TaylorMade Kalea Golf Club Set Review

A full set of golf clubs is a must-have for every professional golfer on the course. However, if you are a beginner, you can start playing the game with short sets that include between 5 to 7 clubs and move on to the complete Golf Club set when you have learned enough about the game and improved your skills.

It would be pointless to invest in an expensive full Golf Club set if you find that you are not committed to the game,not enjoying it,or finding it hard to learn. However,if it turns out the other way, upgrade to a complete fuller set of clubs whenever you are ready.

Our TaylorMade Kalea Golf Club Set Review

The TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Club Set Comes with splendid reviews and recommendations. TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Club Set for women golfers has been specifically designed for all different elements of the game. Elegant and stylish, they result in increased ball speeds due to the light swing weight and the Ultralite shafts.

The handle’s grip is strong and firm. The weight and flexibility of the clubs are just perfect. A great set of clubs in a beautiful golf bag, which is available in three color options- charcoal blue, black/violet, and gray/green plus a matching headcover!

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Club Set

The TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Club Set for female golfers might be a little more expensive than some others in the market. However,it is a good investment and worth every penny. You will not regret investing in the TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Club Set for women.

Extensive research into the ladies’ golf game has proven there is a huge difference between the dynamics of a man’s golf game and that of a woman. So,if the dynamics of the game are different,shouldn’t the golf equipment be too? Thus, TaylorMade came out for the very first time with a complete set of golf clubs for women only.

TaylorMade has always been innovative, and they never shy away from implementing new ideas and technology into the game of golf. Their research department has been paying close attention to the ladies’ golf game and has come up with the conclusion that the handicap that women golfers face is because of the wrong government that they have been using for their swing speed. After the problem was identified,Taylormade came up with a solution: the TaylorMadeKaleaComplete Golf Club Set.

The set consists of all the necessary equipment that you would need for the game. That means it includes drivers, hybrids, irons, fairway woods, wedges, and putters. All the clubs are organized according to the distance they will travel on the greens. The shortest range of play is best for the putter- so it is placed first, followed respectively by wedges, irons, and long-range drivers.

What You’ll Find Inside the TaylorMade Kalea Set

Let us now delve into the TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Club Set,and find out a little more about the contents of the set.

The Driver:The head of the driver is a bit large and heavy thanother drivers. It has a loft of 12 degrees, and the sound it makes when it comes into contact with the golf ball will let you know all about your prowess of the swing.

Hybrids and Fairway Wood:The Hybrids have a wide sole and are great to look at. They offer an easy swing and easily glide over the various lies. So,it’s not difficult to strike out of the rough with the Kelea hybrid, and beginners and casual players can benefit from them.

The fairway wood matches the driver’s color scheme, has an amazing look, and has a reasonably modestfootprint. It also provides some leeway for the strikes that are off the mark. The Fairway Wood Golf Club canquickly liftthe ball into the air and has a nice feel off the face.

Irons:The Kalea 3 irons with the bright Kalea badge covering the hollow of the club look impressive. They come with the TaylorMade speed slot on the sole of the irons to enhance the speed of the ball and are generously rounded, which is an added advantage for female players. These arecavity-back, game improvement irons that will not only look good in your bag but also offer great satisfaction when used for playing different strokes.

Wedges: The TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Complete Golf Club Set includes both a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Both will come in handy when you find yourself in an uncomfortable position in the face of a difficult shot. The wedges are a perfect weight and quite well balanced, which is important. Because of this, even the most off-kilter shots seem easy and fluid.

Putter:The forward roll is significantly improved with Kalea’s Premium Spider Putter, inserted with a Pure Roll TM for better performance. The putter aids in giving you a precise and forgiving forward movement. The use of the premium putter will give you the same confidence as is experienced by some of the world’s best players.

Our Final Thoughts

That concludes our TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Club Set Review. The TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Club Set is one of the best, most comfortable, and long-lasting (though a bit expensive) golf clubs set for women in the market today. Light in weight, stylish and attractive, the unique set comes in colors that young girlsandolder ladieswill love.

The technology that Kalea has utilized hasimproved the performanceon the wholeand provided ladies with a pleasing and delightful experience of the game of golf. Based on modern design and technology with increased features, the most obvious change you can detect is the forgiveness that it affords to the female players. Theclubs canalter the ball’s trajectory and improve movement accuracy even though you might have missed the sweet spots on your shots.

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