TaylorMade Irons by Year – Timeline Review

Irons are one of the strongest categories of golf clubs designed to perform well on almost all surfaces. Their name is derived from their metallic heads made from stainless steel with groves on the face. Iron golf clubs have been used in golf for decades. However, this industry was revolutionized with TaylorMade’s innovative technology and design.

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TaylorMade has been making iron golf clubs for quite some time, and they never cease to amaze their fans. That is why the older models of TaylorMade Iron golf clubs are still sold at premium prices.  Pro golfers still prefer to swing a TaylorMade Iron golf club over others because of their thin design and grooved face. In this review of TaylorMade Irons by year, we have tested some of the most iconic clubs made by the brand.

2020: TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons

The TaylorMade SIM MAX OS comes with a slim body and a face thickness reduced by 17% from its previous models. This Iron club is great for golfers with varying styles, and it delivers robust results on the field. The progressive inverted cone technology of the SIM MAX OS has increased its sweet spot by 40%, and the chances of mishits are reduced by twice.

The speed bridge technology embedded in this iron club gives it more speed and flexibility over other clubs, while the vibration is reduced by 20%. The rigid shaft makes the MAX OS behave like a hinge and improves the ball speed. In this review of TaylorMade irons by year, we found that this model is the best in terms of spin, ball speed, grip, and its usage will continue 3 more years ahead.

Review of Iron clubs by TaylorMade

Key Features

  • Echo damping system
  • Improved speed
  • More Swing

2019: TaylorMade Golf- P7TW Irons

This championship-winning iron golf club made its debut in April 2019. Shortly after its release, Tiger woods won the masters and gave TaylorMade the hype it deserved. Throughout the years, TaylorMade has produced excellent iron golf clubs, and this review of TaylorMade irons by year made us loyal to the brand.

The P7TW looks just like a game-changer with a thin top line, no off-sets, and a modest blade length. The shiny chrome toe and heel contrast adds a unique look to the iron club and helps golfers align the ball for a perfect hit. However, the show stopper of this iron club is its milled grind sole, allowing complete control over shots and giving off a pleasing sound upon impact. In short, P7TW won the game for Tiger Woods, and it certainly won’t disappoint you either.

Key Features

  • Perfect balance and stability
  • Milled grind sole
  • Aerodynamic shape

2018: TaylorMade P790 UDI Iron

The P790 is the second generation of one of the most popular irons on tour. In the bag, this iron club looks casual, and TaylorMade has kept its design simple with only a “T” and P790 branding on its front.

Talking about its performance, the P790 didn’t fail to amaze us with its high-speed impact and smooth sound. It’s a great alternate off tee and good for people with a strong swing. However, amateurs can leverage from its low center of gravity and a loft that makes it perfect for long shots. In conclusion, we will say that it’s a club for pro golfers with nothing much for beginners. However, this club can be great for training your hands and hip before a serious match.

Key Features

  • Marvelous strokes
  • Sleek design
  • Low center of gravity
  • Aerodynamic shape

2017: TaylorMade Golf P790

TaylorMade is the most confident brand of golf clubs in the market. This can be easily noticed by their naming strategy. The brand always focuses on keeping the same name with minor adjustments showing how powerful their iron made are.

The P790 – 2017 is slightly shinier than its predecessor, with a 7% reduction in this face size. This allows for a stronger pull and more on point hits. This club’s forgiveness is enough to land 70% accurate shots, and we did not face any problems on sandy fields during the review of Iron clubs by TaylorMade.

This club’s speed pocket technology comes from its slightly longer shaft, which makes a massive difference. It is engineered carefully to provide maximum control over the ball, and its low center of gravity allows more control of the wrist while swinging. To sum up our experience, the P790-2017 has a few more years before it can retire for the green.

Key Features

  • Timeless design
  • Strong form factor
  • Low center of gravity
  • Speed pocket technology
  • 7% slimmer on the head

2016: TaylorMade Golf M2

TaylorMade M2 is arguable the best brand of golf clubs in the market. In fact, the M2 has been our go-to club for tight situations. However, this TaylorMade Irons review by year is free from favoritism.

The M2 clubs are designed for distance and trajectory. The clubhead adds speed to the ball, while the loft gives it a good trajectory. The long shafts bear minimum vibration, and its aerodynamic design cuts through friction like a piece of cake. We have been using this club for a little over 3 years now, and there has been no tight competitor for its smooth shots and satisfying sound. In short, this should be your first iron club from TaylorMade if you want to know what premium feels like.

Key Features

  • Low Center of gravity
  • Excellent design
  • Smooth grip
  • Satisfying sound upon impact

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