average. But don’t be fooled by the mere looks of it. There is more it the ball than that.

The main reason why you shouldn’t be fooled is that it was not made to look different. Instead, it is designed so that it would have an impact on your performance, and along with that, it will have an effect on the results of the game of golf you play.

The golf ball is made up of five different layers; there are three layers at the core and two on the cover, that is where it gets the 5 in the TP5 from. The sheets are added to give an oomph to your game the is not done by other balls; for example, the makers promise that this has a tri-fast core and maximum energy transfer.

All of which will play an important part when you are out on the course.

Key Features of the TP5 Golf Ball

Now that we have gone over few of the small things about the TP5 golf ball, it is now to dive into the depths so that we all can get to know a little bit more about this golf ball. So, let’s get to know its key features.

Spin and speed

Spin is something would want to have when you are playing golf unless of course, your slice is severe. You might also know spin as backspin, which helps in improving the aerodynamics, you will even much lower resistance due to it.

So, after you have made your swing, due to spin or backspin, the ball will stay in the air for a more extended period which has a significant effect on the shot.

Spin is not the only plus point here; the speed this golf ball picks up is also one of its many features.


In a game of golf, you might have to spend your ball a short or a long-distance depending on where the whole is. So, the gap is significant in the game. While the club is essential when it comes to making a distant shot but how far the ball will go also depends on the ball too.

With a TaylorMade TP5, you can cover all distance, especially the lower trajectory with ease. Now that’s something not familiar in all golf balls.


You are going to be paying a pretty penny when it comes to purchasing the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball. So, it very reasonable for you to assume that it will last you a long time, as otherwise, golf will quickly become very expensive to have. That’s where the TP5 has an advantage.

The durability of these golf balls is much better than the other ones you will find. It will not get ruined when it goes through a rough patch, trees, or even boulders. The probability of you losing them is far higher than the likelihood of them getting out of shape.

Performance in Short Games

Short games are vital for players and very specific, and premium golf balls are required when it comes to golf. And people are willing to drop a lot of dollars to make sure they can do well in these games. Back spins are what make or break the game.

So, with the TP5, you will be able to get just enough spin to make sure the ball goes into the whole when the shots are made from about a hundred yards away. Not only will it provide you with the required spin, but you will also have much better control over your skills and shots.


Like you read before, this ball is made up of five layers which have a significant impact on how the ball performs in a game. The triple layer in the core is what helps it to pick up speed. So, the dual-spin cover of the ball is also something that is a result of the two outer layers of the ball.


  • Suitable for both long and short distance
  • The launch angle is higher in comparison to other similar balls
  • Last for a very long time
  • 5-layers have been used to make the ball


  • On the more expensive side

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soft gold balls suitable for long-distance?

In most cases, it is reasonable to assume that with softballs, you are likely to lose the distance, but that isn’t a situation you will face with the TP5.

On average, how long does a gold ball last?

This mainly depends on how often you play and what type of golf course you are playing on. But you should be able to play seven full 18-whole rounds before you see a difference in the performance.

Our Final Thoughts

With that, we have come to an end with our discussion about the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball. And now you have all the required information to decide this is worth the purchase.

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