Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls Review

Srixon is a well-known name in golf, with its balls holding the highest number of patents in the world. It is the top choice for tour professionals like JB Holmes, Hideki Matsuyama, Russel Knox, and Graeme Mcdowell. Srixon is known for engineering category-based performance with every ball architecture, from ionomer cover low compression balls to urethane-coated tour performance balls suitable for beginners, amateurs, and professional handicappers alike.

In this blog, we will review the Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls, which are engineered, as the name suggests, specifically for women. Let’s get started and see if it delivers on its claims.

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls Review

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel golf ball is an addition to their Soft Feel collection of golf balls and is the first to mark Srixon’s entry into the women’s golf market. The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel golf ball is designed with a unique dimple pattern to give a higher launch and has a low compression to increase range.

Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls Review

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Ball Specifics

Although its name suggests the feel of the ball is the main focus of this product, it isn’t solely about that. The ball is engineered in a way to provide an excellent feel along with giving you that extra range. If you cut the ball in half, you will notice how the ball is soft near the core with a firmer exterior. This savvy design helps to boost the ball trajectory with excellent precision. While it might only be a few feet, the real game-changer is the variation between carrying the ball on a tricky driver and snagging the rough.

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel golf ball is in its 7th generation, which in itself is a testament to the ball’s quality and prominence.

Off The Tee

Although it feels extremely soft, its flight is nothing like that of a softball. The Ladies Soft Feel golf ball flies high off the clubhead and stays in flight longer. You get to really appreciate its low spin qualities once it touches the ground. Even with the soaring projection, it gives a fantastic roll-out.

On the Clubface

Since the Srixon Ladies Soft Feel golf ball is such a low compression ball, it gives an extremely soft feel. It makes an almost dough-like beat and satisfyingly bounces off the driver. All the balls in a pack are consistent and sound the same throughout, bouncing off exactly the way you intend it to.

Around the Green

If you are more of a ‘feel’ golfer rather than a ‘mechanical’ one, you will love the Ladies Soft Feel’s greenside performance. It is an extremely versatile ball in several different shots, including shorter pitch shots, running chips, and long shots.

From the Rough/Fairway

The ball was satisfactory during contact with any hybrid, fairway wood, or middle iron, generating a good, high-flying ball trajectory. Similar performance when using a shorter iron as well, bouncing a few times followed by rolling a few yards then coming to a stop. However, if you are a single-digit handicapper, you will easily be able to play a hop-and-stop action with the help of a wedge.

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Ball Features

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel is engineered with a 338-speed dimple design which helps in providing maximum range while reducing drag. It comprises a soft, thin ionomer coating that helps with greenside spin. It is a 2-piece construction with a compression rating of 58 and offers a relatively improved greenside spin. The core is made with Srixon’s signature Energetic Gradient Growth technology and launched higher with a smoother take-off and greater carry.

It is available in two colors; soft white and passion pink.

Pros of the Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls

The Srixon’s dimple design boosts liftand decreases drag at release to help generate a longer, smoother flight, particularly during strong winds.

The Ionomer-covered balls are made to fit all swing velocities and offer the ultimate experience to amateur golfers, particularly those with higher handicaps.

Additionally, their inner core is more durable, returning to form immediately after contact for greater ball flight while significantly lowering long game spin on the ball for greater precision on tee shots and off the tee.

Plus, the ball has a pink alignment pattern that makes it simpler for you to hit the ball with greater accuracy and precision.

Cons of the Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls

While there aren’t that many drawbacks with the Srixon Ladies Soft Ball, since it lives up to all that it promises, labeling the golf ball ‘lady’ feels weird. It just makes it sound that female golfers, no matter how good, have to pick a ball that has their gender imprinted on it. Although there is no question about the ball’s performance and quality, the name can sometimes turn people away, especially in this day and age. There is no limitation for golfers to play with a specific ball; just like females can choose any of the tour performance balls, male golfers can also choose the Srixon Ladies Soft Feel golf balls, not because of the name but because the ball really is that good.

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Our Final Thoughts

Another achievement of the Srixon golf balls lines up; the Srixon Ladies Soft Feel golf balls combine incredible range, reliable control, and fantastic feel. Any female golfer wishing to settle with one golf ball should consider the Ladies Soft Feel golf ball. It is also great for beginners and high handicappers, so long as you don’t put a gender label on it.

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