TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 Putter Review

Every golfer knows that if they’re not implementing the best technology in their game, they’re losing out on strokes, which means their game is not what it could be.

You may have a preference for conventional designs that you’re not willing to give up, and the TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 delivers the best technology and design to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Choosing the TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 will dramatically improve your game on the greens, allowing you to stick with a bold design that’s extremely cool and traditional.

Jason Day incorporated a red color to the classic Taylormade putter, which contrasted with white golf balls to create an enticing effect that resulted in him soaring to the number one world ranking.

TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 Putter Review

One of the best qualities of the Taylormade series is the mallet head design, which ensures forgiveness, making it quite a versatile option for many golfers looking to improve their game.

The TP Ardmore collection has received gold ratings and given golfers a new and exciting experience that improves their confidence on the golf course.

Let’s consider what makes the TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 Putter worth buying.

TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 Putter– Key Features And Design

Although there are many excellent putters on the market, some people prefer a certain brand or choose ones that are in alignment with their playing style.

Various technologies are used to design putters to ensure they have what it takes to withstand the test of time by providing excellent key features that improve golfers’ game.

The TaylorMade Ardmore 1 Putter incorporates Pure Roll Technology, which ensures the ball rolls quickly and stays on line, maintaining an ideal trajectory.

Golfers can also use the adjustable sole weights to their advantage by choosing the best head weight to improve their swings, which is a feature that sets the Ardmore 1 Putter from its competition.

The red finish plays a more significant role than just looking cool; the contrast it provides to the ball ensures that alignment is made easy, and golfers can approach the ball in an ideal way to set up the perfect shot.

Many companies realize that golfers are looking for an increasing MOI and as much forgiveness as possible, which has a dramatic impact on their game.

You can achieve these qualities by introducing fangs, flanges, and bars, adding significant mass to the putter but complicating the design.

The TP Ardmore does it better than anyone else because it does not sacrifice the design for these qualities, making it suitable for golfers who prefer using a putter with that traditional mallet shape.

Only Taylormade incorporates Pure Roll Insert Technology, which is possible by using premium aluminum with angled grooves that maximize the surface area of contact with the ball, ensuring that it rolls forward more effortlessly than other alternatives on the market.

What you get from this technology is a putt that always stays on line, maintaining a smooth and efficient trajectory for golfers looking to drive the ball across the course towards the hole.

Each stroke is made easier by the unique design, which increases stability and adds weight to the head, reducing the overall rotation and increasing the forgiveness.

Golfers can adjust the weights to their preference to find what works for their unique strokes, which adds massively to their preference and loyalty for the TaylorMade series.

Since the design also plays a part in affecting a golfer’s game, the traditional mallet look offered by the TP Ardmore makes it possible to approach the ball with confidence.

The red and white contrast makes it possible to distinguish between the ball, putter, and green, creating alignment, precision, and accuracy, which carries over to every swing.

There is no sheen whatsoever, which works in the golfer’s favor by reducing worry from glare on a sunny day.

All of these things combine together to enhance the golfing experience, making the Ardmore Putter quite popular in the eyes of the golfing community.

TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 Putter– Pros And Cons

Customer reviews have made it clear that the TP Ardmore is quite versatile and improves gameplay due to the combination of technologies it offers.

Ratings for build quality, control and performance, and design and appearance are extremely high, enticing golfers from around the world to invest in the Taylormade series and try it out for themselves.

The main advantages offered by the TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 Putter are the Pure Roll Technology, Red Finish, and Adjustable weights, which combine together to create the optimal experience.

Players are given various options for head designs so they can implement what works for them and customize their putter according to their style and preference.

Each swing results in a consistent trajectory that keeps the ball in alignment, and the contrast delivered by the different colors ensures that golfers remain confident in their swing and maintain ball alignment effortlessly.

Some disadvantages of choosing the Ardmore 1 Putter are that it is quite expensive and pricier than other alternatives on the market.

Golfers have also reported that it makes a clicking sound, which can be distracting and takes away from a smooth and optimal experience.

The mallet head design may not appeal to everyone since many golfers have different tastes, making a blade putter more ideal for many who prefer to stick to what they know and like.

You can expect to find a total of 6 head designs, which means there is likely a putter that suits your exact preference.

The head weight is identical for all head designs at 355 grams, and the stock grip is also exceptional in providing golfers with the ideal texture to make accurate swings.

Final Verdict

The TaylorMade TP Ardmore 1 Putter is no joke and comparable to the most premium putters on the market, which is reflected by its price.

However, it’s not appealing to everyone and has some cons, which makes it less desirable to golfers who are looking for a different head design and don’t want to deal with the ‘clicky’ sound distractions.

Overall, this putter is exceptional and uses the best technologies to ensure superior gameplay, which is why the customer reviews are excellent.

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