Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Review

Using the right equipment for everything is a matter of importance, as otherwise, the task you want to accomplish does not end up being the way you want it. With the right and a good one, you will see that your work will go in a breeze.

Just like you would with any other type of activity or task, you will need the right kind of putter when you are out playing golf. Without which you might not be able to perform as well.

So, here we are going to give you all the information you need about the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Review

Different types of golf clubs are designed for some specific reasons, some are good for hitting far and high, while there are others which are made specifically for shorter distances.

Now, a putter, in particular, is made for the short distance shots you have to make during a game of golf.

With Stroke Lab’s innovative design and promise of better performance, you should be assured that with their golf club, you will get the result you desire. The way they have structured and designed this putter in particular with just the right weight distribution does actually promote improved shots.

With the help of putters, most golfers are able to mask or even hide their flaws in the game. However, that is not the case with this one. The Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter will help rectify the flaws the golfer has.

You will see an improvement in your game when you use this due to the carefully calculated weight distribution.

Consistency is something many golfers have a hard time with, but thanks to this golf club. It is more likely that the players will be able to see a huge improvement in their consistency with each swing. They will slowly but surely have better control over the putter which would result in a better game.

That is not all, you will be glad to also know that they have a wide lineup of 10 shapes, of which 6 are mallets and the other 4 are blades. With these, you will be guaranteed a smoother roll and an overall better experience.

Key Features Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

What makes a product different from others is its features and this golf club has many features which set it apart from the other golf clubs. These features also help determine if this product is the one you want to invest your money in.

The Weight Distribution

We have already mentioned the calculated weight distribution as one of the key features. This is actually a very important part and aspect of the club because of the way the player is able to take hold of the club and make his or her play.

You will be able to have better control as the club has a better center of gravity. If you have more control over the putter then chances are you will be able to swing just. And we all know that a right swing and a good roll is all you need to make sure the ball goes into the hole.

Increased Control

Along with the weight distribution, there are a few other factors that come to play when you want to increase your control over your club as well as your performance. The stiffness of the club is of great importance along with the lower torque.

These two features are especially important when it comes to the putter because of the way it was designed. The putter has a bigger and heavier head for which a stiffer and lower torque is required. This enables the player to control the club better and they have an easier time swinging.

Added Weight on Sole and Grip

There are situations when you want to swing in a particular way but your club ends up moving more than you anticipated, to begin with. So, you don’t have a clean or smooth stroke. This might cost you a game as the ball will not go where you initially wanted it to go.

Now, to prevent such an incident from occurring Stoke Lab has carefully added weight at the sole of the putter as well as the grip. So, with the additional weight, there is less chance that you will swing wrong or too much. This way, each of your strokes are going to be much smoother and more accurate.

What more could you want?

Greater Feel and Smoother Roll

When it comes down to it, golf is not a very exciting game. There is not much thrill to it, rather the anticipation is a slower process which builds up with time.

Now the main reason why people enjoy playing this sport at all is to feel good and they view it as a form of recreation.

To make the golfers feel even better and more satisfying, Stroke Lab has inserted White Ho Micro-hinge which would just amplify the feeling and the experience of golfing.

Now, this is not just an insert for a great feel, but you will see that with each, swing your ball will have a much better role than before.

These are some of the main features and the facilities you can avail if you choose to purchase the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter.


  • You are given the option to customize it
  • Your strokes will be much smoother and accurate
  • The club will give you much greater control
  • Better distribution of weight, so you can perform better


  • Might take some time to get used to the difference in weight

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between a Double Wide and Double Wide Flow model?

The ‘flow’ has a slight toe hand for those with an arc in their swing path, whereas the other one is face balanced for those people in a straight swing path.

Can I make them 36” inches long? Does the grip allow that kind of extension?

The furthest you could go with this is 35” inches. So, 36” inches is not possible. The grip does not allow that kind of extension.

Does this putter weight more than the other ones? Will it have a significant effect on the swing?

The weight is not much more than the others, in reality, you will not notice it as much, the balance of the weight has been changed. It will improve your game.

Our Final Thoughts

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter is an overall good purchase if you are looking to buy a good putter. You will get your desired performance when you use this in your game.

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