Powerbilt Junior Kids Complete Golf Club Set Review

The Powerbilt Junior Kids Complete Golf Club Set aims to gently introduce the game of golf to little ones.

Powerbiltmay not be the most well-recognized name in the game. However, it has a long history of manufacturing quality golf equipment. Its roots go back to 1916 when it was founded. Although it started out as a golf gear manufacturer for the pros, it has now expanded to youth golfers as well.

Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set

Here is what you need to know about the Powerbilt Junior Kids Complete Golf Club Set.

Powerbilt Junior Kids Complete Golf Club Set Review

This set comprises color-coded clubs for junior golfers. Color coding makes it easy to identify the age group that a golf club is meant to serve. Here is what the colors mean.

Orange: 3 to 5 years (3 clubs – putter, iron, driver)

Pink/Blue: 5 to 8 years (4 clubs – putter, wedge, iron, and driver)

Lavender/Silver: 9 to 12 years (5 clubs – putter, wedge, iron, hybrid, and driver)

Red: 12 years and above (5 clubs – putter, wedge, iron, hybrid, and driver)

The nice thing about this golf club set is that it caters to kids of all ages. Hence, there is a golf club set that you can select for your child as they outgrow their current set.

Hence, depending on your child’s age, you can select the right set using the color code provided above. Just see what age bracket your child belongs to and then select the corresponding color code.

A sturdy stand bag is also provided where your child can safely keep their clubs in one place within easy reach. There are also headcovers to maintain golf clubs. Hence, the golf club set provides just enough to fulfill the needs of most young players.

Also, the price is not too high. This is perfect since kids outgrow their golf gear pretty fast.

The downside is that club selection is limited. However, kids will outgrow the clubs in next to no time. So you don’t want to spend too much on lots of clubs that will become useless quite quickly. The club selection is enough for young ones to learn their use and improve their game.

Hence, the Powerbilt Junior Kids Complete Golf Club is fair enough for most kids’ golfing needs.

However, if you want alternatives, you can check out the following.

Golf Girl Junior Set

If you want to introduce the fabulous game to your little girl, then you should start with a golf club set geared for young ladies. The Golf Girl Junior Set has essential clubs that will teach your little one the basics of the game.

This golf club set is built for young players aged 4 – 8 years.

The set includes the following

  • Putter
  • 5, 7, and 9 irons
  • 15-degree loft driver
  • Stand bag

Since these clubs are light, they will work nicely for young golfers struggling with their swing speed. The loft on this driver can give young girls plenty of confidence by launching the ball on a high trajectory. It also mitigates side spin that a slice or a hook can produce.

The driver has a graphite shaft to keep the mass of the club low. This will be of great help to little girls with low swing speeds. The soft grip provides comfort.

Irons are carefully engineered so that most of the mass is shifted towards the perimeter. This creates a large cavity. This design feature increases forgiveness for off-center hits and is a must-have for kids who have just started learning.

The mallet putter is likewise designed to be forgiving. The ball will hence travel straighter even with slightly misaligned strokes thanks to the low twist that the design produces with such strikes.

The alignment aid teaches kids to align their strokes more accurately. Hence, they will learn to putt more precisely.

The golf bag has 2 legs that can keep it balanced well even when it is loaded with all clubs. The dual shoulder straps make hauling the golf bag easier. There is also an umbrella holder.

All in all, it has pretty much all that a youth golfer could ask for.

Callaway Golf Junior Set

Youth players interested in learning how to play the fine game of golf can benefit from the CallawayGolf Junior Set. The golf club set equips youth golfers with the clubs and features they need to get started. Thanks to the extraordinarily high customer rating, you can rest assured that you are handing your junior player one of the finest sets that they can lay their hands on. They will be off to a fine start with this quality set.

The big-brand golf club set rocks with durableand robust construction due to which these clubs can withstand the rigors of intense golfing. This feature will be most useful if you are tired of buying junior golf club sets that break too easily. The Callaway set has strong construction and comprises premium-grade material so that it can easily withstand heavy use without problems.

The set includes the following items.

  • Putter
  • Sand wedge
  • 7-iron
  • Fairway Wood

It’snice to see that the set has a sand wedge – a club of paramount importance that is often missing from the best sets.

Another nice thing about the golf set is that it is available for both right and left-handed players.

The clubs are designed to be ultra-light so that little ones struggling with low swing speeds can launch the ball at a good distance. This will give them a lot of confidence and motivate them to play.

Our Final Thoughts

The Powerbilt Junior Kids Complete Golf Club Set provides afair enough start for budding young golfers. Hopefully, it will motivate the kids and instill in them a love of the game. There are also alternatives that you can look into if you want.

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