Pinnacle Golf Rush Golf Balls Review

Pinnacle is a brand that makes golf balls for professional golfers. Pinnacle has gained international acclaim for its quality products for amateurs that are used in both professional and amateur tournaments. Rush has captured the attention of many with its impressive features that make it different from any other range of balls on the market.

Golfers of all skill levels can hit the ball farther with every club thanks to Pinnacle Rush, which is made to give exceptional distance. With every club, the high-energy core, soft cover, and revolutionary 332 icosahedral dimple design work together to provide a reliable ball flight over a great distance.

The Rush golf ball is likely to appeal to golfers searching for sheer distance. Rush’s design prioritizes ball speed, which naturally results in length, from the high-energy core to the ionomer cover. Almost every club had a loud click that was the sound of the Rush. This click gives the Rush the impression of being a reasonably firm golf ball that also gives a slight distance boost.

Pinnacle Golf Rush Golf Balls Review

Pros of Buying Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls

Great Distance

The Rush golf ball features a high-energy core that helps maximize ball speed, which naturally results in more distance. The ionomer cover is designed to provide consistent spin control around the greens, and the soft feel promotes an excellent feel around the green.

Nice feel off the face

The Pinnacle Rush golf balls are made to feel soft off the face while still being extremely durable. This implies that you will not have to worry about dropping too many golf balls while still getting a great feel for your swings.

The Pinnacle Rush golf balls feature a 332 dimple pattern. The dimple pattern is designed to help produce more spin and increase the distance of your shots by reducing drag on the ball as it flies through the air.

15-ball packs add to the value

15-ball packs add to the value of this ball, as well as its versatility. The 15-pack gives you enough golf balls to play a full round of golf.

Cons of Buying Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls

Greenside spin is almost non-existent

Pinnacle’s low-spinning technology promotes low flight, but greenside spin is almost non-existent in this ball. If you like to hit high spin shots on the green, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Firmer Feel

The Pinnacle Rush feels firmer. As you could anticipate from a pure distance ball, it is not extremely hard and doesn’t make a loud or clicky sound. Although it feels rather solid, it’s really very pleasant. If you want a delicate feel, this ball might not be for you.

Our Review of Pinnacle Golf Rush Golf Ball

We could absolutely use the Pinnacle Rush in the long game to practice hitting longer shots. When testing, we could even shape the ball both ways to add extra spin. We used fewer clubs when hitting into the greens so we could let the ball run up and we were nearly able to predict how the ball would behave. There isn’t a lot of greenside spin available, which is something we weren’t anticipating.

High greenside spin actually isn’t a requirement for a ball like this, which is targeted at learners, slower swingers, and higher handicaps; thus this is totally acceptable. A well-placed wedge will only catch a little bit of the ball, but higher handicappers choose durability over distance and price, which the Rush can provide.

If you’re thinking about getting the Pinnacle Rush, We suggest getting a few packs and using them for a while. Because of the distance and low spin on offer, your club distances will vary if you switch between it and other more expensive models. You’ll learn how it responds around the greens if you play it on every shot and round, and you’ll gain some fantastic long-game distance advantages.

Our Final Thoughts

The Pinnacle Golf Rush is a unique ball that almost guarantees you’ll get more distance from your irons and approach shots, which is great for those with slower swing speeds. If you’re looking to get the ball airborne easier, you’ll enjoy playing the Pinnacle Golf Rush.

From our Pinnacle Rush Golf Ball review, we think the golf ball is great. It’s unlike any other golf ball and it will have a significant impact (no pun intended) on your game because you can use it for all different types of shots, whether you’re going for your long distance off the tee, or you’re trying to knock the cover off a ball around the green. It’s an extremely versatile golf ball, but it shouldn’t be ignored if you’re looking for something that will put a little more distance in your drives without giving up control and feel around the greens.

In the end, Pinnacle Rush has all the attributes of a product you’ll want to use. Golfers will appreciate the great experience that these balls provide on the course. They won’t sacrifice any of their distance or accuracy, but instead will enjoy a more enhanced golfing experience when they switch over. We highly recommend them to golfers of all skill levels.

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