Callaway Strata Tour 18-Piece Set Review

Golf is an extremely challenging game that requires immense skill, precision, focus, and control. No one knows this better than the fans of the game that are learning to master it.

Players new to the game often find it difficult to find a golf set that has all the equipment they need. Moreover, since these players don’t have a proper skill-set, they have to rely upon their golf clubs to improve their game.

If you’re a beginner, your club will play a great role in determining how much you succeed in taking your game to the next level. Some of these clubs have a specialized technology that helps your shots achieve greater power and distance while reducing the impact of mishits.

Callaway Strata Tour 18-Piece Set

Although these clubs cannot bring amateurs and beginners to the same level as expert professionals overnight, they are vital for your growth as a golf player. Moreover, when it comes to finding the right golf set, there are many factors at play. For instance, factors like your height, swing speed, and the type of swing you have are crucial considerations before buying a golf set.

In this article, we are going to discuss one such product, known as Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set. Find out all of the product’s pros and cons in this Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set review.

Our Overview of the Callaway Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set of Golf Clubs

Callaway Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set is a complete golf club set. It includes everything that a golfer would need to excel. The set has the back of Callaway, which is one of the biggest names in the golfing industry.

Callaway reduces the stress of buying clubs separately by offering the golfer the option to purchase clubs as a complete set. Therefore, the bag covers the equipment you need, which allows you to play your best game without worrying about your equipment.

In short, the Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set is perfect for an occasional golfer who needs a professional set of clubs to play during their weekend business rounds. Moreover, you can even use it to spend quality time with your children at the golf course.

Pros of the Strata Tour Golf Set

The Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set is one of the most comprehensive sets you will find in the industry. Therefore, it’s understandable that it has plenty of exciting features.

  • The Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set offers the most pieces in a single bag golf set.
  • The set has a reasonable price compared to most golf sets. It allows players more room in their budget and they can use the extra money for other cool stuff.
  • Buying the right set of golf clubs can be a complex process, especially for beginners. The Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set makes it less complex by providing you with everything you need.

Cons of the Strata Tour Golf Set

Like any other product, The Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set is not perfect for everyone. The following traits may make the product unsuitable for players:

  • The set doesn’t have a custom fitting and color options, so you’re stuck with the specifications once you buy the product. While the restriction of color is not a problem for many people, custom fitting is something everyone needs.
  • Players cannot try these clubs in person before they buy them since the Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set has no demo options.
  • Compared to high-cost premium products, the clubs in Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set are less durable than their counterparts.


The Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set does its best in delivering the complete performance straight from the start. While it restricts the theme of the whole set to a single color, it provides options in red, grey, black, and white colors. These kits look professional and rival the aesthetics of many premium golf club.


The excellence of the Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set is not just limited to aesthetics; it also provides players with exceptional delivery. Each club in the set has the same quality, like Callaway’s other industry-leading products. The brand ensures that new players can enjoy tour-level forgiveness and maximum performance.

As a result, you will be able to utilize high launching and forgiving head styles that can take your game to another level. Moreover, the shafts in Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set promote longer carry distances, so get ready to hit those long balls wherever you want to.

Control and Performance

Ideally, you should aim to buy golf sets that fit your needs the best. Everything from the size of your hands to your height can be crucial in determining which size would be the best for you. There is no use of buying a heavy and powerful golf club when it makes you lose your control over the ball.

The Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set strikes the perfect balance between power and control. The extent of forgiveness in these golf clubs minimizes the shakiness of your swing. Therefore, you will be able to exert your strength towards the ball without ever losing control over it.

Exclusive Options

The Strata Tour Men’s golf set does its best to include every kind of golf club you would need. The set’s one-piece design includes a driver, a pitching 4 & 5 hybrids, 3 & 5 woods, 6, 7, 8, & 9 irons, a sand-lob wedge and lastly, a putter. You have plenty of options to choose from, and you can choose either option according to your situation.

The list doesn’t end there, as the set also includes a premium stand bag with protective headcovers. This means that you will be able to take care of your equipment both on and off of the course.

The Strata Tour golf set goes beyond just quantity and offers high-quality equipment, such as the lightweight 460cc forged driver. What makes this driver special is that it has a large sweet spot that consists of a titanium head. Its design will help you get maximum distance and forgiveness off the tee.


The Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set provides its users with a plethora of unique and exciting options.  However, that doesn’t stop Callaway from making the set cost-effective for its customers. Although the set doesn’t have the same quality as highly-priced premium options, it gives its users reasonably decent quality under half the price of a standard iron set. As a result, budget-conscious golfers can spend more money on lessons and golf rounds.

Our Final Thoughts

Callaway offers golfers a stress-free golfing experience with the Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set. The company ensures that every club’s design matches with the entire set. The premium cart bag and headcovers include a complete set of golf clubs that will suffice all your basic needs as a golfer. If the idea of choosing between a varying number of clubs annoys you, we’d recommend buying a hassle-free package like Strata Tour 18-Piece Men’s Set.

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