Olimar ATS Junior Complete Golf Club Set Review

Golf enthusiasts who happen to be parents would want nothing more than to bring their kids to the golf course at the earliest age possible. After all, introducing them to golf at a tender young age increases the likelihood of them becoming the next Woods or Mickelson.

However, the wrong set of clubs can sabotage this journey. This is why you need something like the OlimarATS Junior Complete Golf Club Set which takes youth golf much more seriously.

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Golf Set with Bag

Most junior golf kits available on the market today are nothing more than a lackluster half-hearted attempt to serve a relatively small niche that is not as lucrative. Hence, there is not much motivation for big brands to pump in the same level of quality that we see in golf club sets made for grownups,for instance. As a result, youthgolf sets are often subpar.

Olimar ATS Junior Complete Golf Club Set Review

This is saddening considering that our youth are the next cadre of budding golfers who we must invest in seriously.

Why Orlimar for Youth Golfers?

The Orlimar ATS Junior Complete Golf Set promises to do more than what most golf sets in this niche accomplish. This may be theset that you would like to hand over to your kids if you want them to take the game seriously.

The golf kit is geared toward 9 to 12-year-olds. The great thing about these clubs is that they have many of the features that you deem mandatory for your golf club set like good loft angles and lightweight tough shafts.

In short, this is a serious set of golf hardware for parents serious about getting their kids off to an early (and good) start in golf.

The fact that the junior golf set has all clubs that kids would need on the course speaks volumes about its versatility. The problem with most junior golf sets is that they are often missing one or more important classes of clubs which reduces them to just curiosities rather than authentic golf gear.

As a die-hard golfer and caring parent, you would know that kids should be exposed to all kinds of clubs at an early age so that they can get accustomed to them. They will then become well aware of what different clubs can do for them and how they are meant to be used on the links. Many kiddie golf club sets love to skimp out on wedges for instance, which is rather unfortunate because learning how to get out of bunkers and other such tight spots is a key element of the sport.

Thankfully, the Olimar ATS Junior has the full complement of golf clubs besides wedges, including the driver, woods, hybrid, and putter. In short, aspiring youth golfers are well-equipped with all clubs that they need to take on and surpass all challenges that come their way on the golf course.

Clubs in the Olimar ATS Junior

Here are the details on the clubs to be found in the Olimar ATS Junior Complete Golf Set.

Driver – the 360cc driver included in the set can give your child lots of confidence in many ways. Since the clubhead is exceptionally big, it has a large sweet spot and is thus easy to hit with. Even if your kid does not play the straightest hit, she can take heart seeing it travel the distance fairly straight.

A fair amount of loft has been built into the driver to give kids impressive heights on their swings that will motivate them to go the extra mile. They will be thrilled to see the ball go high in the sky off the tee.

The club is fairly light and thus easy to wield. Kids should have no trouble getting their swing right with this one.

Hybrid – the number 5 hybrid is a versatile club that can be used in lieu of the irons that are certainly much tougher to master. Use of this club is imperative to keep your child engaged and to sustain their motivation. The club is easy to play with and thus eases the learning curve.

Iron – there is just a single iron number 7 in this kit. It is just the right height for budding young golfers.

Wedge – the perimeter weighted and well-balanced golf club should prove to be a breeze for the kids to play with.

Putter – last but not least is the mallet-style putter that is great for teaching your kids the basics of the short game.

Another very nice thing about this kit is that it is available in both left-handed and right-handed configurations. Exasperated parents know all too well how hard it is to find quality gear for their leftie kid. Even the best brands often tend to skip over left-handed configurations which is unfortunate since that is non-inclusive.

But with this golf set, you can rejoice since a quality left-handed golf club set is now within easy reach.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Reviews by exuberant parents are extremely positive. Thismeans that this kit hits the sweet spot. Hence, you can’t go wrong with this high-performance golf set. You know that you are looking at a quality product when you note such an enthusiastic response by delighted customers.

Our Final Thoughts

As can be seen from the performance and features described above, the Olimar ATS Junior is not just another kiddie golf toy that fails to impress. It has all the clubs that your child can leverage to hone their golf skills from an early age. You will be glad to know that it does not skimp onany club type that most junior golf club sets often do.

If you are serious about nurturing and fostering your kids into becoming exceptional golf players, then this golf club set should be high on your priority list.

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