What is a Swingless Golf Club: Does This Really Exist?

Most newbie golf players will attest to the fact that one of the hardest things in golf is perfecting your swing. If you can’t strike the ball perfectly and make it go a long distance on the golf course, you have no chance of making the par shot for that hole. Golf pros spend hours on the driving range perfecting their swing, and that is how they manage to shoot such great shots on the golf course. If you’re someone struggling with their golf swing, there is a solution for you. The swingless golf club is the answer to any golf player who needs help finding the fairway.

It sounds as incredible as it seems because the best thing about the swingless golf club is that you don’t need to perfect your swing at all. You need to put the club next to the ball, and with a push of the button, you could hit perfect drives as long as 200 meters on the golf course. The swingless golf club has been created by EZeeGolf, and is piston-powered. The club can help drive golf balls a fair distance, and there is minimum effort required by the golfer.

Leveling the Playing Field on the Golf Course

An aerospace engineer has designed the swingless golf club. The reason behind its development is that it will help golf players who can no longer play the game due to a physical injury or never could hit the golf ball a long way. The best part is that this new club is attracting new players to the game who can level the playing field with other golfers through the swingless golf club.

Swingless Golf Club

The best part is that any golf player who plays with the swingless golf club can benefit from it. They can easily hit their personal best shots on the golf course and compete with their friends irrespective of their skill level. All a player will need to do is adjust the settings of the club, line it perfectly with the ball, push the button, and the club will hit the ball by itself. You won’t need to pick up the club and swing it perfectly in an arc to generate power.

The swingless golf club will generate the power by itself and propel the golf ball massive distances on the golf course. The best part is that you can also adjust the angle the club strikes the ball and hit a perfect fade or draw, and get the best results on the golf course. That is extremely impressive from a golf club and allows newbie golfers to try out their shots and hone their skills.

Worth the Money on the Golf Course

The swingless golf club is currently on sale at around $1,000 and has already got many fans. It has helped thousands of golfers return to the game they love and play their sport on the golf course. The manufacturers of the golf club claim that they want to enhance the appeal of the game. Their motivation is to allow millions of golf players who may have retired due to old age or physical injuries to return to the game they love.

Their physical fitness and condition will no longer be any problem because the golf club will do all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is point it in the right direction, and you will notice your golf balls flying a fair distance on the golf course. The main point is that people will be having fun on the golf course once again and spending time with their friends.

This is the ideal golf accessory that anyone who wants to impress their friend needs. Not only does it not take into account your golf ability, but it effectively levels the playing field between great golfers and average golfers. That is part of the reason why so many golfers are interested in purchasing the swingless golf club and head over to the nearest golf course.

Not for Use in Competitive Play or Tournaments

The one thing that you should know about the swingless golf club is that it is not meant to be used in competitions or tournaments. That is because it will give an unfair advantage to players over other golfers who are playing with normal clubs. However, you can still use it when playing with your friends on a Sunday afternoon. The secret to this golf club is that it is meant to introduce fun back into your golf game and allow you to fool around with your friends.

The swingless golf club is an invitation to golfers of all skill levels to try out this new technology, which will change golf. The point is to get new people into the game and ensure that everyone is having a good time. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect swing or struggle to hit the ball cleanly because the swingless golf club does everything for you.

You can bring it out every time you are heading over to the golf course with your friends and want to have some fun. It will allow you to level the playing field among those friends who claim to hit the ball long and hard. They will be surprised with how great the swingless golf club is in helping you hit golf balls a decent distance on the golf course.

Our Final Thoughts

As the game of golf changes and new technologies come into the picture, you can safely say that the swingless golf club is a great addition. It will help retirees and old people who don’t have the strength in their arms to swing their golf clubs. The swingless golf club only needs a push of the button, and it will do all the heavy lifting for the golfer so that they enjoy their day out on the golf course without exerting themselves physically.

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