TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review

TaylorMade is a well-known name in golf and has been in business since 1979. Although initially, they were only known for the MetalWood, the company now manufactures all kinds of golf equipment from clubs to golf balls and is extremely competitive given the excellent quality and performance of their products.

Several professional players, including Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Sierra Brookes, and Collin Morikawa, consider TaylorMade golf equipment as their number one choice. TaylorMade has made a mark on amateur, casual, and professional golfers alike.

This blog will discuss the performance of the newly launched TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review

TaylorMade debuted the Distance Plus golf balls along with the TP5 balls and the premium five-piece TP5. The main selling point of the balls is that they are created for increased range and are aimed at those who want to cover a few additional yards. More importantly, though, is that they assist in getting the ball soaring for moderate swinging speed and provide a decent value. Simply put, these balls are the cheapest in the entire TaylorMade golf balls collection and cost only a third of the brand’s premium products. With that in mind, they still meet sufficient criteria for most of us to consider it a reasonable purchase.

The TaylorMade Distance Plus Features

The TaylorMade Distance Plus is designed with the signature ionomer coating and will give you more command and control while playing around greens. It is targeted at high handicappers, and the key selling point is the remarkable distance coverage. The structure of the ball features a 342-dimple design, 77ball compressions, and dual-piece construction.

The best part about the ball is that it provides the same efficient performance as that of balls twice its price, which is a steal in our opinion. The long shots were even straighter and cleaner than the Pro V, which are considered the holy grail of the golfing business. The ball is designed with the REACTTM Speed Core, which provides low-drag aerodynamics, high speed, and excellent distance performance shots.

The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball Specifics

They are advertised as a mid-launch ball, and the performance confirms this. The balls provide excellent trajectory off the tee and are capable of various types of shots, including low clean shots. It performs well with all sorts of clubs; however, there was some significant difference when swinging with a shorter club. The smaller club enabled the ball to go higher ahead, and since there wasn’t any spin, the ball could stop with a complete shot.

This ball may not be satisfactory for some golfers around the greens, who are used to a more spinning ball and are a good chipper. A proper shot does result in the ball coming off the face well; however, it does lack in ‘grab.’ Additionally, the sound of the ball is something that might put some of you off, as it sounds a little like “clickity-clack, but it might not bother most of you, depending on your playing style and strength.

The ball does take some time getting used to and is speedier off the face if you are using a non-inserted putter. However, it might help you a little in terms of advancing the ball toward the cup.

This ball has a side marking called a Plus Alignment aid that will assist you in lining up your putts. This is an ideal ball if you need help around the tee and get the ball soaring while remaining on a budget. It is also very durable and could easily last you a lifetime.

You can find these balls via the links below:

TaylorMade Golf Balls


Dick’s Sporting Goods

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Pro and Cons

This ball is excellent if you are after increased speed. This golf ball gives you extra driving range, which increases your chances of consistently hitting the green and improving your following shot’s precision. You will definitely improve your overall golf score when you use these balls.


  • Longer shots – Despite not having that much “bite” as other premium versions, the Distance Plus offers remarkable range due to its aerodynamic dimple structure and distinctive design.
  • Superior feel – as opposed to other balls in its category, it has a surprisingly softer feel when played. This adds another element that golfers particularly love about their golf balls. Thanks to its low compression design, you can get excellent swing and precision off the tee.
  • Value for money – it is extremely budget-friendly and, despite its price, provides excellent performance.
  • Color options – Distance Plus is available in the traditional golf colors; yellow and standard white.

But distance is simply one aspect of the game. These golf balls have a disadvantage in that some substitutes offer more tolerance for straight swings. This is a modest trade-off, though, considering all the wonderful characteristics this ball has. Additionally, keep in mind that bad form or a lack of mental gameplay cannot be overcome by a golf ball.


  • Distance Plus only offers what it promises; long ranges. The accuracy, however, is not befitting.

Other than that, the TaylorMade Distance Plus is an excellent golf ball and is suitable for a variety of different players, from professionals to beginners as well as distance seekers.

Our Final Thoughts

In comparison to other, far more pricey balls, you will undoubtedly notice a lack of accuracy on approach swings. The feel and range coverage are well above the standard; although the spinning is only ordinary, for their price, these balls are hard to beat. The TaylorMade Distance Plus is an excellent choice for any player on a tight budget who wants to save money on balls without sacrificing performance. These balls are long, sturdy, designed for length, durable, and also fairly excellent around the greens.

The best part about them is if one of them gets lost in the bushes or lands in the water, you won’t feel terrible about it. We think these balls are true to what they claim, and you should definitely try them out next time you go golfing.

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