TaylorMade RocketBallz Speed Driver Review

While it may look easy to a non-golfer, golf is a technical sport. Those who play the game realize that it requires great control, accuracy, and a whole lot of focus. Only then can you enjoy and improve your game.

Many players, especially beginners, tend to struggle to adjust to the complexity of the game. They don’t enjoy their experience on the course, as most of the time they aren’t using a driver that suits their game. As a result, they spend their money on expensive drivers without having any clue about which club is ideal for them.

Whether you’re someone who’s just a beginner at the game, or some of the few low handicap level golfers, it’s important to know that having the right golf driver can make all the difference. Choosing the right driver requires you to make decisions about the club head size, shaft flex, loft, and driver length. This means that you should understand your own game and consider your needs.

TaylorMade RBZ Driver

We’re going to review the TaylorMade RBZ Driver, which is best suited for players in search of distance gains and high forgiveness. Let’s discuss this driver in detail with all its pros and cons.

TaylorMade RBZ Driver: Overview

Keeping in mind the popularity of TaylorMade, it won’t be hard to believe that they’ve been the leaders in the category, producing some of the finest drivers available in the market. TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver is also reaching the top of the list of speed drivers, proving to be a big hit for many players.

This driver was designed with the aim to provide more speed and distance along with generous forgiveness. This makes the driver a perfect fit in the game improvement driver category.

The driver is extremely light, and weighs a less than 300 grams. It also has good aerodynamics, allowing good carry and grip components. For those who have slow swing speeds, this driver makes it easier to swing helping to get more distance on each strike.

Despite being super lightweight, they’ve managed to incorporate an adjustable hosel for golfers who enjoy more control over their loft. To provide added control, they’ve also reduced the shaft length by half an inch making the shaft 46-inch long, without affecting the speed of the shots.

This driver features some notable technologies as well, such as the Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) and the Flight Control System (FCT) which we’ll discuss in detail later.

However, it has no moveable weights, and neither does it feature an adjustable sole plate as in some prior models.

Key Features of the RBZ Driver

As mentioned earlier, this driver employs some of these key technologies.

Flight Control Technology

This driver utilizes FCT hosel that allows the user to choose among eight options to fine tune the lie and loft, as well as angle of the clubface. You can increase or decrease loft by 1.5° and modify the face angle to 3° closed or 3° open. This will help fine tune the ball flight according to the desired shot shape.

Inverted Cone Technology

This technology used in the driver enhances the size of the sweet spot. As a result, on accurate hits you’ll cover maximum distance and even in case of off-center hits it’ll maximize the speed. In order to lower the center of gravity to get high launch with limited spin, they’ve designed a thick-thin crown construction. This helps to get maximum ball speed across the face.

The driver is available in three lofts: 9.5°, 10.5° and High Launch.


The driver comes along with a standard 55-gram Matrix X-Con 5 shaft. As the shaft is made using graphite, it is lightweight, which many users found suitable.


The club head is of a smaller size, with its shape that’s less of a triangle and more towards a better traditional look. They’ve used a striking combination of matte black finish on the club face that stands out against the white crown. The sliver/lime graphics on the back of the crown help to break up the visual lines. They believe that it makes the alignment better and easier.

The driver has an ahina ion plated shaft that adds to its great look.

The only downside is that dirt and debris is quite visible on the driver due to its white color.

Feel and Sound

This driver seems to be quite responsive in terms of delivering sound and feel to the user.

In case of a mishit, the driver provides a good tactile and audio feedback indicating immediately that you haven’t struck it on the bolts. Whereas there’s a noticeable audible difference when you hit square on, as it gives off an extremely loud and powerful sound that is very satisfying for most players.

The clubface feels extremely hot, giving you the sense of shooting the ball off the face. The club head seems to have a good heavy and solid sensation to it, providing a great overall balance and feel.

Overall the feel and the performance of the driver wipe out any sound complaints. It’s a good choice as having a solid feeling driver can give a golfer confidence in their game.


Normally, the TaylorMade RBZ driver gives good results for most golfers. The ball flight would feel true to the loft. The driver helps to launch the ball high off the tee providing high trajectory on each shot. The ball is able to stay in flight for longer time, allowing you to cover more distance with no ballooning. Even when the driver is on neutral setting it releases the ball high with consistency in flight.

The high launch not only covers more ground, but also allows you to take some more aggressive lines off the tee. The driver is also forgiving on mishits, giving your shots more accuracy and maximizing the distance being covered.

Price Point

Although you might find TaylorMade RBZ driver to be expensive, but keeping in mind its quality and design, the price seems justified.

Pros & Cons of the TaylorMade RBZ Driver


  • The quality and design being offered justifies the price point of the driver.
  • Hitting the sweet spot provides long distance on each shot and despite a mishit, the driver offers high forgiveness managing to cover fair distance.
  • Helps to get distance gains due to the lightweight design and its aerodynamic features.
  • Offers adjustability for shot shaping, swing, or conditions.
  • Allows high launch on each strike with good carry.


  • Some players found the launch to be a bit high, which might indicate that it needs hosel adjustment.
  • Not all users were as impressed with the looks of the driver.

Our Final Thoughts

We think the TaylorMade RBZ driver with its solid feel and offerings is a great pick for most golfers. It offers a good combination of features in a price that’s too good to be true in comparison with other premium drivers.

It can be of great help when you need to improve your swing speed or need extra distance on your shots. It also provides a lot of forgiveness on those unavoidable mishits. The best part is that it can be fine tuned according to your preferences.

If you’re a high handicapper, this is an ideal driver for you, but it works well for mid and lower handicappers as well.

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