TaylorMade M4 Driver Review

Drivers are here to help you with one thing – to create as much distance as possible. In this area, TaylorMade has been successfully churning out high-performance drivers over the years, which is not surprising at all since the company has been in the business for a long time.

Our TaylorMade M4 Driver Review

taylormade m4 driver review

To do this, TaylorMade introduced new driver designs just to help golfers get extra yards with each swing. For instance, the company introduced the lighter Burner driver for its speed boost, the SuperTri driver with its higher launch angle, spin rate as well as different face angle – CG combinations, and the easy adjustability of SDLR drivers.With the TaylorMade M4 Driver, the company tweaked the driver’s design once more. And everyone just can’t stop talking about the new twist introduced in the club. Read our very own TaylorMade M4 Driver review.

Things We Liked

  • good range;
  • straighter shots;
  • greater sweet spot;
  • extra forgiving, corrects off-center shots.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • might be deemed too expensive for casual golfers;
  • lack of adjustability might discourage those who want to tinker with their clubs.

TaylorMade M4 Driver Comes With A New Twist

​Before getting into the TaylorMade M4 Driver review, let us discuss what this product is all about. The new driver distinguishes itself from the pack with its new tweaking club design. In particular, the new driver is now curvier than ever. And the design also comes with a new name: Twist Face by TaylorMade; the company promises that it is specifically engineered for extra and straighter distance with each drive.

The Twist Face design introduces a new face curvature to the driver. This new face shape is engineered to lessen side spin and, with its face angle that corrects off-center hits, results not only longer but also straighter shots.

Reinvention Of The Bulge And Roll

​The Bulger driver, which was introduced back in 1888, has been the template of every driver design. With the gear effect created by the face’s vertical and horizontal curvature, it gives the ball a spin with correct off-center hits and propels it to where it was originally intended to go.

Now, the TaylorMade’s new driver design puts a new twist to this tried and tested face curvature – literally.

After going over a ton of data of over 500,000 shots, the manufacturer was able to observe that most players miss the high center in the toe or the center low in the heel.

The solution, therefore, was to increase the curvature in the low heel and high toe areas of the driver’s club face. This enhances the gear effect, allowing for straighter shots.

Does It Work?

TaylorMade has made it clear that the M4’s Twist Face is radically different from previous drivers with its redesigned curvature.

Naturally, golfers won’t just take the claim at face value and would want proof that it works.This is understandable if you visually compare the previous M3 to the M4 driver, the highly touted Face Twist of the M4 does not seem that different from its predecessor, the M3.

Well, at least it’s not that drastically different as those graphics seem to suggest.But while the minute curvature change might be too small to be noticed by the untrained eye, the performance you get from the Face Twist cannot be ignored at all.

All our testing proved that it works. The TaylorMade M4 Drive gives better range and straighter shots compared to other models.

Hammerhead Technology

​No, we are not talking about the shark hear. Hammerhead is the name of the new technology that was incorporated into the design of the TaylorMade M4 driver.

The Hammerhand slot is located in the sole. It can be thought of as a speed pocket replacement and contributes to faster ball speeds by knocking off those unwanted spins. There are now three sections to the hammerhead slot in the M4, which gives the driver a larger sweet spot and a better shot correction capability.

Geocoustic Technology

​The sound is a very important aspect of our daily lives. We want to go to cinemas with the best sound quality since it feels more real, we buy top quality audio equipment as it enhances our listening pleasures while listening to our favorite songs.

Even computer gamers want the best audio experience. The same is true for golf.Geocoustic engineering is a combination of geometry and acoustical engineering to unlock the best sound when you hit the ball. By making use of the latest sole shaping science, TaylorMade was able to come up with the perfectly-shaped sole that delivers a solid and explosive sound with every hit.

But this sole-shaping technology delivers more than just good acoustic effects. Due to the larger clubface, the M4 actually has a 67 percent larger sweet spot, making it a very forgiving driver.

Our Final Thoughts on the M4 Driver

​In this TaylorMade M4 Driver review, we were able to find out that this model is a very good driver and it’s suitable for a wider range of players. If you are looking for a driver with a very large sweet spot, longer ranged shots, and an amazing ability to correct off-center hits for straighter shots, then this equipment is perfect for you.

However, it may work on most players but there will always be a possibility that the driver may not be suited for some golfers. A possible reason for this is that the Face Twists’ design benefits is dependent on how the head hits the ball, so it may work well for most but not for some.

Before making a purchase, it might be best to try an actual M4 driver out and see how it fits your gaming style.

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