TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls Review

If you’re a golfer, whether a professional or an amateur, you’ve seen the name TaylorMade. They are a well-known company that is known for its incredible golf balls. Since the beginning, TaylorMade has been producing quality golf balls that are a favorite of all golfers.

For every golfer playing long distances, covering a significant distance on the field is crucial. The ball plays a role just as it does in the golf technique. The ideal ball will add distance without affecting the game.

With this in mind, TaylorMade has launched their Rocketballz golf balls this time. It helps achieve greater distances with soft characteristics. It is faster and has sufficient control, making it an appealing option for golfers of all levels.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls Review

In the following TaylorMade Rocketballz golf balls review article, we conducted an extensive study of this wonderful two-piece golf ball. We also learned everything there is to learn about the ball beforebuying it.

So, let’s get started.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Overview

The golf ball that we have here is designed to be used by all golfers, from amateurs to professionals. Anyone who wants to get a premium ball but cannot due to budget constraints afford this. It is a tour-certified ball as a two-piece ball, with an IOTHANE cover and Rocketballz’s unique REACT core. It also has a long-distance capability without sacrificing spin resiliency.


  • The high-quality design guarantees the highest speed but also super control and spin.
  • React is among the Rocketballz features that give an incredibly soft and comfortable feel.
  • The 360 dimples that line the exterior cover are smooth and aerodynamically designed to allow for ease of playing.
  • High-end golf ball made for handicapped
  • Mid compression of around 82.
  • It lasts long even after playing for a long time regularly.
  • Golf balls that are affordable to any golfer.


  • The trajectory could seem a little low to get it to work.
  • They could bounce across the field.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Construction

TM RBZ golf balls come in a three-piece design, including a high-speed core (React), a speed mantleouter layer, and a thin, soft, Surlyn cover made of Iothane. The react core was explicitly designed to increase the speed of the ball and offer a smoother feeling and greater control than what you can experience with various other golf balls offering high-speed. Speedmantle’s outer core is designed to maximize the distance and speed, and iothane covers increased distance and speed. Iothane covering’s materials and the dimple pattern of 360 increase the ball’s controllability and spin.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Compression

If you’re wondering what a golf ball’s compression refers to, it is how the shapes of your ball change upon contact with the club. Balls that have a higher compression rate fly higher as they feel more firm and offer not a lot of controllability. On the other hand, golf balls with low compression provide a comfortable feel and excellent control. However, they aren’t as fast as those that have greater compression. TaylorMade RocketBallz has a somewhat firm feeling when they are hit and achieve greater distance and control when compared to many other golf balls that claim to be distance-oriented.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Spin

A golf ball’s spin is what gives it someheight. The more spin you get, the higher the ball can fly once you hit your golf club. TaylorMade Speed golf ball’s dimple pattern on the iothane covering is specifically designed to increase the ball’s spin. The speedmantle’s outer core makes it have a quicker spin, too.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Distance

There is no way that a TaylorMade RocketBallz review could be written without the mention of the excellent distance it provides. We like this golf ball because it significantly increases distance; however, it doesn’t diminish performance like most other golf balls for long distances and high-speed do. It’s owing to the fact that it has the softest feel of all golf balls made to improve distance, meaning you’ll experience a relatively smooth control and an even, precise shot, as well as a high speed and vast distance.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Durability

Apart from their long-range, urethane golf balls are famous for the durability they offer. They will withstand a great deal of shots from the golf club without revealing any marks, making them an ideal option for those who need balls that will last.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Performance

This TM Rocketballz Speed golf ball can be described as a two-piece ball with the highest velocity and a more relaxed control characteristic. This is easily described as the top 2-piece golf ball to play distance. The speed is high due to the Speedmantle core will never let golfers lose control or lose their grip on the ball.

The 360 dimples that line the outside cover are used to cut through the air. For a mid-level ball spin-off, irons don’t have an issue to be snored about. You’ll be able to control any club.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Affordability

For a golf ball that is mid-level, it is impossible to find an even better ball at this price bracket. Let’s say that it’s the most expensive 2 PIECE BALL FOR the money. In terms of features and characteristics, one could easily say it’s an absolute stunner. This is the best option for anyone with an extremely tight budget.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: FAQs

Are TaylorMade RocketBallz good?

Its TaylorMade RocketBallz high-speed golf ball makes an excellent choice for those trying to improve the distance in their game. They are a perfect option if you’re looking to increase your distance while maintaining enough control for a fun short match.

What is it that makes TaylorMade golf balls unique?

TaylorMade works tirelessly to offer you the most advanced technology to enhance and improve your game, from golf balls to metal woods. The new RocketBallz golf ball from TaylorMade is a three-piece multi-layered ball that provides amazing distance and performance.

What’s the compress of the TaylorMade RocketBallz golf ball?

It is no surprise that TaylorMade refers to this golf ball Rocketballz Speed is no surprise to anyone familiar with TaylorMade. It is a golf ball with a compression of 82 specifically designed to assist the slower players in getting the maximum distance.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls: Our Final Thoughts

After all that, what should we think about this ball? It’s a great ball. TaylorMade RocketBallz Speed golf ball is an excellent option for golfers trying to improve the distance of their game. They are best suitable for golfers with moderate swing speeds between 90-99 MPH. Although the feel may not be as smooth as other tour categories and more slow-speed balls, it’s highly soft considering the distance you can expect to get. Overall they are a fantastic option if you’re looking to dramatically increase the distance you can play while still maintaining enough controllability to play a good short game.

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