Taylormade Spider X Putter Review

People are speaking highly about this new driver (Taylormade Spider X Putter) in the golf world. We have taken an interest in reviewing it and verifying if the club is as good as it should be. Now, based on our study and research, we’re afraid that we have to agree with what people are saying about it.

Now, why do we find this product outstanding? What are the unique features that make it so great? We are going to find these out in a while.

During the research, we found out some pretty amazing stuff about the product. A buyer needs to know about them before going for this fantastic golf club. Let’s talk about them without wasting time.

Our Taylormade Spider X Putter Review

If you know about the brand already, it should be no wonder to you that it has been brilliant with the heads of the clubs it produced. This time, we see the company naming it Spider.

The most impressive thing about this head is that you get a strong feeling about the efficiency of it. I must say that there isn’t any clubhead that looks similar to it.

The brand introduced the design years ago. And one has to admit that it has achieved a fair deal of success through it. That’s why manufacturers have decided to hold onto this specific design.

There are two good things about going with the same design. One is that you get to know beforehand that there will be your favorite features in the product. Also, it allows the brand to come with great ideas for improving those features to make the golfing experience more fun for you.

It’s the tenth time the market has witnessed a Spider golf club, every time with something new and classy to offer. And they have done a great job with this Spider X making their 10th anniversary all too memorable.

The incredible changes we see in this new driver deserved to be talked about in details. And that’s what we are about to do.

When you look at the club for the first time, you are most likely to notice the change they have made in its weighting. You see, previously, it was that good old exhaust pipes, which were also superb on their days.

But, when you check out the streamlined perimeter weighting this model comes with, you feel that they should’ve come with this idea earlier.

Now, its shape is still the same old one. What changed only is that there’s more angle in the weighting so that your eyes do not wander outward much. What’s fantastic is that you get to customize the weights in this delightful golf club.

Customizable Weight

You can customize the weight according to your need from as little as 2 grams up to 12 grams. Tell me if that’s not marvelous. For, you won’t get a better weight profile in other drivers.

With such weighting capacity, there’s not going to be an eyesore. And thus you can focus more on improving your game. Moreover, an extended perimeter weighting isn’t something that you get with too many clubs.

To see this incredible feature coming into play, you have to rotate the club and check out the sole of its head. There will be a carbon fiber visual in place. They have placed it nicely in the club’s central mass area.

All these are to make sure that the weight gets into the head’s perimeter perfectly. Thus, you have the maximized stability that will make your game better.

Carbon Composite Sole

This is the feature that plays the most vital role in optimization of weighting. It assists in allocating weight on any one side of this driver’s toe and heel section.

The frame in this club comes with areas that are perfectly carved out for this weight optimization purpose. And what’s interesting about it is that you don’t notice it quickly.

Now, in the process of making the weighting incredible, the club doesn’t compromise a bit on the stability and appearance of the head. You have the 355g weighing head allowing you to add a bit of carbon composite in place of the inner sole. Thus, you maximize the perimeter weighting remarkably. 

Pure Roll Insert

This is an improvement they have made, which you cannot see, but will undoubtedly hear. The brand has been introducing this technology in many of its products.  It has been quite successful, too, in doing so. Now, with this model, there’s a white surlyn insert in place that is made thicker.

Now, every golfer craves for that soft and smooth sound the club produces upon hitting the ball. If you are no different in this case, then you are going to love this club. For, it will provide such audible feedback, thanks to this insert technology. Yes, the insert responsiveness in this club is on another level.

With such technology, the grooves will make it easy to introduce the forward roll on that white ball. This way, the ball will move quickly and accurately to reach the target. You don’t get to see such an efficient pure roll in any other clubs.  

True Path Alignment

When you are about to pipe the ball down, make sure to have a glance at the alignment system the brand has introduced. With this ‘True Path Alignment’ in place, you are going to know the exact direction the ball will be heading toward.

You can imagine how consistent the shots will be, therefore. Thus, you will be a confident golfer who hits the ball at the desired distance over and over again.

The head in this club is designed in a way that the most comfortable contact is made with the ball. Now, the best thing about this alignment is that it isn’t painted on the head, instead is indented into it.

And the impressiveness of the design doesn’t stop there. The depth of the head makes it well connected to the top line.

Gorgeous Color

The brand has made an incredible move by featuring a new color in this driver. The navy and copper color it decided to go with will be perfect for any gentleman’s taste. And as for the alignment, you can choose either one of the all-white and white on the centerline.

As much as we would love to know about your color preference, let us assure you that both of them go perfectly with the club’s design.

Both the single bend shaft and slant neck comes with cleanest of lines. And we are talking about some all-black stuff over here.


  • More excellent stability than most other clubs
  • Forgiveness is too impressive
  • Finding the sweet spot becomes easy
  • Modified weight ports that are easily adjustable


  • The price is too much
  • Some might find the head a bit large

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a headcover included?

Yes, usually there’s a headcover that comes along.

Does it come with any extra weight?

No, there are only those weights that are on the putter. No extra weights will be there.

What’s the grip for this club?

It comes with Pistol Grip 1.0.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are okay with the price, then there’s no reason to hold yourself back from getting such an awesome club. You won’t get such excellent stability and forgiveness both in one club much often. And who doesn’t love to find the sweet spot all the time, right? So, sit back with a cup of tea and think about it.

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