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Remember when large putter grips were a sign of weak golfer? SuperStroke has made sure that it is no longer the case. It has revolutionized the way golfers view putter grips by introducing a variety for golfers today.

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An increasing number of golfers are realizing that finding the right type of putter grip is as essential as the putter itself. Read this guide to learn:

  • Why Super Stroke putter grip size chart is important
  • What kind of sizes can you find in the  SuperStroke putter grip size chart
  • Key considerations before purchasing your SuperStroke putter grip
  • The kind of SuperStroke putter grips available

If you want to save yourself from compiling an expensive collection of many putters, you should consider getting the right putter grip.  SuperStroke putter grips have a reputation for pushing the limits of grip performance, design, and technology, enabling golfers of all levels to develop a meaningful connection with their game.

Why is a Putter Grips Size Important?

Putter grips have proven to be effective in reducing tension and promoting pendulum swing. But if you think all putter grips work the same for everyone, you are mistaken. Using the wrong grip can hurt your game in ways you can’t imagine and it will not get better even if you change your putter.

The essential purpose of putting is holing out in as minimal strokes as possible. And any method that allows you to keep your wrists stable during the stroke can help you achieve this. But many golfers find it hard to maintain their wrist movement that alters the clubface on impact. This hinging of the wrists changes the journey that you desired your putt to take and eventually lead to you missing the shots.

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While changing a putter may also help, but getting the right size of putter grip is a cheaper way of making this process easier and more efficient.  The SuperStroke putter grip size chart is extremely useful in this regard. It offers you putter grips in various lengths and widths so that you can choose one that works best for you. A SuperStroke putter grip assists you in achieving consistent results by lessening the impact of fidgety wrists.

Normal Putter Grip Sizes

Did you know that even the size of your hands determines which type of putter grip size works best? It can be difficult to keep so many factors in mind and choose a putter grip out of the different varieties. The SuperStroke putter grip size chart helps you to navigate around this challenging situation. The following are the main sizes that SuperStroke putter grips are available in.

Standard or Pistol

This is the most common size of the putter grip. Usually, between 1.0 -1.2 inches in diameter, a standard putter grip has a rounded back and a flat top. Pistols mostly have a taper that gets thinner at the bottom of the grip. The thinner grips have been considered to cause the putts to hook to the putter which is why many pros in the past would use tape to build up the lower part of the grip.

The SuperStroke putter grip size chart reflects how the putter grips have become more uniform in terms of thickness. This is because they have either reduced the taper of eliminated it completely by designing it in different shapes such as round and hexagonal putter grips. Standard or pistol sized grips operate to keep your hand in a natural and comfortable position.


According to the SuperStroke putter grip size chart, a midsized grip has a diameter between 1.3 -1.4 inches. In terms of design, this putter grip is like the standard grip except that it is thicker to create a comfortable feel and to reduce the wrist movement as much as possible. These are very popular among tour players who want to have even pressure in both hands and to reduce the tension in their hands.

Oversize or Jumbo

The largest size on the SuperStroke putter grip size chart goes up to 1.75 inches in diameter which is also the USGA size limit for putter grips. This size has recently gained popularity and is widely available in the market. A grip of this size comes in multiple shapes including round and flat-face designs.

You can expect this grip to help to immensely if you have a straight-back straight-through kind of putting technique. The oversized grips encourage bigger muscles in the arms to engage in gripping it and ensuring that the body and shoulders remain in a parallel position at the time of the stroke.

How to Choose your Putter Grip?

Now that you know a little about the SuperStroke putter grip size chart, you must have the idea that selecting a putter grip has to be based on way more than personal preference. Here are some key considerations, other than size, that you must keep in mind.

· Taper. A putter grip’s taper gives you an idea of how small it gets as you move from the head to the butt of the club. SuperStroke grips have no taper.

· Weight. It has an impact on the swing weight. A lighter the grip makes the head feel heavier

· Shape. Different shapes of a putter grip produce different overall feel and experience.

· Comfort. Try out different grips to figure out which one is more comfortable to handle.

Popular Styles of SuperStroke Putter Grips

Having a reputation for their innovative technology and designs, SuperStroke has produced a diverse range of putter grips that can cater to all golfers regardless of their experience. The following is a breakdown of some of the most popular putter grip series along with their key benefits. Pick a grip from the list and consult the SuperStroke putter grip size chart to find the perfect grip for your putter.

SuperStroke Legacy

  • A flagship putter grip style that is non-tapered also known as the Slim Series
  • The models include Ultra Slim 1.0 and Fatso 5.0
  • Brilliant for beginners who have accuracy and control issues

 SuperStroke Flatso

  • It is a different version of the Slim series
  • Sizes available in the market include 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0
  • Has a modified pentagonal shape if viewed from the butt side and has a wide flat front
  • Helps in aligning the stance and bringing the shoulders back

SuperStroke Legacy & Flatso with Countercore

  • Comes with a technology that provides a heavy grip and enables players to add back weight to the grip
  • Gives a sense of better accuracy and greater control
  • They have a 50g weight insert with additional weights of 25g and 75g that have to be bought separately

SuperStroke Plus XL Series

  • The grips in this series are designed without weights but they do have a weight insert that allows you to easily attach the weight.
  • They are slightly longer
  • They offer players with more hand placement and gripping options
  • Some popular models include Mid Slim 2.0 and Legacy Mid 3.0

Super Stroke Pistol GT Countercore

  • This series combines the classic pistol style with the countercore technology
  • Works best for golfers who like ergonomic grips in the upper hand
  • Has a front panel with a non-tapered profile that helps provide stable structure and reduce grip pressure
  • Has a 50g weight insert already installed

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide clarifies your understanding of a SuperStroke putter grip size chart and how to determine which putter grip will suit you best.

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