TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review

The TaylorMade SIM Max Driver review discussesthe latest in the brand’s Shape in Motion range of drivers.

TaylorMade SIM Evolution

M-series drivers from TaylorMadehave featured prominently in the brand product range starting with the launch of the M1 in 2015. The range has been marketed for a couple of years now during which it has proven itself on professional tours while impressing ordinary golfers as well.

TaylorMade orchestrated several innovations along the way courtesy of this driver range. These advancements comprise Twist Face and carbon-fiber construction. Speed Injection is one high-tech innovation that has allowed incremental gains in ball launch speed each year.

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review

The M series has served its purpose well and has now been retired by TaylorMade. The brand decided to leverage what it learned from this range and move on to more exotic lineups. The SIM range of drivers incorporates many of the material advancements found in the M series and completely new design innovations designed to boost forgiveness, carry distance, and launch speed.

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver


As the name implies, “Shape in Motion” affords high priority to aerodynamic shape. This is a key factor that determines swing speed since drag is at a maximum just prior to impact. The “Shape in Motion” design concept mitigates aerodynamic drag at this point courtesy of high-tech engineering so that you can reach full speed on your swings just before impact.

This is a key matter to remediate according to the brand since others don’t really optimize swing speed at this critical juncture. That is because other brands focus on the aerodynamics of the club head moving in a straight line and not in an arc as it happens in real life.

By deploying a wind tunnel and 3D aerodynamic analysis, TaylorMade threw in everything including the kitchen sink to attenuate drag just before impact. To this end, the brand utilized asymmetry in the sole for a tangible boost in aerodynamics.

Testing has shown that thanks to this innovation, ball launch speed goes up by around 2 mph which can get you 3 to 5 yards extra distance when you tee off.

Being in the business for so long, TaylorMade soon realized that a single club can’t have it all. Hence, the SIM driver was constructed to reign in shot bias and mitigate spin while SIM Max was designed to max out forgiveness. Due to these different needs, the SIM Max is designed to have an 8 percent bigger face compared to the SIM.

Weight Distribution

There is also the back weight of 20 grams embedded into the SIM Max which is worlds apart from the 12-gram as well as 10-gram front (sliding) weight found in the SIM. As a result of this design tweak that involves placing the back weight on the inertia generator tip inside the sole, the MOI in the SIM Max goes up by a neat 70 units compared to the SIM.

Optimized for the Point of Impact

The curved sole is asymmetrical which is optimized to boost aerodynamics at the point where players pump out the most speed. For good players with powerful swings, the 9 o’clock swing speed reaches around 90 mph. in the 6 o’clock position, just prior to impact, the club head speed can reach 120 mph. Hence, the SIM is designed for max performance at prime time – just during this critical point of impact.

Speed Pocket

Another thing to note is the Speed pocket tech under which the face is not linked to the sole. This is much like P790 TaylorMade irons.

The nice thing about this driver is that it has an adjustable hosel so that you can adjust the loftand lie by +/-2 degrees.

New Looks

There have been some cosmetic changes as well to the SIM driver.

The carbon fiber crown is lined with chrome for a polished lustrous look. The grey-hue paint looks quite slick. These are borrowed from automotive design to give the impression of speed and aerodynamics.

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX LS Men’s Driver


The latest drivers from Cobra are engineered to take your game to another level by reducing spin and alleviating bias. Out of the 3 different heads available, the standard head will fit the needs of most golfers.

Multi-material tech entails the use of aluminum, titanium, and steel. The weighting system is designed for increased ball speeds and lower spin.

TaylorMade Stealth Driver


The Carbon twist face of this club head is imbued with nanotexture technologythat can reduce spin and improve launch so that the ball goes the distance under a variety of conditions. Slick design features allow for weight savings. Weights are strategically placed deep and low within the head to boost MOI.

The inertia generator tech allows for exceptionally high club head speeds during the most critical moment of your swing so that you can strike the ball with full force and watch with satisfaction as it sails high and far.

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max LS Driver


The latest Callaway driver has an array of tech embedded into it for better shot characteristics. Thanks to the club head design your shots will result in better ball trajectory at lower spins which will eliminatedraw bias from your strokes.

For increased forgiveness, tungsten steel weights have been tactically placed deep inside the head to allow for better ball speeds even on off-center hits.

The brand has leveraged AI to allow for better shot stability and higher speeds off the face at various points.

Our Final Thoughts

The TaylorMade SIM Max Driver review touched upon the key features and performance characteristics of the driver to help you decide whether it will suit your style of play.

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